Rx Fitness Lady Attends Girl Power Camp hosted by Real I.M.P.A.C.T. Center

For Act-Fit Friday today, I’m interrupting the regularly scheduled post because I had such a fabulous time yesterday and I told the girls they would be featured here today.

Rx Fitness Lady Attends Girl Power Camp hosted by Real IMPACT Center

REAL I.M.P.A.C.T Learning Center’s mission is to provide support in academics and prevention services to the youth in order to develop Intelligent and Motivated People to Actively Change the Times.  Their goal is to assist with REAL issues by offering REAL solutions and making a REAL IMPACT in the lives of our youth today.

This week they hosted GIRL POWER camp and invited me as a guest speaker on health and fitness. 


OWNERS OF REAL I.M.P.A.C.T. Learning Center


You may remember Geneva from This Girl Is on Fire.

They introduced each other and told me what kind of physical activities they liked.

Mini Supermodel  - Rx Fitness Lady

This little mama is a cheerleader and wants to be a super model.  She showed me the walk to prove it & it was filled with sass 🙂 !

Girl Power Camp - Rx Fitness Lady

I spoke to them about the world of pharmacy and briefly made them engage me with a healthy spelling bee, lol!


How would you do with this list?

  • Question
  • Night
  • Skating
  • Jogging
  • Running
  • Sweatshirt
  • Pharmacy
  • Sneakers
  • Vitamins
  • Dropper
  • Fever
  • Heart
  • Healthy
  • Flu
  • Breakfast
  • Pills
  • Fitness
  • Medicine
  • Exercise
  • Vaccine
  • Insulin
  • Antihistamine
  • Chromosomes – The Gotcha and the winning word!
  • Anesthesia – We didn’t make it to this one!

For the Warm-Up, we did “Fitness” Musical Chairs.

Fitness Musical Chairs - Rx Fitness Lady

Why fitness?  When you get out, you choose an index card that has an exercise and you have to do it the entire time of the next round!!! Whoop!

Too bad for the first person out.  She did a LOT of warming up!

Crunches - Rx Fitness Lady

Push ups - Rx Fitness Lady

They had a good time, despite all the complaining!

Fitness Musical Chairs

They were good sports because CLEARLY, I showed no mercy no matter how old they were, lol!

Drill Sergeant >>> Rx Fitness Lady

Drill Seargant

Even though my FAVORITE form of cardio BODYCOMBAT was probably too much activity for the girls, I did tell them about it.

I asked them what Bruce Lee’s favorite drink was.

What do you think it is?


It’s actually…

Water - Rx Fitness Lady

Say it with me & this time, jump and punch….

Wha-taaaa - Rx Fitness Lady

I think they finally got it!

Bruce Lee Water - Rx Fitness Lady

Since dancing in group exercise is one of the most popular forms of exercise, our main workout for the day was LINE DANCING!

Line Dances - Rx Fitness Lady

We warmed up with the Electric Slide and did everything from the crowd favorite “The Wobble” to the ultimate peak the “Zydeco Bounce”!

Wobble - Rx Fitness Lady

Cool down - Rx Fitness Lady

It was a fun time with so many young faces! I was happy to be a sponsor of this camp and attend as a speaker!

Afterwards, I hung out with Geneva’s new exchange student Tonya!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE her!

Exchange Student - Rx Fitness Lady

She is so funny and instantly made me want an exchange student as well.  We are going shopping for her school clothes tommorrow 🙂  She will spend her senior year here in the states.

S/O to her for taking the pictures for this post and for showing me some tricks on my MacBook Air. She just got hers 4 days ago! 

Anywho, Tonya grew up in Vietnam and moved to the Czech Republic when she was 7.  Look what she showed me!

Czech - Rx Fitness Lady




She was reading it to me and I was all excited!

How cool is that???

Finally, because it’s Friday….Clever Kids in the Spam Folder….

Spam Rx Fitness Lady

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Were you any good at spelling bees? How’d you do with this one?
  • What kind of physical activities do your kids like to participate in or which ones seem to be the most popular?
  • How often do you check your spam folder?
  • Would you host an exchange student?
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Rx Fitness Lady

Greetings, I'm Joi, a Pharmacist with a passion for fitness & a community leader. I teach BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, Tabata Boot Camp, & serve as a mentor to young girls. My goal is to inspire people to live healthy, active, & prosperous lifestyles through practical blog posts deliveries. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. You can view more post and subscribe to stay tuned to latest updates at Rx Fitness Lady.

46 thoughts on “Rx Fitness Lady Attends Girl Power Camp hosted by Real I.M.P.A.C.T. Center

  1. I don’t know if I can host one, because I got a lot of kids in my house RIGHT NOW but I can certainly entertain one for a night or two! LOL I love these kiddies they are SO adorbs, especially lil cheerleader mama! I love that you are taking fitness to the kids at such a young age, Lord know I didn’t take this stuff seriously until I was in college.

