Take These Steps to Find Time to Workout

With all the children’s extra curricular activities, where do I find time to work out? This was one of the prompts I got from readers at the end of last year!  With lots of kids heading back to school next week, it’s a good time for us to find a routine of our own.

Take These Steps to Find Time to Workout - Rx Fitness Lady

I am not a mother! In fact, some of you may remember, I’ve mentioned being verbally “attacked” as in the only reason I’m able to maintain my shape is because I don’t have any children yet!  I didn’t take offense to that ignorance but it’s sad how people see what they want to see.  This post is generated out of keen observation in the fitness industry and my own personal experiences!


Everyone’s schedule undoubtedly is all over the place and completely different from the next person’s.  So take what is applicable to you and go for it!

The first and most important thing to figure out is what physical activities do you see the most potential falling in love with?

I will participate in diverse fitness capacities, however Les Mills BODYCOMBAT is my favorite.  It is in my soul and I don’t miss it unless it’s absolutely necessary.

You need to make a list of what is available to you in your area and your other options.

  • List of gyms/studios close to your home, job, kid’s activities
  • What group fitness classes or group training classes are offered and at what times
  • What trainers are conveniently located and in your price range
  • What free opportunities are in proximity (recreation centers, tracks, your neighborhood if safe)
  • What area of your home could you turn into a fitness room
  • Which churches offer fitness opportunities

As  I stated, my favorite form of working out is Les Mills BODYCOMBAT (kickboxing) and I do it in a group fitness room at a gym.   You can fall in love as deeply with any number of disciplines done at the above listed places.  Just to name a few…

  • Running/Walking/Skating/Treadmills/Ellipticals/stair steppers etc.
  • Personal Training
  •  H.I.I.T. on your own, YouTube, Tabata Boot Camps/Class styles, Les Mills GRIT Series
  • Group Fitness; Barbell weight, Zumba, Dance, Step, Yoga, Pilates, Cycling, Boot camps water aerobics, core, kickboxing, or any combination of group classes
  • At home DVDs (the varieties of disciplines are limitless)
  • Online fitness you can do from home

Once you try out the disciplines, there is the trick of finding the right times.

I have found that working mothers with smaller children (the one who require around the clock attention, meaning they can’t stay at home alone) do best getting up bright and early to get exercise in.  That means the 5:30 a.m. group fitness class or run.

You also need to solicit help.  Single mom’s clubs, grandparents, siblings, friends, you need an understanding network, a gym with daycare, or a spouse that you can lean on when activities conflict with your scheduled workouts.

This post is not revolutionary, it’s really just a reminder of the many different ways people are finding time to workout all over the world.  In my opinion, it really is just a matter of you prioritizing what you want out of life.  You will make the sacrifice or the excuse.

You Will Make the Sacrifice or the Excuse - Rx Fitness Lady

It’s up to you!  All the best to you!

Hope I answered your question thoroughly.


Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • How do you find time to workout?
  • What time of day is your favorite time to workout?

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5 thoughts on “Take These Steps to Find Time to Workout

  1. THE FIRST thing I do when I roll out of bed, HEAD TO THE GYM. I have to get it done FIRST in the morning, that way, it’s DONE and I feel accomplished – and then I can think about what I have to tackle for the rest of the day!!
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    • I am an 8:30/9:30ish morning workout person but I am looking to incorporate early morning on 2 of my days because it’s just too late when I get off.

  2. Great tips!!! When you want something bad enough, you will find a way. I have been known to get up at stupid o’ clock just to get things done as it was the only time. Am I tired sometimes? Yes. Am I proud of myself sometimes? All of the time 🙂 I currently run (4-5 times a week) and do bootcamp for cross training (1-2 times a week); there are so many options out there! We don’t have to limit ourself to the gym, though it is a good place to figure out what it is you love and want to make a commitment to.
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