Oh No I Think I’m Poisoned

No, not “poisoned” with the love bug as these 3 young fellas were when they stole our musical hearts for life with this popular 90’s single….


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How to Solve Your Insomnia Problems with OTC Sleep Aids

How’s your sleep going in 2013?  We have already determined that the lack of sleep can lead to health problems & deter our weight loss efforts!  Tomorrow starts National Sleep Awareness Week. My Health Monday is dedicated to this topic today.  I’d be willing to bet that most adults don’t get the recommended 7-9 hours a night.





I often times stalk my personal Facebook timeline late a night and find many people up with sleep disturbances.  I will usually send them one of my very first posts on Lifestyle Modifications for Insomnia.  You may have missed it because it was one of about 5 pre-post before I officially launched PFL.  In that case, please check it out here.  It had great feedback and lifestyle changes truly are the first step to tackling the insomnia battle. Continue reading

Brandz A Make You Dance, If You’re Black

According to Juicy J, if there’s a single woman in the room,  “Bandz a make her Dance”!

Juicy J

Apparently, if you’re black then BRANDZ a make you dance!  According to the October issue of Chain Drug Review, strong brand loyalty is exhibited by black consumers to a number of brands especially when compared to Caucasian consumers.  As a retail pharmacist, who has been practicing for almost 7 years, I can attest to this when it comes to brand preference with Over-the-Counter medications. Today, for My Health Monday & since it’s still Black History Month, I want to try to dispel the myth about generics not working the same way as brands. Continue reading