How to Take A Lunch Break in A Retail Pharmacy

Does it shock you to know that there are a massive number of retail pharmacists out there that don’t take lunch breaks?  You’ve heard my tales of working the overnight shift in the pharmacy.  As a day shift pharmacist, I discovered a new challenge.  I was shocked to find I had to orientate my new coworkers to my lunch break method.

I run across a lot of pharmacists that look like a deer stuck in headlights when I inform them that I take a lunch break EVERY day.  It has sparked many of conversations so I decided to share it in a post! On Friday, July 1st, I celebrated 10 years with the same retail pharmacy company! Here’s what I learned in that time as it pertains to taking a lunch break…

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January Addictions

Have you ever thought your were addicted to something?

So many miscellaneous things crossed my radar in January that deal with addiction that I decided to end the month with a My Health Monday on a Thursday 😉 !



No, I’m not addicted to gambling, but I was addicted to the show “Sex in the City” so I had to get a picture at the casino on the machine 🙂  Continue reading

Ladies, Do You Want Viagra for Females

***Warning, this My Health Monday post is more explicit than a typical day on PFL***

Would you be surprised if I told you that a common question amongst 30 – 40 year old women for me has to do with decreased libido?

Ladies, Do You Want Viagra for Females

I actually generated this post after reading a post about the FDA’s recent rejection of a Dopamine pill that increases female sexual libido.  I found the discussion on the post less than intelligent so I decided to draft a conversation topic for the PFL community.  Continue reading

The Controversy of Emergency Contraception in the Pharmacy

Did you see the episode of Law & Order last season where it started with the disoriented young lady strolling into the pharmacy and requesting a Plan B pill?

The pharmacist was very rude and judgmental then proceeded to lecture the girl about safe sex, abstinence, etc.. Unbeknownst to the pharmacist, she had been raped.

That was very extreme in my opinion, but the fact of the matter is; by law, pharmacists have the right not to sell Plan B if they don’t want to.


The Controversy of Emergency Contraception in the Pharmacy - Rx Fitness Lady


I was thinking of using this post for the 2nd Mini Blog Challenge Party  Controversial topic, but chose to discuss a hot spot for me “If you say “She’s Cute to be Dark-Skinned””!


A few weeks ago in Sunday School, we discussed the controversy amongst pharmacists (To Sell or NOT to Sell).  I thought I’d chat with you here at Rx Fitness Lady for a hot My Health Monday topic.

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Wordless Wednesday: I Got Mine, You Better Get Yours


I’m playing catch up with Kim’s September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge!

Sunday, September 22, 2013’s prompt: Resurgence.  Provide links to some of your posts that did not receive as much traffic or as many comments as you hoped.


I was motivated last month to get my 2013-14  flu shot after the overly anxious overnight shift crew nagged me to give them their shots!



Before Flu Shot - Rx Fitness Lady

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Have You Ever Thought About Killing Yourself

It is true that white men have the highest risk of attempting suicide.  Women and teens have had reported attempts as well.

No one is excluded from the possibility!

A young white man that I used to baby sit when I was a teenager, committed suicide at the age of 21 right when I came out of pharmacy school.

I had a cultural eye opener a few summers ago when 2 suicides of young black men occurred within 1 week & I experienced the community fall out surrounding those 2 incidents.

Just this summer, I had an older white female patient commit suicide.

That is a diverse pool of people!

For My Health Monday, I am bringing awareness on Rx Fitness Lady for the observance of “World Suicide Prevention Day” tomorrow, September 10th.  You can click the link to get a wealth of information or here for the prevention lifeline.

Have You Ever Thought About Killing Yourself - Rx Fitness Lady

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A Day in the Life: My Name is NOT Joanne

When I started blogging, I shared with you some Customer Service Confessions of A Community Pharmacist.  Since people are always asking what’s the graveyard shift like…

A Day In the Life My Name is Not Joanne

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Rx Fitness Lady Attends Girl Power Camp hosted by Real I.M.P.A.C.T. Center

For Act-Fit Friday today, I’m interrupting the regularly scheduled post because I had such a fabulous time yesterday and I told the girls they would be featured here today.

Rx Fitness Lady Attends Girl Power Camp hosted by Real IMPACT Center

REAL I.M.P.A.C.T Learning Center’s mission is to provide support in academics and prevention services to the youth in order to develop Intelligent and Motivated People to Actively Change the Times.  Their goal is to assist with REAL issues by offering REAL solutions and making a REAL IMPACT in the lives of our youth today.

This week they hosted GIRL POWER camp and invited me as a guest speaker on health and fitness.  Continue reading

Responsible Pharmacists Recycle

It’s DAY 3 of my first blog event: the 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!  Today’s topic for bloggers participating is “My Passion Is (Fill in the Blank)” or “A Virtual Vision Board“.

If you’re just tuning into this PAR-TAY, ENTER MY $100 GIVEAWAY HERE!

Many of you probably gathered that I’d talk about group fitness or maybe breakdown my vision board from the girl’s weekend!  I beat that horse on a regular around these parks! Today for the party, I’m sharing something very near and dear to me.

My childhood best friend’s mother instilled in me these recycling habits and they stuck!   Nothing irritates more than to see things being wasted. That’s exactly what we do when we don’t recycle…create waste!  I recycle all kinds of stuff and I advise you do the same if you have access to recycling pick up in your neighborhood.  All though, my best friend’s mom use to transport that stuff downtown herself!  Anywho, Today I’m talking recycling in the pharmacy.

Responsible Pharmacists Recycle

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DIY Baby Pharmacy & A Medication Storage Tip

This is probably one of only a select few  DIY projects you will ever find on this blog.  It’s National Poison Prevention week in case you missed my boring informative post from Monday :).   It was more for my Mommy friends and so is today!  Trust me, it benefits everyone though.  In keeping with Poison Prevention week, I thought I’d share one of my favorite gifts to give.

Almost three summers ago while I was awaiting these two to enter the world…

Rx Fitness Lady Boy

Rx Fitness Lady Baby

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