15 Ways NOT to be Drunk in Love: My Name is NOT “Uh-Joi”

Yes it’s Valentine’s week and I bet you thought after this post, I was gonna go all mushy gushy on you right? Well not exactly, but this one is for the less established couples, by that, I mean not married. I hope married people aren’t dealing with this stuff.

Anywho, thought it’d be fun to mock our mental health this week with some of the crazy No No’s people do to each other in relationships! After the popularity of “My Name is NOT Joanne“, I’m finishing this lesson off with another My Name is NOT!

Here we go!

15 Ways Not to be Drunk In Love

Yeah ladies, find something else to do at the hair salon besides be a crazy stalker 🙂 

1. Drive byes

2. Checking their phone

3. Hacking their social media accounts

4. Nagging/Obsessing

5. Claiming separation anxiety

6. Stopping by their job

7. Blowing up their phone

8. Sweating the small stuff

9. Them: What’s wrong with you >>>>> You: Nothing *Shrugs*

That Was A Lie

10. Comparing them to your Ex

11. Complaining about their friends

12. Over reaction to 20/20 vision (You know you like to peep)

13. Stalking their exes

14. Being a control freak

15. Making them drop a pin (In case you don’t know what this is, #teamiPhone people apparently can drop a pin identifying their location to another party, and BELIEVE YOU ME, this function is being utilized).  I don’t make this stuff up, this is stuff people are doing and telling me.


I really hope I don’t get called out by the Mister on any of the above! I think I’m good, guess we’ll see 🙂 BTW, thanks for the comments on his blog debut as Kim put it! We appreciate your comment luv 😉


Okay, so one of my favorite bloggers has closed up shop! Kita from SaywhatUwanna is moving on to pursue her online magazine Kokoa and her website design business Focus Dezigns 100%.  I am extremely proud of her but I will miss saywhatuwanna so much.

Kita was one of the first people I connected with out here in these blog streets and she has been more that supportive and allowed me to do a guest post and even guest posted on here before.

On Fridays, Kita would more than likely humor us with a recent conversation she’s had in life. In honor of the homie…..I have a convo for you that goes with today’s post!

Love ya Kita!


My Name is NOT “Uh-Joi” – Convo at Local Event 

Disclaimer – This happened a very long time ago. I doubt if any parties are reading this, but if the culprit is, NOW YA KNOW!

Preface – I get a lot of messages across social networks about the classes that I teach and programs that I offer. I respond to them all professionally.  If you happen to be of the stalkerish type, you might want to tighten up your stalker game before you go waltzing up to people!

Just in case my regular readers are unaware of my full name; it’s A. Joi Jones and this is what you see when you land on Facebook because FB doesn’t allow periods in your handle.

A Joi Jones Facebook


Lady: (walks up and holds on to my arm) Uh-Joi, Hi I just wanted to come over to introduce myself and say hello.  (I’m standing there looking crazy because I keep saying to myself, did this woman just call me Uh-Joi???)  I’m Jane Doe, John Doe’s girlfriend.

Me: Who

Lady: (Says his full government name) He’s worked with you before.

Me: Oohhh! Hey girl, nice to meet you.

Lady: Girl, he told me all about your BODYPUMP classes and I’ve been telling him, I am going to join him and come workout with you. Blah, blah, and blah

(Oh, now I get it!  She was reading his FB messages about my class.  He didn’t tell her obviously bc he knows my name is Joi and not Uh-Joi (A Joi).  Clever move tho chick if I was remotely interested in him. I really just happen to be a fitness professional). 

Me: Girl, that would be great, I teach…blah blah and blah.  Enjoy the rest of the function.  Nice meeting you.


Ok, so homegirl made a complete arse of herself.

Don’t let it happen to you! Just be easy and follow the no no list!



Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Dish it, which of these have you been guilty of?
  • Have you been stalked on a social network before?
  • What other unhealthy habit can you add to the list?
  • Married readers, please share one thing you think is most important in functioning in a relationship.

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24 thoughts on “15 Ways NOT to be Drunk in Love: My Name is NOT “Uh-Joi”

  1. ROTFL… I almost fell out of my chair…uh-Joi. OMG!! LOLOL…Hahaha!!!

    Ok..I think I’m good with the list. I might have been guilty of #9 while dating, but things have changed after almost 9 years of marriage. I definitely think showing love, support and appreciation at anytime in a relationship is important. I’ve been stalked on the job before, but not social media.

    This is too funny…
    Hope recently posted…Four Categories of Valentine FolksMy Profile

  2. Rotflmao Uh Joi, I remember you sharing this story with me and oh how it’s still so funny to me!
    I love the no no’s, I hope that we take real consideration of your list because it has so many women turning into Mary Jane because of it!!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to all who will celebrate!!
    Enjoyed the read!

