My Allergies Are Bothering Me, Now What?

It’s Cherry Blossom time in my beautiful city of Macon, GA.  We happen to be the Cherry Blossom capital of the world, despite the weather preventing the blossoms as usual this year.   The people have still traveled here and the event calendar is still jam packed with a host of activities for you to enjoy.  Here’s the thing….quite a bit of the festivities are held outside.  That’s no problem if pollen does not affect you.  However, if you are like me, pollen season is your least favorite part of the year!

There is good news!  There are some approaches you can take to hopefully get relief.  You may not want to subject yourself to the Cherry Blossom festivities, but at least you can get along with the regular day to day routine with minimal suffering.

My God son and I had lunch yesterday and every time he sneezed, he said “sorry, my allergies are bothering me”, lol!   He gets the shine for today’s post!

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Learn to Say No and Stick With It

If it’s not a Hell Yes, It’s a No!  My favorite line from a Bloggy Boot Camp conference I attended in Charlotte three years ago.  I reflect on the declaration often and decided to make it the topic for today.  Even though I have mastered the art of saying no, I have to continue to work at it.  It is especially of importance since I’ve been commuting to work for the last nine months.  You may have had a lifestyle change that doesn’t permit you to do all the things you did before.  If so, I am here to encourage that it is perfectly fine to say N.O.!

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BODYCOMBAT 70 Starts a New Age in the Les Mills Mixed Martial Arts Inspired Program

We successfully completed the launch of Les Mills BODYCOMBAT 70 last week and the members and I were so here for it!

BODYCOMBAT 70 Starts a New Age in the Les Mills Mixed Martial Arts Inspired Program

I started practicing this release last year when it was available to instructors and I was blown away.  There are several changes to the class style, primarily with them incorporating H.I.I.T. into track five.   We have been migrating toward this for the last year or so plus, however with this release, we catapulted to an extreme new cardio zone.

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How to Treat Side Bae: At Home Work Out Tips

It’s a new year and for some of you, a brand new day! Through out life, major milestones require us to switch up our routines. Some of those routines can have us floating on cloud nine rocking this journey of life to the fullest.  Yet and still, when change happens, we are forced to adapt that routine.   Working out is not always going to be your TOP priority, however, we can aim to keep it pretty high so that when change occurs, we find new ways to continuously move our bodies!

My favorite form of working out is group fitness classes! I think you new that considering I write a whole blog about it!  However, last year I took a position in my company that requires me to commute to work and decreases the amount of time and energy I have through out the week to devote to going to the gym.  I was forced to start doing some workouts at home.

I am here to encourage that you too can modify your normal routine and do some activities at home.  This isn’t the easiest task, but when you consider the alternative which is NOT working out at all, this becomes slightly attractive.  You may feel like you are cheating on your trainer, group fitness instructor, running group etc., but in the fitness relationship ONLY, you actually get permission to have a side bae!  I’m hoping to help you treat them right 😉 !

How to Treat Side Bae_ At Home Work Out Tips - Rx Fitness Lady

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Flexirods Can Help You Stay Fit & Fly

I frequently discuss hair as a barrier to workouts in the African American community.  Whenever I discover another tweak to the hair maintenance routine of a sister trying to stay fit and fly, I get super excited to share it with you.

My latest discovery is the Flexirod! It has changed my fit, fly, and financial life here the last six months and I will show you how!  I think this is an appropriate share for black history month!

This is how I leave out of the hair salon. I literally took this photo at the shop. There is nothing like the feeling you have when you prance around with a fresh new do! The problem is, as soon as you hit the gym, the freshness of you fly goes out the window.

Flexirods Can You Help You Stay Fit & Fly

What if I showed you how the flexirod not only helps maintain your hair but it empowers you to get your workout on knowing that you can still keep pretty curls…..WINNING!

