Kids in the Kitchen & Exercise Dance Party

For Act-Fit Friday today, I want to share with you an event from a couple of weekends ago.

MOYO Kids in the Kitchen & Exercise Dance Party

In the League here, I really love that each year we are assigned one MAIN responsibility.  This year, I was the chair of the MOYO party.

The Junior League of Macon, Inc., in partnership with the Motivating Youth Foundation, was responsible for coordinating two events to reward academic achievement and build self-esteem for young ladies in local elementary schools.

Naturally as the chair, I choose the theme of “Kids in the Kitchen (A National League Initiative) & Exercise Dance Party”!

Kids in The Kitchen

The purpose of the party in addition to celebrating academic excellence was Raising awareness on Childhood Obesity & Learning to Eat Healthy.

We started with reading the girls a story. The book chosen for this party’s theme was “Grandma Lena’s Big ol’turnip”

Grandma Lena's Big ol'turnip

The girls received cooking tip cards prepared by a fellow committee member before having a hand in the kitchen to make smoothies.

Cooking Tips

Then the girls got to choose their choice of fruit to mix in with yogurt & create healthy breakfast smoothies prepared by league members. The recipe was taken out of the “Junior Leagues In the Kitchen with Kids: Everyday Recipes & Activities for Healthy Living” book.


Then my boo Kelly came and did a kiddie dance cardio class for the girls! I’d like to thank her again publicly for volunteering to assist.  Somehow, I don’t think the little girls would have enjoyed BODYCOMBAT from me 😉

Kiddie Dance Party

I was very pleased with the event.  It was educational, fun, and healthy! We even got a treat from the little precious baby pictured above with cooking tip card.  She led the group in the very l
popular “Tootie Tot” song/exercise! If you’ve ever seen this done before or did it yourself, you know it’s one of the funnest things on the planet!



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  • Have you ever done “A Tootie Tot”?
  • How do your kids move their body to stay active?
  • What age did you let your children start helping out in the kitchen?
  • Are you familiar with any projects or events that are sponsored by your local Junior League? 

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42 thoughts on “Kids in the Kitchen & Exercise Dance Party

  1. Those kids are so cute! Deuce didn’t do sports this year, but I must get him back into it next year. He’s active at school with recess and P.E. and he can’t sit still. He’s constantly riding his little scooter through the house, running, jumping, and being a busybody. But I know that doesn’t beat real physical activity. Lately I’ve been letting him help out in the kitchen because he was watching Master Chef Junior and loved it.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Traffic Jam Weekend Linky Party #2My Profile

  2. I don’t even know what the Tootie Tot is!!!
    My boys stay fairly active – mostly they choose to but sometimes I force it!!!
    They will randomly help me in the kitchen. I like when they come up with stuff for us to make together!!
    Kim recently posted…Before and AfterMy Profile

  3. Hi Joanne! Stopping over from my blog It’s a Bees Life. I saw you left a comment over the summer & due to my crazy schedule I could not get back to you. I am now following you blog via bloglovin’. Love what you’re doing here. Today’s children need all the exercise & positive reinforcement they can get. My son lost 34lbs between last spring & summer all on his own. His peers were in awe when he returned to school this fall. Inspiring to say the least. Btw…I’m following you on fb too. Would appreciate it you would follow me back.
    Sonya M. Jones recently posted…Show & Tell Friday! #6My Profile

  4. The Tootie Tot…no ma’am, never heard of it, lol! 🙂 Looks like the event was a success and you all had fun!! Our kids played sports(Little League and high school)…track, football and cheerleading. Now that the kids are grown, I’m not aware of anything going on with our Junior League. But, I am impressed Joi with your constant support and mentoring of the children in your community! A hearty applause to you ma’am! Have a good one lady!
    Michell recently posted…“Michell’s Weekly Pearl”…(at my wits end)My Profile

  5. So cute and what a great way get kids in the kitchen my son begs me all the time to get in the kitchen but I am such a mean mom I don’t do the extra mess.

    • The time commitment depends on the phase of your life and here we have 1 placement. The placements are from mild to very time consuming. You kinda choose if you are a point in your life where you can take on more that usual.