  3. LOL you are so funny! I always tell myself, if you gotta be that worried then you must not be happy. It’s hard sometimes, trust me all girls know (lol), but if you trust your heart and feel at peace, I believe you should trust God and enjoy the love (sans getting drunk) lol!

  4. Oh my goodness! I will admit to doing some of those things in the past (before cell phones were really popular, but IMs and AOL were easy to hack…and it turns out the guy was a total cheating jerk…not that it justifies acting like the NSA) So in light of the above, a married or long term couple needs to have mutual respect to function. Respect for space, belongings, ideals, etc etc. Everything else falls into place.
    LydiaF recently posted…Penne alla VodkaMy Profile

  5. One little piece of advice: don’t go looking for something if you really don’t want to find it . You just might find it; then what?

  6. Ha – that lady was totally busted!!!
    Way back in the day when I was dating it was a bit different – no cell phones or social media. I might have done a drive by or 2 in my day (not with Chris) – clearly a sign that the relationship isn’t based on trust!
    Speaking of trust – I think that is the number one ingredient in any relationship!!
    Kim recently posted…What Would You Do?My Profile

  7. Drunk in Love was actually playing on the radio when I first started reading your post today. 🙂

    The most important thing in any marriage, in my opinion, is communication and a willingness to make the relationship work. If one of both are missing, it’s hard to keep things flowing.
    Kimberly {Manifest Yourself} recently posted…Thursday’s ThoughtsMy Profile

  8. *cries* I have passed the torch on to you and you have done well. I am crying and laughing at the same time lmao.

    Communication is key when married also having fun. When the fun is gone it’s boring and who wants a boring marriage. BTW that hair is laid.
    Kita recently posted…You gotta heed the inner voiceMy Profile

  9. LOL! Uh-Joi! Wowee!! Like we southern folk say…”bless her heart”! Oh, how I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall as you gave her the side eye in your head, lol! 🙂

    Your list is so true! If I tell women once, I’ve told them a million times…get rid of their insecurities and stop being so “needy”!! By doing those two things, they would practically eliminate everything off your list! Thanks for giving me a good laugh girl! Have a wonderful weekend!! 😀
    Michell recently posted…Mastering YOU Monday…how much is too much?My Profile

  10. Smhhhh no she didn’t!!! Uhjoi!!! That stalking mess…I mean I know I have been out the game a minute but…is it that serious?! Wow.

    Thank you for that convo. I’m gonna miss Kita’s convos too. 🙁

    The one thig every couple needs. Hmmm. Definitely their own space. Which is why we purchased a home with two floors 🙂 haha

    The lie detector says…pic made me cackle!!!
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…This Problem Affects 1 in 3 Women: JustGoGirl Lunch Event RecapMy Profile

  11. Uh joi? *blank stare*
    I’m still mad at Kita. And she knows it.
    I’ll be tuning in since she left us high and dry with the convos
    You can “drop a pin”? Where have I been? It has never even occurred to me to even…see that’s why folks can’t have nice relationships.
    LaShawn recently posted…Five Things I Read Around the WebMy Profile

  12. I can just imagine your face when that lady said: “Uh-Joi”. #priceless! LOL And yes, we women do tend to get all stalker-y from time to time and try to pass it off as if we are totally innocent. It never does work in our favor, does it?
    Alison Hector recently posted…The virusMy Profile

  13. Years ago when I first met my girlfriend, she was working on her PhD. Near Valentines day I knew she was at the library studying one evening. Surprising her, I was greeted by “What are YOU doing here!?!”

    Well in spite of that perceived stalking, we are still together, lol!

  14. I am loving on your no no list. and I 100% agree with all. of your advice! I have met a lot of men actually, who blow up phones and obsess and who control freak and it’s like “Dude, see you later.” Everyone just needs to chillax. happy Valentine’s Day, friend!
    Ilene recently posted…Mixed VibesMy Profile

  15. Kita did a feature on my blog in Kokoa this week. I was very pleased with it. I commend her for changing her priorities and narrowing her focus. I immediately thought about your my name is not Joanne post when I saw the Uh-Joi. That is hysterical!

    Because my husband and I have been together so long, there are only a few ex-boyfriends. And because we grew up in a small town, we are all still good friends. LOL.

    I am of the school of thought that if you go looking for something–you will find something. Hubby and I respect each other’s personal items (cellphone, e-mail, snail mail, etc.) and don’t go snooping through them. We have friends who do a lot of the craziness on your list and their relationship drama is through the roof. I don’t have time to be Nancy Drew (yes, I’m dating myself).
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…5 Questions With…Photographer Dino ManganoMy Profile

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