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25 Years of Brains on BODYUMP: Les Mills BP 100 is Here

On January 14th, gyms across the globe participated in an international launch of Les Mills BODYPUMP 100.  It was a grand celebration of the original barbell weight class that strengthens and tones the body.  This marked 25 years of this amazing program’s existence.   I was happy to participate in our gym’s launch by teaching the last four tracks of this amazing release.  I got my hair done the night before, so excuse the head gear 😉 !


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One Word for 2017: FEARLESS

Happy New Year to you PFL!  I hope you had an amazing holiday season.  Even having to work most of the time you all were on break, I was truly blessed to spend time with family and friends on Christmas day.

I am super excited to get this year started with you.  I have a pretty good handle on who my PFL audience is after sharing time with you for four years.  My goal this year is to really reach you with the material that you desire.

Rather than share a bucket list or resolution roll call, I’m choosing to focus on one word again as I’ve done in the past.  My word for 2017 is fearless.

fearless – without the feeling or condition of being afraid.

One Word for 2017: FEARLESS

Fear can be a super sized strong hold on your dreams.  I have wasted enough time in  relationships, fitness, and in my career with fear for my entire PFL audience.  I have let fear hold me back on several occasions.  When I’ve finally mustered up the courage to move forward with change or something new, it never disappointed me.  Guess what tho, I still struggle with fear!  

That’s the thing, it will always be there. I am not encouraging you to ignore it all together because sometimes it is with good reason that you are fearful.  I am simply sharing that when you want to move forward, you can probably do so fearlessly if you walk through a few steps along  the way.


Research  – The first step would be to do your research.  Often times we have dreams, but we don’t even know the work that goes into those dreams.

Prepare – Once you have done the research, you need to get your house in order.  This could be in the form of education, finances, spiritual warfare, etc.

Be Positive – After you’ve set the foundation and you take the plunge, you will have people around you who try to discourage you from your dreams.  You need to stay positive and have positive affirmations ready to say to yourself and prepare your responses for the haters as well.

Persevere  – Lastly, just because you did all the ground work and remained positive doesn’t mean you will not come across barriers.  You have to be steadfast in the mist of storms of trouble.  You may have to adapt your pathway to achieve the goal, but as long as you achieve the goal, that’s all that matters.

These steps have helped me; get out of relationships, start my blog, become a group fitness instructor and more.  I hope that it can inspire you in some way as we kick off the new year!

Fearless - 2017

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What is your word for 2017?
  • How do you manage your fears?
  • How was your New Year?

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4 Year Anniversary and A Glimpse Into Year 5

Four years ago today, my first post on this blog was published where I introduced myself to the blogosphere.  I actually launched my blog 2 weeks later on December 26th but we are celebrating today, the day the actual first post was published.

This blog has been pure therapy for me on so many levels.  I’ve connected virtually with amazing people all over the world, attended conferences, and hosted a virtual Christmas party.  Most importantly, I love having creative control here and having the platform to share bits and pieces of my world in hopes of motivating other to “Live Healthy & Active. Be Prosperous.”

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10 Christmas Gift Options for Your Tribe In Your Budget

December is here and it came rather quickly!  What will come even quicker is Christmas day!  Most of us have special people we have to take care of before Christmas with tokens  of appreciation. Everyone wants to know that they are appreciated and the Christmas season is the perfect time to do something a little extra for your tribe.  No matter if it’s your; child’s teachers/aid, staff, boss, Pastor, beautician, etc., here are some winners.


“This post was brought to you by Total Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center.”

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9 Places for A Busy Girl to Create a Healthier Lunch World QUICKLY

Yesterday, I attended a local event in support of National Healthy Lunch Day. The goal from the American Diabetes Association was to move people toward making healthier choices for lunch.

I was happy to be amongst some of my city’s fitness professionals while supporting the national efforts of ADA and the local efforts of the Georgia Wellness and Fitness Festival.

9 Places for A Busy Girl to Create a HealthIer Lunch World QUICKLY  - Rx Fitness Lady

I am sharing a couple of the American Diabetes Association’s infographics today and dropping my 2 cents in as well!

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