Useful Gems for Graduates Entering the Real World Like a Pro

Are you currently happy with your job, career, or enrollment in a particular academic program? 

For those of us who choose to work, a vital part of our mental health resides in being fulfilled in our careers.  I am blessed to be in the long desired career of my choice & actively engaged in my passion on the side.



Rx Fitness Lady Pharmacy School Graduation


Today’s My Health Monday topic is a simple list of things I used to help me after graduating from undergrad and professional school.  My Instagram timeline from last weekend interrupted my regular scheduled blog post because I was so overjoyed at all the bright new young adults we have entering the workforce or professional school.  This is a Tribute to them! 





Make a list of your short and long-term goals then create a vision board

Brand yourself! Create a mission statement and stick to it. You can channel your brand in careers/jobs, community organizations, church affiliations, entrepreneur adventures, and socialite endeavors.  Decide what you want to be referred to as a professional. i.e. I go by my first initial.  Middle Name (Joi), Last Name.

Here is an example of my mission statement – __. Joi ________, Pharm.D. is a passionate and efficient Healthcare and Independent Fitness Professional who mentors people to live healthy, goal driven lifestyles that promote positive self-images

Make sure you have a way to show off your work.  Create a blog, website, portfolio, C.V./Resume/LinkedIn profile filled out extensively

Collect direct contact information from anyone that you feel you made a positive impression on while you were getting your degree.  You may need them for a recommendation.  Try to establish a form of contact after leaving whether via email or Linked.

SN: Make sure your email address is professional and doesn’t contain nicknames or anything inappropriate. 

Claim your name virtually>>>purchase your name domain.  You never know how famous you will become and you don’t want to have to get fancy and call yourself Jane Doe~(Squiggly)

If you are headed to professional school and you have time off, use the time wisely.  Try to get involved with a job, intern, volunteer program, or your own venture that is directly associated with your future career or entrepreneurial interest.

I follow several collegiate adults on Twitter, please make your twitter accounts private or consider keeping it PG-13.  Do the same for all other social networks




If you are Christian, tithe your VERY FIRST paycheck!

Open a savings account with at least half of the monetary gifts you receive from graduation

Create a budget and financial policy statement

Don’t allow your inner circle of family and friends transform you into a human ATM

Make sure you know the schedule for paying back student loans if you have any





Consider every opportunity and if you don’t end up in your ideal situation, just consider it a stepping-stone

If you haven’t already established it, develop a relationship with a potential mentor

Do not compare yourself to your peers.  You need to operate in YOUR strengths to YOUR academic potential

Options for HATERS: first thoughts here but then again maybe this is better

Last but not least…DO NOT FORGET TO PLAY!  Your future is very important, but if one day, you look up and you don’t have a mate, nor friendships, and your family is miles away barely ever hearing your voice, what exactly have you accomplished?


I salute 2013 graduates and wish you all the best as I challenge you to go forth and be great!

These are just a few of the heavy-duty young people holding up my social networking timelines.  I chose to keep it all at home from The Fort Valley State University!  One LOVE to ALL Graduates, including high school coming up around the corner!




Britney (left) – Majored in Computer Science with a minor in Computer Information Systems. She’s headed to work for General Electric (GE) Healthcare and entering their Information Technology Leadership Development Program located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Jasmine (right) –  Earned a BS in Mathematics AND a BS in Computer Science. In the fall she’s attending NCA&T for a Masters in Computer Science.


Dr. Raymond Charles Dickey, Jr. FVSU's newest Dentist

Dr. Raymond Charles Dickey, Jr. FVSU’s newest Dentist

Andre' Lucas Juris Doctorate from Southern University Law Center

Andre’ Lucas Juris Doctorate from Southern University Law Center

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What additional advice would you have for college graduates that you found helpful or wish you would have known?
  • Are you currently utilizing your degree in some way?
  • All readers, what general advice would you give to a young person about to enter the real world whether career related or street sense wise?
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Greetings, I'm Joi, a Pharmacist with a passion for fitness & a community leader. I teach BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, Tabata Boot Camp, & serve as a mentor to young girls. My goal is to inspire people to live healthy, active, & prosperous lifestyles through practical blog posts deliveries. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. You can view more post and subscribe to stay tuned to latest updates at Rx Fitness Lady.

48 thoughts on “Useful Gems for Graduates Entering the Real World Like a Pro

  1. Congrats to all of the graduating class!! So proud of them! You gave some great tips especially the buy your domain.

    I currently do use my degrees but I’m not in my dream job…yet. It’s coming!