    What is up with that spam? I check my spam folder at least a few times a week because onetime i almost missed a paid opp that went to spam :/

    Loving the straight hair too girl!

    Yes to the WOBBLE! 🙂
    Nellie recently posted…Friday Fitness Check In: Social Eating and Live Fit Trainer Week OneMy Profile

    • Ha at that hair. You know I almost didn’t use the picture. I have strict rules about what goes out on this here blog and social networks. However, this was for a good cause. Now you know what I look like 2 weeks in and the day before the hair appointment (post about 5 or 6 Combat classes and 3 or 4 Pumps 🙂 )

  2. This is why I look forward to your posts. Always so energetic…even if you’re talking about recycling.lol. How cute are those girls. I love your involvement in the lives of young people…a woman after my own heart.
    So Tonya definitely seems like a great girl. I’m guessing she was pretty proficient with the Mac Book even before owning one herself although I have no doubt that she could master it in 4 days. I would host an exchange student. In general they are excellent students and have a good head on their shoulder.
    I’m pretty good at spelling…until someone asks me to spell a word. I even wrote a post when I first started blogging ( http://www.defininghopes.com/spel-it-rite/ ). I’ve had to spell pretty much all the words on your list over and over, so it was pretty easy. My kids are pretty athletic. They love anything active.
    Those pesky spammers. I check about once a month, which proves to be too long because it’s so much to filter through.
    Hope recently posted…Old School Blogging: Take Five!My Profile

    • I took the bait and read that post, SMH! I need help!

      Thank you for always supporting the posts with genuine affection Hope. It’s much appreciated!

      Tonya specifically pointed out to me that she had just gotten that MacBook, lol! She was hilarious. She kept asking me for a check for all the stuff I was asking!

  3. Awww cute. I could tell that was the wobble before I read it. They looked like they were having a good time. I feel all old saying, “It’s good to see young people doing stuff like this.” I didn’t know that phrase was in my vocabulary yet. I’m going to type your last three words here and see if I can get by without spellcheck. Antihistamine, Anesthesia and Chromosomes. Yay!
    I check one account for spam every other day because some important stuff goes in it for some reason. But gmail is ridiculous – its all junk so I just delete it.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…Slapping Eve is on my bucket list…My Profile

    • You know the wobble that well girl, lol! Nice on the spelling words! I can’t remember which ones got me, but I didn’t even get them all 🙂

  4. I love your involvement with that program! You are such an inspiration!
    I was really good at spelling when I was younger…I find myself mispelling things more often now. Thank goodness for spell check and online dictionaries! Nothing irritates me more than mispelled words. And I should check my spam more often, but I’d say once a week.
    Michelle recently posted…Garlic Scape and Basil PestoMy Profile

    • I was doing once a week and now it seems that I’m not making it a priority which makes it a more daunting task!

  5. I was the spelling be champ but with twitter now all I do is shorten words and make stuff up. Love the camp with the girls this looks like so much fun…..remind me to never ever join one of your camps or classes lawd you look mean in one of those pictures I would probably hide from you the entire class.
    Kita recently posted…Bathroom Etiquette starring my kidsMy Profile

  6. Love that version of musical chairs – what a great idea!!! I’m sure you were wonderful with those girls – they all look like they are having a blast!!!
    I loved spelling bees (still enjoy spelling).
    Kim recently posted…Sleep: It’s OptionalMy Profile

    • I’m struggling with keeping up with spam here and I rarely ever check my email spam! Hope I’m not missing anything important.

    • I’ve been enjoying learning about Tonya’s home and where she grew up. I would have never thought about it if Geneva hadn’t exposed me in my adult age. Maybe one day!

    • Carli, it was a long day! I forgot how detailed teenage girls can be when it comes to shopping. We knocked a lot of it out though and I enjoyed spending time with her and learning more about Czech Republic.

  7. Joi, we THANK YOU so much for coming by GIRL POWER CAMP!!! We all had a wonderful time! Thank you for your continued support of me as an indivdual and now Real I.M.P.A.C.T Center, Inc as well. You are such a grand role model for everyone, it was only fitting for you to attend…
    The young ladies of Girl Power enjoyed reading the blog.. and everyone got a chance to do their own post for the first time at RxFitnessLady!!!!! Some of my ladies left before we read the post..but here goes!!!!!