      I LOVE the work that is done in the community like this party. I have only served on community placements. There are jobs for everyone but I most appreciate the community work. I don’t think I’d like an in League placement. You should give it a try. You have so much to offer!

  6. Oh this looks like so much fun, what a great event!! I love the smoothies idea, so easy to make for the kiddos. I have never done a tootie tot 🙂 My kids love coming in the kitchen but I only let the eldest in when I bake, I measure he pours. Easy peasy way to get him involved and keep him happy!
    Nellie recently posted…FFCI: Breaking All The RulesMy Profile

  7. I love tootsie tot. I always use it in my class for exercise on rainy days or just to make the day fun. This was an excellent activity. I read that book to my first grade class and they acted out the pulling up the turnip part and they asked me to read it over and over. They loved it. I started letting my kids help out in the kitchen at age four and it was a fun thing then. However, it didn’t last . Neither one of my girls spend much time in the kitchen now. My kids were always very active: playing in the woods after school, cheering, dance classes, gymnastics, cheering and oh yes, playing basketball. My kids are still very active today. Working out is a daily routine for them! I know Junior League does a lot to educate and engage kids in all kinds of activities.

    • Oh my you made me aware of some things. I was reading like, wow in the kitchen..but I guess it didn’t last and that’s why I don’t remember. You are right! We were some active little ones. Aren’t you glad we turned out girly girly 🙂

  8. Aw this is so awesome! I love stuff like this. Hubby has wanted to help kids and awareness on childhood obesity for quite some time now. He’s currently helping a nonprofit that has similar goals in helping children. I’ve never heard of tootie tots. Great event, Joi! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Brittnei recently posted…Finish The Sentence FridayMy Profile

  9. That’s a really nice thing that yo did for the kids, Joi!

    I feel the need to say that I do wish that students at schools were more diversified. I talked to a teacher in the city where I live in Florida and it’s the same here at the elementary school level because of zoning. I don’t have an answer, I just feel it would be better for the world.

  10. Kids need all the encouragement they can get to stay healthy. We grew up playing outside all day, never giving it much thought. Sweets were a treat and not an every day food. I’ve taught Alexia how to make smoothies w/ chia and flax seed, hemp powder and all kinds of goodies. She loves them. Keep up the good work!

    • Amen to that Jo! Times have changed! Good for you teaching Alexia! That’s what is all about, teaching healthy lifestyles!

  11. You did such an great job with the kids, equipping them with knowledge that will lead to healthier choices. Go, Joi! I keep my kids active by encouraging them to workout with me. Even if they are running down the hallway or “trying” to do Insanity with me…We’re getting the heart rate up together! And my 4 yo likes to help me cook, but it’s very minimal work.

    Meredith recently posted…What My Papa Told Me About WarMy Profile

  12. Love that you did this!!! My kids all like being in the kitchen; they take turns cooking Sunday dinners with me and it is always a big hit as they pick the recipe and do it all (with my help ) from start to finish. It really helps them learn about healthy eating and healthy cooking.
    Leah Davidson recently posted…Quote of the WeekMy Profile

  13. Small world! My husband is actually doing somewhat of a healthy eating workshop at our daughter’s school on Wednesday. I’ve got to share your post with him. He’s juicing some fruits and veggies for the event. I’m going to head to the library tomorrow to look for the book you all read at the event (thanks!). My little one is 3 and helps me cook and bake. She’s very helpful. We stay active by walking, dancing in the house, and just being her busy ole self. Dang she’s busy…
    Andrea recently posted…A Woman Is A Man’s Best Accessory?My Profile

  14. It so great that you are always giving back and being involved in the community. It helps when you’re a part of amazing organizations that promote serving others.
    I never heard of the Tootie ta until I read this post the first time. Since then, I googled it, so now I know 🙂
    My kids are always active…even when I want them to keep still. As you know they play basketball, but we regularly ride their bikes while I run.
    The kiddies have been helping in the kitchen since they were very young. My daughter loves in, but my son loves to compete with her so he helps too.
    One of my running friend is a member of the Junior League. I was pretty intrigued by it, I inquired into membership…inquired:)
    Hope recently posted…The best sleep position.My Profile

    • One more thing to commit to Hope! You don’t have time to worry about the League in the car line 😉

      I love that your son is so competitive! That will take him far!

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