    My advice would be to network, network, network! Make real relationships with people and maintain them. In this day it’s really about who you know.
    Nellie recently posted…Walk Now For Autism Speaks 2013My Profile

    • Networking is a challenge of mine and I have to really get in a zone to do it. You might catch a glimpse this weekend, lol! GREAT advice though. It is so amazing what kind of deals, hires, promotions happen away from the office!

  2. So many great tips Joi. I love your tips for the finances. I can relate to all of them except getting $ for graduation…smh :). I also love purchasing your name. I tired to claim “drhope” and it was taken by a pretend dr…children’s book wish I knew this tip earlier.
    Love seeing successful graduates. I pray for all of them for continued success in their individual endeavors.
    Hope recently posted…Why do runners run in the street?My Profile

    • I’m sure they appreciate your prayers, that is very kind! Glad you liked the tips! Shame on Drhope for wasting a great url!

  3. I am not utilizing mines at all. I was so excited graduating from school thinking I was going to find my dream job it never came. I did land a job working at Suntrust in their Human resource department but it wasn’t on my own. I have taken a step back and realized that if I can’t find a job I will create one so I hustle in everything under the sun to make some extra money from cooking to doing websites to branding. The hubs graduated in December with his degree in IT and has yet to find a job and he is getting frustrated and I understand the feelings. Congrats to all the graduates I wish I could go back and redo my major…….
    Kita recently posted…What kind of mother am IMy Profile

    • Good luck to you and the husband on job searches. You are a true hustler, all of the plan Bs can create plan A!

  4. It’s strange for me to think about what to say to this year’s new graduates. When I graduated we were in a recession, sure, but what we thought was so bad then is much worse now. I got right into a decent paying job after college. I don’t know if that happens as readily these days when there are more experienced unemployed people fighting for the same jobs as graduates. I am using my degree (Journalism) my blog and doing guest posts and at BlogHer. I have limitations these days just trying to fatten up my social media profiles with a newly crawling baby around. One day! Owning my own photography business is as much my dream today as it was in high school and before.
    Tamara recently posted…Rainbows For Mother’s Day.My Profile

    • Thanks! The money ones seem to be a tough area still for young people. I will probably go into more detail on another post!

  5. GREAT list of tips Joi…absolutely loved them ALL!! I so believe in paying it forward by sharing what you’ve learned! So proud of all the graduates!! Love to see young people succeeding. Am I using my degree…yes and no!:-) My retail management degree…stopped using that years ago, BUT I do credit it for my love to design and decorate. My three years of Bible school, yes…I use that everyday, lol! What tip would I give to new graduates…BE PROFESSIONAL! College is over, so change your mindset. I’m not talking about being a fuddy dud…we want you to have a life, but keep in mind the silliness from college is passe. Also glean from those who have succeeded at what you’re trying to accomplish. Oh, and if you have friends in your life who are no good for you and they have the power to influence you…snip them now. Thanks Joi, hopefully your tips will be received and utilized! Btw…NO FAIR…you should really remove those blackouts from your debutante profile, lol! 😀
    Michell recently posted…Dear moms…My Profile

    • I don’t know why I did, people are always shouting out my government name in the comments, lol! I love both tips you added!

  6. Congrats to all of the graduates!!! How exciting. Those were some excellent tips. I like advising these youth to tithe from the get go. That was an area that I had to share with my husband because he wasn’t a tither before. Set up those blessings from the beginning of your career. 🙂
    Cole is still in school. He is finishing up his undergrad and will graduate August. I’ll have to send him this post to read up on.

  7. Great tips!!
    I’m not utilizing any of my education these days – I have a BS in Chemistry/Biology with a secondary teaching certification and a MS in Sports Medicine which I’ve never used! Sometimes I feel really bad that I spent so much time (and money) on an education that I hardly used. But, it makes up part of who I am and a whole lot of life experiences!!

    • You talk a lot of fitness on your blog and are able to do several home trainings. That’s kinda using them don’t you think? My undergrad major was Biology as well. I often times wished I had done Exercise Physiology. I could have still gone to pharmacy school with that.

  8. I love these and have to say that it’s never to late to start on these things if you haven’t yet.

    My degree is in Psychology and I use it every day. The mind is a wonderful tool, we need to use it. 😉

    I totally agree with marketing yourself and giving yourself a brand. With that being said, if you find yourself terribly unhappy then don’t be afraid to change. Life is not about money and material things. It’s about love and joy and sharing.
    Carli recently posted…Top 10 Secrets of a “Naturally” Thin MomMy Profile

    • Very well said Carli! We are most happy when doing something that we love to do. The mind is amazing. I admire people willing to delve into it!

    • I had to go back and see where we on the same page and a lot of it we were! Loved your tips as well!

  9. What a great timely post! First of all, I must point out another thing we have in common. I was a debutante too! Complete with a tea and a cotillion.

