10 Shout Outs on the Rx Fitness Lady Morning Show

I absolutely love morning shows on the radio! I work overnight so when I get off, I flip between the morning shows when I’m not preparing for a group fitness class.  One of my favorite personalities is Headkrack on the Rickey Smiley morning show.

He gives S/Os to people all the time and he just keeps going and going and going and they always “krack” me up!!!

I am going to give a few S/Os “HeadKrack” style!

10 Shout Outs on the Rx Fitness Lady Morning Show - Rx Fitness Lady

Welcome to Day 3 of the 2nd 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!
Today’s Prompt – Humorous

Forgive me if this doesn’t make you laugh! You can read A Day in the Life: My Name is NOT Joanne.  Readers thought it was pretty funny!

S/O = Shout out in case you were wondering!  These are completely random annoyances!

S/O to passenger seat drivers!

S/O to people that visit your house and park their car in the middle of the driveway blocking everyone in.

S/O to bloggers that still have captcha AND bloggers who read your post from a FB group, then come back to the Facebook group to leave a comment instead of on your post!

S/O to the people who say I’m only fit because I haven’t had kids.

S/O to all the waiters that explain to what medium rare is when I order my steak (particularly at Hibachi restaurants) but they don’t explain it to the person sitting next to me 😉

S/O to people who spell my name J-O-Y on social networks in direct response to a post from J-O-I! Oh and to the parents for their home training of children that call me Joi with no handle.

S/O to people who say “You didn’t/don’t  know that” when I ask a question!!! – This one really annoys me…my name is not google!

S/O to customers in my drive-thru on Medicaid pushing Cadillac Escalades.

S/O to people who think they can throw down but their food taste mediocre at best!

S/O to whoever determines which Red Box DVDs won’t allow you to skip the previews!

That’s all I got folks! We are keeping it brief this week! There’s a lot of party spirit going around and I don’t won’t to lose you!

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Will you please humor me and S/O a personal annoyance?
  • Which one of my S/O’s resonates with you?
  • What morning show is your favorite?

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Rx Fitness Lady

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35 thoughts on “10 Shout Outs on the Rx Fitness Lady Morning Show

  1. LOVE the S/O!!!
    S/O to the people who block the entire aisle with their grocery cart!
    S/O to the people who think I have it easy b/c the twins have a “built in playmate”
    S/O to the people in my classes who need to sweat the most complain the most
    Ahhhhh that felt good. Thanks Joi!!!
    Allie recently posted…Random Acts of Funny – Toddler StyleMy Profile

  2. Your post about your name is not Joanne was really funny!

    And what is up with people who park in the middle of your driveway? Seriously!

    I think it’s ridiculous that people would say you are only fit because you haven’t had kids. They are also implying that mothers are all fat and lazy. Umm, yeah, neither of those things are true.

    I’m going to give a S/O to myself because I totally jacked up your linky by putting in my single post when I’m blogging all week. I’ve been kicking myself in the but ever since. S/O to people who don’t follow directions on linkies!
    Carla recently posted…I Have the SITS! & Other Cheeky StoriesMy Profile

  3. Oh my goodness! I can completely identify with these. I HATE CAPTCHA! I swear I’m half-robot because I get it wrong 1/2 of the time!

    My shout-out is when someone sees something you’ve posted on Facebook and they post it on their page WITHOUT liking, commenting OR sharing from your page. I don’t get it.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

    Wishing you a lovely day.
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…Technology in HomeschoolingMy Profile

  4. Look here Joy……I don’t care how you spell your name I am illiterate I am going to spell it Joy even though I see clearly it is not spelled like that cause I don’t read pages I just comment not knowing what posts are about and disregard what the title is. I disregard what people’s names are and just call them what I want……………*low side eye*
    Don’t you hate when people just disregard things and don’t read.
    Kita recently posted…I wish I was funnyMy Profile

  5. Uh hmmmmm. When I order steak I order rare. I’ll get the waiter that says “Did you say well?” Nooooo, “Rare, honey. I like the cow to moo.” And much like you, they never ask my husband to repeat his Medium Rare order to confirm that’s what he meant.
    And DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON people with Medicaid that are big pimpin in nice cars and talking on expensive phones.
    Joi(not Joy) we would totally have a fun time sitting at the mall people watching, giving S/O’s.haha