    Ms. Joi you were FUN & AWESOME…Mariah Handberry
    I really had fun with you and I liked dancing to the songs with everybody.-Lanaia Day
    It was fun having you as a guest! -Alyssa Davis
    Thank you Auntie Joi for coming to teach us a lot of things! You were the best speaker.-Amarie West
    Thank you for teaching me the new dances and I loved fitness musical chairs-Samiah Wood
    I liked her exercise -Kanizjah Green
    I’d like to say thank you Ms. Joi for coming to camp to talk about exercising. I had a very good time.-Makaila Handberry
    Thank you for the prizes and I had fun-Jada West
    Ms. Joi Thank you for giving me excercise. you are the best teacher. When you did model, I was amazed. and I love you and that’s it.-Callie Hill
    You were a great speaker and thank you for the shout out.-Alexis Day
    thank you for coming i had so much fun even when we had to do push ups and sit ups thanks again-Zoe Cason
    Dekuji Vam za Vas cas, moc jsem si uzija Vase cviceni. Byla jste skvela a tesim se na nakupovani s Vami zitra!
    Mot lan nua xin cam on rat nhieu. Yeu co! <3 -Tuyen Dang


    • Thank you for having me Geneva! You all planned an awesome camp and it was my pleasure to take part in it.

      Thanks for letting the girls chime in on the blog. All of their comments made my week!!!! I actually ended up in the hair salon with Kanizjah and she told me how they read the blog and could have done a cartwheel. I loved being there and will return for the next one if you’ll have me.

      Tonya, you are tripping but thank you for translating yesterday 🙂 !

  8. I did very well in spelling bees at school and I could handle the one you did. But I don’t know if I could compete with the professional spelling bees these days with the words they come up with! Fitness musical chairs. Love that idea. You really know how to keep kids engaged. Are you sure you don’t have a kid somewhere? LOL. Deuce played soccer for the city league for 2 seasons, but is now interested in basketball. So we are going to try that this school year. I think I might like hosting an exchange student.

    I check my spam comment folder regularly. My e-mail spam folder? I need to work on those.

    The kids left you a comment for the post. How great is that?! Awesome job, Joi.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Foto Friday: Food and WineMy Profile

    • Kim it was the best feeling ever to see their comments!

      One day my friend! I do want to join you but no, just my dear God children 🙂

  9. Were you any good at spelling bees? How’d you do with this one?
    I was, and I still am a horrible speller. I write for a living. The two things just don’t go together. I’m still a winner any ol’ ways.

    Would you host an exchange student?
    The funny thing is I was just talking about being a host home for someone. Not foreign exchange though, maybe from some other part of the United States. 🙂

  10. I think that it’s awesome that you give back to the community around you. I love the little Mama, so cute! She’ll be going places. My son likes to walk now, and my daughter’s favorite activity is riding her bike and running (like there is a kid that doesn’t like to run).
    KalleyC recently posted…Forgotten BeautyMy Profile

    • IKR, I was running all over the place as a child. It’s good to have them go outside and do that from time to time and not just stay connected to all the gaming systems and internet.

  11. Awesome!!! Those girls were so lucky to have a drill sergeant like you! That one photo shows you were really showing no mercy! Love it!!! I’ve always been pretty decent in spelling – the Canadian way:)) I’m sure many people think I can’t spell some words like behaviour, honour, favour, savour, neighbour…. I love my ‘U’s!
    Leah Davidson recently posted…The Difference a Coach MakesMy Profile

    • I’m glad you told me that, I’ll be on the look out for Canadian versions now. I wasn’t aware. LOL at that picture. When I saw it, we were like YEP, let’s use it!

  12. Aw that looks awesome and like the kids had a lot of fun!! I love how you were drill sergeant, age is just a number! Haha.

    Were you any good at spelling bees? How’d you do with this one? – I am awesome at spelling… it’s one of my few talents 😉
    What kind of physical activities do your kids like to participate in or which ones seem to be the most popular? – I don’t have kids of my own but the kids I look after like swimming, football and “assault course” type activities.
    How often do you check your spam folder? – Not often enough!
    Would you host an exchange student? – Definitely!
    Kate recently posted…Selfie practice and the day I ran 4km in 11 minutes…My Profile

  13. Really enjoyed reading the blog. The pictures really show how much fun the girls had during the camp. I think my daughter would have enjoyed the camp. Let’s see…. I am not a good speller. My daughter plays softball. I check my spam folder when I notice it contains an email. I am not sure if I would host an exchange student.

    • It would be great of you let your daughter come down next time for the week! We should have all 01 age appropriate girls experiencing this fun!

  14. Joi, thank you for giving back to the community. The girls look like they were really into it. Children really need physical activity and you were the right one to give it to them. You had their attention. Please continue to make an impact on the lives of youth. Hosting an exchange student would probably be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. You should host one and I would love to assist you. I am a pretty good speller. I use my phonic skills to help me spell. I do not do a good job of checking my spam, but I will try to start checking it about once a week. You are an excellent role model! I enjoy reading about your varying helpful acts of kindness.

    • I will put thought into that exchange student idea! I was really blessed by my time spent with Tonya this weekend.

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