    Your advice for young people is right on point. I wish someone had told me about the dangers of credit card offers. One too many while in college can set you back for many years. I would suggest having only one and paying it or more than the minimum amount on time every month if you can afford it. $15/month sounds doable but not if you don’t have steady income.

    Networking with like minded individuals is key. Lots of advice and mentoring. Wish I had done that. Organizations, social and professional, while in college are also important. Looks great on a resume especially if you hold a position in that organization.

    Believe it or not, I am using my degree. My minor anyway…Mass Communications. Writing is my passion which I think will one day bring me back to my major-Theatre. But everyone has to find their own way. Some will tell you that you can get a great job without a degree, but the accomplishment is yours to have if you want to earn it.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Can Wii Be Friends Again?My Profile

    • Amen Kim! There are so many opportunities out here. That’s why I LOVE watching Shark Tank! That show is so inspirational. Seeing everyday people accomplish the American dream! Major slip up on me not mentioning the credit card tip! Thanks so much for adding that.

      Anybody scrolling comments is probably about sick of us with this back and forth “I do that too, I watch that too, I was in that too”! ROTFL, man we just keep finding out stuff with every post! Blogging is so fun!

  10. Great advice A. Joi, my darling. I wish I had this kind of advice when I started my first job as a teacher. You are so helpful to others!!! That’s my first born angel. Keep inspiring!

    • You had the best advice ever for the High Schoolers! Choose a major, get the balance sheet, follow the schedule to a T! Graduate in four years, no summer school…PERIOD! That was good stuff!

  11. This is all wonderful advice. I would also encourage graduates to continue with post graduate studies as soon as possible. Life happens, and once you take an extended break, it’s hard to find time to go back to school.

    • That is another one I neglected to add! Thanks Arnethia for chiming in! I got told that a few times and followed suit. In addition to life happening, people get use to making a certain amount of money and don’t want to go back to school and not have that steady paycheck.

      Can I just add, I love that you are chiming in regularly now! Thank you so much for the support 🙂

  12. Awesome advice Joi!!! This is a really great blog!!! I’m really excited about starting my new career, but I know it’s so much more I have to learn. I’m really thankful for great mentors like you!

    • Awh, you are so sweet Britney! I’m so proud of you all. I scroll through social networks and you all never cease to continue to amaze me with all of your endeavors. Especially you and Jasmine! Thank you so much for providing good examples on campus and in the chapter. You both are destined for greatness and I will be right there following along as you aim for all that your heart desires! Love yall!

  13. Those are great tips!! In this day and age, when it is so tough for grads coming out of school, they need to do everything possible to differentiate themselves! Your money tips are really helpful too…remind me of your post when I send my son off to college. I’m trying to teach my kids now how to manage their money responsibly!
    Michelle recently posted…Happy SITS Day to Me!My Profile

    • I sure will Michelle! I will also remember you said that when I launch another little project I’m working on 😉 🙂 !

  14. What a great post for our graduates!

    I would add, make sure you know and cultivate your passion. Your passion is what you always find yourself gravitating towards. Don’t lose sight of it and make sure you share your passion with the world.

    Find every opportunity to explore and travel the world. There is so much out there!

    Your job is not about you and what you want to do. Your job is about making your boss’s life easier. It’s making yourself indispensable to your boss because your boss is determining your raise and your performance review. You aim to please others. Look for areas where you can be a valuable contributor and you will go far.
    catherine gacad recently posted…Blurbs for the BrainMy Profile

  15. awesome awesome awesome tips, Joi! young adults need to know the importance of having a professional online presence and reputation. there’s so much more to it than the drama conveyed via personal Facebook updates and ratchet gossip sites. in today’s technologically driven world, you gotta be on point in all of the areas you mentioned. it’s non-negotiable.
    miss donna recently posted…fashion blogging lessons | break the rulesMy Profile

  16. Love the advise. I will make sure to provide this information to my daughter in addition to discussing my after high school experiences when her time comes.

  17. Awesome post idea, and great, useful advice. I really like that you talk about tithing. Most people won’t “go there”, but it is a paramount gesture of obedience linked directly to financial prosperity. Also, I can see why Dr. Dickey is a dentist. Look at that smile!!

    Have a fabulous week, friend.
    Meredith recently posted…How Meredith Got Her Groove Back…In 5 WaysMy Profile

    • Yes ma’am! I don’t do much talking about that very important part of my life but I’d of been remiss not to include here in regards to addressing new grads. Thanks Meredith, you enjoy your weekend as well!

    • Hey Ashley! Thanks so much for visiting. Please come back soon and I’ll do my best to continue to provide quality posts.


  18. This was a great post Joi! I know i’m like 2 months late! I felt inspired by some of the advice you gave even after a year of being in the “real world.”

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