  6. Haaaaaa!!!! I love this! You’ve got some good shout outs. S/O to my patients who can’t afford that $4 prescription but smoke 3 packs of cig’s per day! S/O to the dude who drives 20 MPH on a one lane parkway. Special S/O to my husband for fixing that delicious wish pie and air salmon last night. Woot! #mbc
    Andrea recently posted…BeQuoted: The Funny EditionMy Profile

  7. Hahaha Joi!! You’re right your post on “My Name is NOT Joanne” was too funny! I’ll still go back through and read it and, NO.Joi.I’m.not.stalking.you! Bahaha! Anywho…I have too many S/Os to mention so I won’t even go there! You hit the nail on the head with people.who.refuse.to.leave.a.comment.on.your.blog, especially when they said they read it…HUH? I mean, they act as if they’ll commit some kind of sin if they dare comment…go figure! Oh and those ill-mannered little kids who REFUSE to address you correctly…ummm it’s so NOT cute PARENTS! Too funny at the people who think their food taste good…HILARIOUS! I’m not mad at ya, I’ll just laugh at ya…seriously, you mean to tell me NO ONE in your life has sat you down and told you the truth! Leave the pies and cakes to Sis. So-and-So and you go sit down somewhere!! See Joi, I didn’t need to write a humorous post…you just made me laugh! hahaha 🙂
    Michell recently posted…Doing YOU WELL Wednesday #33My Profile

  8. Shout outs are so cathartic.
    S/O to the driver who I let get in front of me who doesn’t even acknowledge my existence
    S/O to the telemarketing recording that calls my house everyday to offer air duct cleaning.
    I can identify with your shout out of the driveway parking – we share a driveway with our neighbors and I can’t stand when their guests block me in!
    Whew, I feel better. Thanks Joi (with an i)!
    Dana recently posted…A little funny for youMy Profile

  9. Joi, you crazy! Ha! Loved your S/O about Medicaid and Escalades and people who check out your post from fb page and leave comment there instead of on blog. True dat! I am killing myself laughing over here. I like Rickey Smiley but Steve Harvey is my favorite morning show. And I don’t get to hear him nearly as much as I used to since I became a WAHM a year ago. Not in the car at that time of morning no mo’.

    S/O to the rude folks that walk right in front of me when I’m looking at an item on the shelf at the store! S/O to the folks that take up two parking spaces b/c they didn’t want to back up and try it again!
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Picture Me Rollin’ (In My Tupac Voice)My Profile

  10. The people who spell “Joy” – that one resonates with me. My sister is named Lindsay. She has a fan page for her rock DJ work. (not a morning show, though!) Her name is all over her page and people will write on her wall with, “Hey, Lindsey!” Or “Hey, Linzy!” Seriously??? You can’t see above you?? People spell my name “Tamera” a lot too.
    My personal annoyance? Going the speed limit or below in the left lane, and keeping pace with someone in the right lane, and then there’s like a 20 car line behind both of very impatient people. S/O to those..you-know-whats.
    Tamara recently posted…Test Shots.My Profile

    • Okay, no kidding, I was going to write the same exact thing. I hate left lane drivers! Was just behind one tonight and every time I tried to pass (on the right because he was obvs blocking the proper lane) he would speed up! S/O to $*(&#($ left laners who don’t belong there!
      Stephanie recently posted…First Day of School, My ThoughtsMy Profile

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  12. Okay, you SO made me just go double check my post today to make sure that I spelled your name correctly! (I did)

    And to those people who say you’re only fit because you don’t have kids: Bitches…make that jealous bitches (and I don’t use that term lightly!)
    Leslie recently posted…{Weigh in Wednesday} Week 38My Profile

  13. This post is hilarious ! S/O to people who say he do or she do instead of he does /She does. The name S/O resonates with me. S/O to people who mispronounce my name and call me Robuter when I introduce myself as RoberTa. My favorite morning show is The Steve Harvey Morning Show with those Strawberry letters. I have a laughing good time every morning listening to Steve’s responses to the letters.

  14. S/O to the people that ask “Where they at?” Ummmm behind that preposition at the end of your sentence.
    S/O to people that see you dressed for the day and say “Where are you headed dressed so nice (a maxi dress)?” Ummmmm I have this on for this same event…. Right now!
    I love shout outs! We gotta do this again!

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