DIY Temporary Closest and GIVEAWAY WINNER

Hello there PFL and Happy Hump Day!  I owe you a DIY post from my party last week when My SITS day interrupted with it’s on party from the SITStahs. I have a DIY Temporary Closet for you.  First, there’s other party maintenance to take care of.

The winner of the $100 GIVEAWAY  from the Dear Readers of Rx Fitness Lady post explaining how to use this blog is…

Askia Jackson

Hi my Joi! I subscribe through the blog and Facebook. I am so proud of you for being the voice and helping us learn through you! Love you, Soror!!

Askia, please email me at RxFitnessLady(at)gmail(dot)come with your mailing information & Congratulations 🙂 !!!

Thank you to all of you who entered my first official giveaway.




Day 5 of the Mini Blog Challenge was a DIY project!  BTW, the party was everything and more than I expected.  Many thanks again to all of you who participated by posting or hopping. If you missed my brief Blog Party Remarks, then feel free to read them today.

If you tuned into my June promo for PFL video for the party, then you’re aware of a new feature on the blog next month.

FIT 2 B Dressed: Style Watch

It will mostly be a quick pop in once we get going & I have future plans for this feature.  We will just see how you respond to it.  Anyway, I’m kicking it off with where I store all of my latest apparel!

DIY Temporary Closet  - Make Use of An Extra Room

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DIY Baby Pharmacy & A Medication Storage Tip

This is probably one of only a select few  DIY projects you will ever find on this blog.  It’s National Poison Prevention week in case you missed my boring informative post from Monday :).   It was more for my Mommy friends and so is today!  Trust me, it benefits everyone though.  In keeping with Poison Prevention week, I thought I’d share one of my favorite gifts to give.

Almost three summers ago while I was awaiting these two to enter the world…

Rx Fitness Lady Boy

Rx Fitness Lady Baby

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