Adjusting To New Schedules

Life always seems to be coasting along until something happens and drastically changes it.

I am talking about my real job cutting hours and eliminating the need for 2 days in my schedule! As a result, I got moved to another store and thus, have to work EVERY FRIDAY morning!

Friday mornings for the last 3 years have been the happy part of my week.  Getting the day starting with 45 minutes of BODYCOMBAT followed by another 45 minutes of BODYPUMP, what better way to start the weekend?

Adjusting To New Schedules

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How to Survive the Overnight Shift Like A Pro & Why I Carry an ER Phone

I hope you all had a blessed & wonderful Thanksgiving! In 2014, the greatest change in my life was my overnight work  shift schedule.  I AM OVERWHELMED WITH THANKS for the adjustments that have taken place in my life because of it.

So, if you were wondering why I’ve been absent from my blogging schedule this year, it’s because I was adjusting to the day shift. It has honestly taken me a good 6 months to do so and be able to fathom blogging again! So there you have it, welcome me back! 

In honor of Thanksgiving, I’m sharing my survival method for those that are currently starting or struggling with working the overnight shift!

How to Survive the Overnight Shift Like A Pro - Rx Fitness Lady

Do you currently work the overnight shift or swing shift? If so, you know that it can be brutal sometimes!

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10 Things to DO to Get over An Ex

I’ve been asked several times to blog more about the black women in relationships.  Ya know since this blog is total health physical & mental.

In case you haven’t noticed, there is no husband featured on this blog.  I am sure the Lord will bless me one day but in the meantime, keeping with the theme this month, today’s Love topic is….

10 Things to Do to Get Over An Ex

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15 Ways NOT to be Drunk in Love: My Name is NOT “Uh-Joi”

Yes it’s Valentine’s week and I bet you thought after this post, I was gonna go all mushy gushy on you right? Well not exactly, but this one is for the less established couples, by that, I mean not married. I hope married people aren’t dealing with this stuff.

Anywho, thought it’d be fun to mock our mental health this week with some of the crazy No No’s people do to each other in relationships! After the popularity of “My Name is NOT Joanne“, I’m finishing this lesson off with another My Name is NOT!

Here we go!

15 Ways Not to be Drunk In Love

Yeah ladies, find something else to do at the hair salon besides be a crazy stalker :)   Continue reading

January Addictions

Have you ever thought your were addicted to something?

So many miscellaneous things crossed my radar in January that deal with addiction that I decided to end the month with a My Health Monday on a Thursday ;) !



No, I’m not addicted to gambling, but I was addicted to the show “Sex in the City” so I had to get a picture at the casino on the machine :)   Continue reading

Laughing is Good for the Soul – Icebreakers and Games

Laughing is good for the soul….Yes or Yes?  Making sure we have the right balance in life outside of work and family feeds that happiness we desire in being a well-rounded individual.

In that effort, are you always the one responsible for pulling together parties, retreats, and workshops?  Chances are if you’re a blogger or a reader of Rx Fitness Lady :) , you’re a pretty sharp cookie and blessed with a touch of creativity.

These types of people usually get to plan the Christmas parties, social events, and meetings.

Laughing is Good for the Soul – Icebreakers and Games  - Rx Fitness Lady


The trouble with that is, you want to make sure the party gets started off on the right foot.

I’ve got you covered with my recent planning and research with some tried and proven good icebreakers/activities for laughing or just getting to know people. Continue reading

If you say “She’s Cute to be Dark-Skinned”…

She’s a pretty dark-skinned girl, or anything remotely close to that,

STOP THAT SHXT!!!! RIGHT NOW! Oh, did I offend you? For me, I’m not even going to try to intellectualize the subject! I said what I said…and there it is!

Welcome to Day 2 of the 2nd 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!
Today’s Prompt – Controversial Post

Yesterday, I did a commercial!  Several of you joined in and others chose the alternate topic of Blogger confessions! Thanks so much to everyone for participating! I love the mingling that’s going on within the party :) !

If you say She's Cute to be Dark-Skinned - Rx Fitness Lady

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Have You Ever Thought About Killing Yourself

It is true that white men have the highest risk of attempting suicide.  Women and teens have had reported attempts as well.

No one is excluded from the possibility!

A young white man that I used to baby sit when I was a teenager, committed suicide at the age of 21 right when I came out of pharmacy school.

I had a cultural eye opener a few summers ago when 2 suicides of young black men occurred within 1 week & I experienced the community fall out surrounding those 2 incidents.

Just this summer, I had an older white female patient commit suicide.

That is a diverse pool of people!

For My Health Monday, I am bringing awareness on Rx Fitness Lady for the observance of “World Suicide Prevention Day” tomorrow, September 10th.  You can click the link to get a wealth of information or here for the prevention lifeline.

Have You Ever Thought About Killing Yourself - Rx Fitness Lady

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My bloglovin’: Quality Over Quantity & Quid Pro Quo

Yes I’m Quid pro quo, let’s get over that and talk about why quality over quantity might be more beneficial to your interaction!

My bloglovin' Quality Over Quantity & Quid Pro Quo - Rx Fitness Lady


Are you spazzing out about the number of followers you have on bloglovin? Why does it matter?

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A Girl’s Weekend & A Crouching Tiger Story

Welcome to My Health Monday!  I am feeling really rejuvenated after this past weekend. Today is the day that my sorority sisters and I were initiated into Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 12 years ago.  We chose to do a girl’s getaway to celebrate and it was so refreshing mentally for all of us.  Over two months ago I posted about what to do for a Girl’s Night In.  That post has been a top article every since then and that’s before I discovered Pinterest as a resource for the blog a few weeks ago. I thought you all might enjoy a little recap of our long weekend of love, tears, exercise, fellowship, and feasting.

Rx Fitness Lady Happy House

The Happy House was a site to see! It was more than enough room for us to spread out at night to sleep and congregate in different sitting areas throughout the weekend! I was sold as soon as I walked in the door! Continue reading