Old School Blogging, Do You Have a Gravatar

Old School Blogging is taking the place of Act-Fit Friday today! I gave you some Basketball Life Lessons Monday, so we should be cool :).

Elaine and and her co-host Katie switched it up this month and asked for pictures and or words of your Fridge!  When I read Elaine’s post, I just had to draft this post because of a recent occurrence.  Therefore, I give you….

Old School Blogging, Do You Have A Gravatar - Rx Fitness Lady

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Old School Blogging: *High Fives*

I had so much fun reading Old School Blogging posts last month that I participated with Alphabet Soup.  I decided to take the prompt for this month and link up with Alison and Elaine.


Oh, I’m still turnt up from the Centennial weekend, so um yeah…my pin for today is totally a     S/O to my 5 (who happened to be my travel buddy for the weekend), Drama of SPR 01, Eta Chapter, FVSU, 28 Forces of RAPture, DST…..ok 🙂 If you didn’t get all that, no worries …Recap coming soon and it’ll all make sense.
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Old School Blogging: Alphabet Soup

I am so late to this party! I could not continue to read all the posts on my friend’s blogs and not answer the roll call.  Michelle tagged me & you can read the deets about playing on her post.

A. Attached or Single? 

I’m not married.

B. Best Friend?  

Mother & Little Sister..all though my sister says Mother and I are attached at the hip 🙂

Best Friends

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