Responsible Pharmacists Recycle

It’s DAY 3 of my first blog event: the 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!  Today’s topic for bloggers participating is “My Passion Is (Fill in the Blank)” or “A Virtual Vision Board“.

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Many of you probably gathered that I’d talk about group fitness or maybe breakdown my vision board from the girl’s weekend!  I beat that horse on a regular around these parks! Today for the party, I’m sharing something very near and dear to me.

My childhood best friend’s mother instilled in me these recycling habits and they stuck!   Nothing irritates more than to see things being wasted. That’s exactly what we do when we don’t recycle…create waste!  I recycle all kinds of stuff and I advise you do the same if you have access to recycling pick up in your neighborhood.  All though, my best friend’s mom use to transport that stuff downtown herself!  Anywho, Today I’m talking recycling in the pharmacy.

Responsible Pharmacists Recycle

It’s a very easy process.  I tried for a couple of years to figure out why major pharmaceutical companies weren’t recycling seeing as how they use up SOOOO much plastic from week to week.  It boils down to a financial issue, so I’ve heard.  It cost too much to pay a pick up company to come get the recyclables.

I HAVE THE SOLUTION!  You can just call me the RECYCLE WOMAN!

PFL Recycle Woman


Responsible Pharmacist Recycle


  • Check the stock bottles for a recycle number 1 or 2 on the bottom (mostly all have them except the brown bottles)
  • If they fall into the appropriate recycle category, trash the top, trash the cotton & descant on the inside of the bottle, then toss it in the collection receptacle
  • If you put drink bottles and cough syrup bottles in the receptacle, leave the top on (I have to go through those bottles to make sure no pills are left in them & I don’t need residual syrup and drink all over my hands please & thank you)!








So many people don’t do it.  Clearly you see my collection from just 7 days of working and that is only probably about 35% of it because everyone doesn’t participate and I can’t force them.  I definitely can’t collect on my off week, but just think if we all worked together. How much more responsible stewards would we be of the resources on earth?

I know this post was very specific with reference to audience, however I hope you got something out of one of my deepest passions.  I’m sure you can apply the principles of recycling somewhere in your life. Thanks for reading it!

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,



Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What are your limitations to recycling?
  • What are you passionate about?


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38 thoughts on “Responsible Pharmacists Recycle

  1. You rock Joi! I love the picture of them all by your curb! Good for you for actually helping the environment! We are big on recycling in my house, too! :)-Ashley

  2. We recycle the plastic containers in our home. If the bottles had drinks or other stuff in it, we (I) generally rinse it before putting it in the recycle container. We haven’t recycled paper though, but I try to reuse a few times before throwing things away.
    Hope recently posted…Write the VissionMy Profile

    • Aren’t you nice to the recycle people who have to separate that stuff out Hope 🙂 We try to recycle everything they will take. This is just so much waste in a pharmacy…can you imagine how much across the country that is… It disgust me!

  3. Hahaha! I love how you scratched out (Have your Dad or man) …[place them on the curb for pick up].
    We recycle. It’s so much easier when you have two separate trash cans. It makes it so much easier.
    Great post, girl!
    I’ve got to catch up on this party. 🙂
    The Pinterest Housewife recently posted…DOWNSTAIRS HOME TOUR!My Profile

    • Hey boo! I was wondering where you were.

      I don’t have recycle bins at my house, therefore they go to the parents house and in 4 years, my Dad hasn’t complained not one lick 🙂

  4. Okay Joi! You got me on that one! I JUST started recycling…I KNOW, I KNOW!! 🙂 I only recycle newspaper though! I think my husband is the ONLY person on God’s green earth who actually gets a newspaper! I keep telling him he can get it on his phone, his computer and tablet, but he won’t have it…ikr! Anyway, enough of blaming him. 😀 I must confess Joi, I only started recycling newspaper because the city gave us all these beautiful chartreuse recycling bins the size of our regular trash bins…I mean, how can I not use it, right! Before that, I was always scouting out and offering loads of newspaper to people who were moving and needed packaging material. However, after reading your post Joi, I’m convicted and! Lol! 😀 Have a good one my friend and thanks for linking up!
    Michell recently posted…Doing YOU WELL Wednesday #18My Profile

    • Wonderful my dear! I want that big pretty recycling can!!! LOL

      I think your husband knows my Mother (has an iPad that doesn’t get touched very often).

