Rock the Red Pump with Rx Fitness Lady

Happy Sunday everyone! Today is National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  I’m dedicating my blog post to talking about HIV/AIDS for the Rock the Red pump Project.

Red Pump Project

Part of the project requires you to put on a pair of your favorite red shoes! I don’t have any red pumps that I want to wear to church today but I will be rocking my red cowgirl boots to go visit my family in Sparta, GA after church!

Red Boots Los AltosSince I started this blog at the end of 2012, I have had quite a few posts dedicated to HIV/AIDS awareness.   In preparing my previous posts, I stumbled upon an opportunity and joined NBHAAD as a Community Ambassador where my role is to remind people about NBHAAD (National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day).  That 13th annual day of recognition & a reminder to get your annual HIV test was on February 7th. You can see the mission through this photo and read the post hereContinue reading

Not Your Ordinary Condom

Ladies, this condom is for you!  It’s not your ordinary condom!!!

FC2 Female Condom



If you are like, yeah I already knew that, hurray for you!  This is My Health Monday and trust me, it is not a very well known protective agent.  I actually got asked a question about this in December and stored it away just for all of you PFL readers:)

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“Our ancestors fought that we might be free- Even From HIV!”

EACH YEAR ALMOST 20,000 BLACKS TEST POSITIVE FOR HIV!  Today for My Health Monday, I’m getting a jumpstart on a very important day coming up next month.


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PSA: New Product ORAQUICK for HIV testing

Do you know someone who refuses to get an HIV test? I know you do, and it is repulsive to me from a healthcare and personal perspective, especially if the person engages in high-risk activity.  That is straight buffoonery to potentially knowingly infect someone else with an incurable disease just in the name of hum-mm…. Y.O.L.O. (You only live once), I guess.

Some people truly might have stigmas associated with testing.  That’s why I love this new product and think it deserves a public service announcement just in case you missed the advertisement.

Here’s the Skinny on ORAQUICK 


image from ORAQUICK site

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