Shake Up the Summer and Move Something

June is here which means it’s my birthday month! I took the week off after having to work on my birthday last year! June is a popular month for vacations, family reunions, camps, etc. You already know this Millennial believes everyone should take their vacation days.  Today we are talking staying active in the summer months even with all the activities!

Shake Up the Summer & Move Something

Times have changed so much from when I was child.  We used to love to play outside and generally craved physical activities.  Now there is so much technology to warp our minds that our desires often leave us super sedentary.  Planning some activities to move your body will prevent gaining lazy weight over the summer! Continue reading

20 Ways to Make Your Valentine’s Weekend Physical

Not like that people!!!

I am talking dates that can include moving your body!   I thought it would be nice to help steer your minds along the lines of doing more physical activities outside the bedroom with your husbands.  For those that are dating, these activities can fill your many date mornings and afternoons.

You can save the nights for the regular stuff like movies, dinner, and plays!


20 Ways to Make Your Valentine’s Weekend Physical - Rx Fitness Lady

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Run or Dye with Rx Fitness Lady in Macon Middle GA

I just shared with you all last week on my #FitList14 that one of my goals was to  Incorporate more active fellowshipping opportunities with friends and family. 

This is the perfect opportunity! Run or Dye is coming to Macon Middle Ga! I invite those of you who are local to come join me!

Run or Dye Rx Fitness Lady Promo Code

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A Few Basketball Life Lessons from A Blogger

My collegiate coach from FVSU retired this year.  I missed Coach Bartley’s retirement banquet  a few weekends ago because I was working.

While I was up late that night at the pharmacy, I got some text messages from my former roommate/teammate that made my night.

Basketball Blogging Lessons - Rx Fitness Lady


Maria #5, sen’t me the pictures!  She was my roommate in the dorm.  Tootie, #34 was my roommate on the road! I love them both!  Continue reading

5 Good Reasons to Join a Gym

I am a member of a gym and I love it! However, I am pro-choice when it comes to your health care and fitness goals. I am familiar with both avenues of gym membership and rocking it out on your own. I thoroughly enjoyed all seasons of my life with regard to fitness.  Here I will give what I have found to be most beneficial to me and other members currently rolling with #teamGym.

PFL Reasons to Join a Gym

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An Orientation for Group Fitness Classes

It’s too hard!

I can’t keep up!

It’s an intimidating environment!

Do these descriptions of a group fitness class sound like something you’ve heard from others or that you’ve verbalized?  These are common reasons why people tell me they’ve never tried a class before.  Group fitness is second nature to me and it’s my absolute favorite form of exercise.


People who take group fitness regularly may take advantage of the comfort they find in attending classes week to week.  For some people, it is an ordeal that requires massive mental preparation sometimes resulting in complete let downs after attempting a class.

When I started this blog, I just started talking about Group fitness, because…well, I just love it.  It occurred to me while reading through your comments and browsing the interwebs, that a little orientation to group fitness might be welcomed and appreciated to readers as it is one of the most common forms of exercising for weight loss.

Group Fitness 101

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Make Fitness Buddies; Increase the Success of Your Workout

I LA LA LA LA LOVE my gym boos to the point I get aggravated when they go on vacation or something.  These are a couple of my girls!

Fitness Buddies

What does a Fitness Buddy Do?

They hold you accountable for attendance to your SCHEDULED f-IT-ness time at the gym, track, neighborhood trail, or whatever activity you engage in together.

They motivate you to finish your workout.

They are a much needed, often neglected regular girl time guarantee with the before, during, and after yapping.

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