      I am always hear for the DYWW girl! Love it!

    • Love the title & yes I forgot about the hubs. Please let me know his reply..unles he rolls his eyes like yeah right..ain’t nobody got time of dat, lol1

  5. I just have to leave my favorite immigrant/recycle stories about my mama.

    1. After you think you’re all done with your toothpaste, you’re really not. My mom cuts the toothpaste receptacle, then scrapes out the remaining toothpaste. It’s another few days of toothpaste to use.

    2. My mom has a small bucket that she leaves in the shower which collects extra water while she’s showering. She uses that water to water the house plants.
    catherine gacad recently posted…Best Pop-Up Magazine Ever: Featuring BeckMy Profile

    • That’s what I’m talking about mama! I squeeze the stew out of that toothpaste, then fold it a million times…tell her thx for new tricks 🙂 !

  6. Hey girl! I did a similar post during my first month of blogging. Waste Management picks up my recycling bin every Wednesday. If I can recycle it, I will! If I’m too lazy to go in the garage and store it in the green bin, I drop it in the sink in my laundry room until it’s full. I taught my son to put it there also. You’ve been making me use my brain this week with #MBC. Kudos!
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Dreaming Is BelievingMy Profile

    • Awesome Kim! I’m thrilled that you’re teaching the little one. That’s exactly how I got started. Hope you are enjoying using your brain for the challenge and finding some interesting peeps to follow. Thx for participating!

  7. We’re fairly avid recyclers here. In San Francisco, you couldn’t even get a plastic bag in a store. I was surprised when we moved east that it was really only SF with that rule! In my town there is no free trash/recycling pickup so you have to get creative by either having a membership at the dump (where they watch you to make sure you’re not putting things in the wrong bins!) or you can pay a pickup service. The most popular ones are on bikes! They must bike a lot considering how much garbage a garbage truck can hold and they’re just on dinky bikes with attached bins..
    Tamara recently posted…Holy Crap, I’m a NICU Mom.My Profile

    • Wow that’s interesting. I never new about the bike man, lol. Thx for shedding light on some limitations in different communities.

  8. Yeah for recycling, very impressive amounts that you have. We also recycle as much as we can with the view to looking after our world and protecting it for future generations. We have 2 bins one for general waste and the other for waste for recycling both inside and outside. We’re also teaching my girls to do likewise, as I think it’s important you put things in place when they are young. Thanks for sharing.

    Fitnessbuster supporting you in improving your fitness and nutrition.
    Gillian recently posted…My Passion For Fitness & NutritionMy Profile

  9. Joi,I love the title of your post. I take recycling seriously too. I have a separate bin for recyclable items, and I make sure that everybody in the family abides by the rules. Even my 3-year old knows what recycle means.

    • Awesome Ekaette! I think you’re the first pharmacist I’ve heard from. I was interested to hear from you all about what goes on in your own pharmacy.

  10. Wow! You are a great recycler. I have to be honest that I’m not. I don’t understand the process in our neighborhood or what I can and can’t recycle. But I will say that we try to keep our waste to a minimum in the first place. We don’t have extra “stuff” in our house that would would later need to be repiched, I buy second hand when I can and take our used clothes to Goodwill, and now I do the bulk of my magazines and books online….but if we have print books that we no longer use they get donated to the local library.
    Carli recently posted…My Passion Is….My Profile

    • Well Carli, thx for trying to assist. What is so complicated about the neighborhood process? I guess different counties have different rules I’m learning from you alls feedback.

      • I can’t even figure out who to call to get the special bins. To prove it’s not just me, I drove around our hude neighborhood one day and maybe a dozen people were recycling. I guess I’m just going to have ti go to their door and ask them since the city is keeping it top secret.
        Carli recently posted…Gym Room Confessions #MBCMy Profile

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