Lit Pregnant Lady and A Buzzed Baby

Does this title even sound logical to  you? Translation for my friends who don’t understand my Southern dialect (Lit = Drunk & Buzzed = not quite drunk but feeling the affects of the alcohol…it’s pretty straight forward).  The point, it’s inappropriate for an infant or unborn baby.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month.  The theme is….

“Help for Today. Hope For Tomorrow”

The aim of this awareness campaign is to give information about alcohol and the disease of alcoholism and treatment.  You are getting more My Health Monday just on a Wednesday ;)!

I am spending a few minutes on the subject of drinking while pregnant because I was alarmed by an article “Can You Drink Alcohol during Pregnancy?” in the November issue of Shape (yes I know this response is late).  I am not even sure how this made the editorial cut for a reality check.

Joi & Madison

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