Tabitha BKA Tabata is Trending: “More is Not Better, Better is Better”

Top of the week to you PFL! I have missed this space thoroughly, but I am feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Hopefully by now we are Facebook friends! If not, tune in to all the weight loss excitement there. I still haven’t officially posted here but it’s coming next week, I promise!

Speaking of weight loss, a hot trend is TABATA!

The Get Fit TREND in the October issue of SHAPE magazine was TABATA TIME! According to the article, recent research from Auburn University suggest one 4-minute Tabata round torches 54 calories and increases your metabolism for half an hour afterward.

Tabitha BKA Tabata is Trending “More is Not Better, Better is Better”

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A Different Kind of Boot Camp: Budget IS NOT a Four Letter Word

Happy Hump Day PFL! I’m here again with Kim’s September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge!

Today’s prompt – Impingement: Which book and/or movie has affected you like no other? How? Why?

There are several books and movies that have influenced me. Since I mentioned to you in 20 Influential Women in a tweet that Lynnette Khalfani-Cox was one of the virtual mentors I followed, I chose one of her books that I read after graduating from school.

The Money Coach’s Guide to YOUR FIRST MILLION – Lynnette Khalfani

Apparently, everyday in the United Stated 25K people become millionaires! Most of them use budgets to get there!

A Different Kind of Boot Camp Budget IS NOT a Four Letter Word

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Atlanta Mania: “My” Fitness Pal

Are you looking for ways to expand your fitness education?

Are you thinking about teaching fitness classes or personal training?

Are you looking to stock up on exercise equipment and get good deals on some workout gear and products?

Atlanta Mania  or one of it’s sister conventions in a city near you might be right for you! It’s a one stop shop and truly My Fitness Pal 😉

It’s Act-Fit Friday and today we are talking Conventions and Fitness…2 of my favorite things!

This weekend comes with opportunities for Continuing Education Credits, Certifications, and connections/friendships that can last you a fitness lifetime.

Last year, I did my Tabata Bootcamp Instructor Training there during the pre-convention.

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Welcome to anyone visiting for the first time today!  I hope you enjoy Rx Fitness Lady.  Big Thank you to my friends and family that viewed my blog the last two days, while I worked out any kinks.  On to the regular scheduled program…

Boot camps are trending!

i love tabata

They provide a lot of bang for the buck. They are a great source for the individual trying to lose weight.  With the Tabata specific boot camp, one of the keys to being successful is your nutritional support. For Act-Fit Friday, I’m sneaking a peak at the “NO CALORIE COUNTING” way of life of the Tabata boot camp attendee. Only 30 minutes per session and no calorie counting, this Tabata Boot camp is going to be very convenient and effective.

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