F2BD #1 White Party

Welcome to the first installment of Fit 2 B Dressed: because we don’t work out just for our health, but to look good 😉 !

If you viewed the June Promo Video for PFL, then you may have been looking for this new feature on yesterday.  However, I can’t wrap my head around adding another day to my posting schedule, so this will be alternated in as usual with other recurring Wednesday topics.  Don’t you love Wednesdays around here, you never know what you’re gonna get :)!

Rx Fitness Lady White Party

The birthday girl is actually missing from this picture, but it’s my favorite!

White Dress Close Rx Fitness Lady


White Party Rx Fitness Lady

White Party Shoes

GIANNI BINI – Dillard’s Brand

PFL White party Hair

I should have wrapped it before going to the party but I ran out of time, thus the tight curl look 🙂

White Party Rx Fitness Lady Head Shot

White Party Jewelry

Premier Jewelry of course 😉

White Party Rx Fitness Lady & Mother

Because you know the lady on the right is not having me sport any other jewelry besides Premier 🙂

Rx Fitness Lady White Party Group Shot

The Money Shot!

White Party N_Joi_Life

All this, for the birthday girl (little sister) pictured above 🙂 !  Don’t expect all this every week! I will have some fun with this new F2BD feature though.

BTW, are you following me on Instagram yet? If not, WHY NOT my friend???

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Do you prefer silver or gold jewelry with white?
  • How do you celebrate your birthday?
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Rx Fitness Lady

Greetings, I'm Joi, a Pharmacist with a passion for fitness & a community leader. I teach BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, Tabata Boot Camp, & serve as a mentor to young girls. My goal is to inspire people to live healthy, active, & prosperous lifestyles through practical blog posts deliveries. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. You can view more post and subscribe to stay tuned to latest updates at Rx Fitness Lady.

71 thoughts on “F2BD #1 White Party

  1. Love the pictures! I pair gold with all white. I tend to go to an all-white party every year (sometimes twice a year) and this past weekend went to my first one of the season. Last year, I did something different and paired it with prints. I love the way that look turned out! This post has a picture of how it turned out: http://mbblife.com/2012/09/the-all-white-party-what-i-wore-2.html
    Britton recently posted…I Kinda Owe You All an Explanation…My Profile

  2. Ya’ll are too cute. I love this! And you my dear, is gorgeous. Being fit definitely shows (check out that one calf muscle in the full body shot :). loving the dress and the shoes. I also like that your pics incorporated an event and not just you posing by yourself (although those types of pics are fine too). Looking forward to your next installment of F2BD or should I say your “well-dressed Wednesday”.
    Hope recently posted…“Real Sugar” ThrowbackMy Profile

    • Hey Hope, I hadn’t even noticed the calf muscle, lol…great for the fitness lady huh 🙂

      I’m glad you think the poses are ok bc I don’t think I’ll always be able to be this fun. I do appreciate the feedback though. I will try to make the post tell a story! Excellent idea my friend!

  3. Ohh..that’s hard! It’s like the Dose Girls’ “Would You Rather” question. I like both silver and gold with white. I think I’ll say silver, though, for my skin tone. I do wear both though.

    Looking awesome in those pics!!
    Tamara recently posted…Girls of Summer.My Profile

  4. Hey Joi! Love your blog and the pictures! I prefer gold with white. This year we’re going to a winery for my birthday, this way I can bring my son! Yes I take him to wineries, nothing wrong with that right? So glad we connected. I’m now following your blog! 🙂
    Renita recently posted…The Wind Beneath Your SkirtMy Profile

    • No judgement here Renita, lol! Those plans sound like a lot of fun! I’m super glad to connect as well!

  5. Lookin’ good girl!! Love, love, love the white…my favorite summer color! 🙂 Silver with white OF COURSE, lol! The last party I had was a surprise black and white, Paris themed “40th” birthday party with parisian music, decor…the whole nine yards. The ladies at our ministry did an awesome job! It was my first birthday after my mom passed away, so it meant a lot to me. They take me out to dinner ever year for my birthday, but my favorite is having my family over for dinner. It’s also special because our oldest son’s birthday is a day after mine and we get to celebrate ours together. Again Joi, you look fab…have a lovely day lady!! 🙂
    Michell recently posted…Doing YOU WELL Wednesday #20My Profile

    • Thx Michell and for answering the question. Those ministry ladies are sweet as pie. We always do birthday family dinners too.

  6. That white dress is killa on you, girl! You looked fantastic. What a fun night out. And you are right, fitness isn’t just about health, it’s about looking and feeling good.
    This is a fun post. I’m looking forward to future F2BD’s. I’m going to try to follow you on Intagram. I am still getting the hang of that and Twitter!ha

    • Thanks Veronica. I’m trying to diversify my blog to the interest of all in hopes to motivate active lifestyles. I love fashion, wouldn’t be able to have a fashion blog…I’m more of an everyday get cute kinda person but I can’t be getting headaches trying to come up with poses all the time and stay on top of trends 🙂 we will see how it does, but I had fun putting this post together. Thx for the feedback.

  7. You look so lovely–like always! White really is your shade–aside from red ;-). I like wearing white gold / silver jewelry with white. It just makes it look very modern. However, for a more a toque look I don’t mind wearing yellow gold jewelry.
    KalleyC recently posted…Wonderful Wednesday: Hans ZimmerMy Profile

  8. Loving the outfit you all look nice. I think gold looks better but you can rock silver with white. I am not a big fan of white I eat messy and well you know the rest. I celebrated my birthday last year for the first time in years it felt good but I won’t be doing anymore celebrations til around 35 which I am far from since I just turned 21…..again *side eye*

    • Hi Yvonne! Thank you Mrs. Lady! I am going to view some of those videos of yours when I get off next week. I was intrigued even I peeped over and followed you. Thanks for visiting. I hope you come back soon.


    • Ha, thanks Brandi! I don’t get to go out often and it was fun to dress up, especially for my baby girl!

  9. Hey there! Great pics! Happy Birthday lil sis! No, I am not on instagram….I am struggling to post weekly, work, wife, be mommy and run my fitness business! Let me know how you get it al done….I am drowning
    Katin recently posted…Five Minute Friday-FALLMy Profile

    • Sweetie we are in two different boats. No hubs and kiddos around here to take care of. Slightly less responsibility, lol. We all do what we can when we can.

    • Thanks girl! I ordered that dress within 5 minutes of logging on to the computer, I loved it too. I’m just glad it didn’t disappoint since it came the day before the party!

  10. This party was The bomb.com for several reasons. It was well planned by my baby girl. It was attended by my
    two angels, Joi and Amber, and all of their angel friends. It was a heavenly affair. Everyone was so beautiful, both inside and out. The laughter was contagious. The food was divine and the occasion was a blessing. A. Joi, my first born, thank you for sharing this post. You make me proud everyday with all of your love, caring and sharing, both privately and publically. Your dad and I are so blessed to have you and Amber as the pride of our lives. To God be the Glory!

    • You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed it! You know I give all the glory to God for you all as the blessings you are in my life THANK YOU!

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