Full-time Work, Church, and Full-time Mom

What were your thoughts when reading the title? Could you identify?  This is another Student Spotlight feature!

Claudia Noriega is a busy busy lady, but she takes time out to come to BODYCOMBAT express & BODYPUMP every Wednesday morning!   She always has a solemn look on her face in the most intense parts of the workout! It tickles me to pieces.

That look is how she feels about life, get it done and keep it moving!

I asked her why she typed that phrase (the title).  She stated “that’s all I have time to do, boop, boop, and boop!

As a matter of fact, this was the last thing she typed…

I’ll finish later cause I have to go to work

When I got to class, I told her, she had already answered all the questions.  That’s the fast paced life of a single hard working mother! She was so busy, didn’t even realize she had completed the task!


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Student Spotlight #1: BODYCOMBAT, You May Just Love It

Welcome to Act-Fit Friday! Remember a few weeks ago I said I was going to start highlighting members who take classes from me? Well the time is now!

The main reason for this is to show my appreciation to them as regular members, for readers to learn more about the variety of people who take group fitness classes and why, & to motivate my readers to try group fitness as a part of their workout routine.


We are getting started with one of my favorite people Fit and Fabulous 37 y/o Mrs. Lisa Howard!


Student Spotlight #1 BODYCOMBAT, You May Just Love It - Rx Fitness Lady

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