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Would you be surprised to know that the difference in a family going bankrupt and or losing their home is often times an extra $250 of income per month? Don’t ask for the source, I heard it at a convention in 2007.   A lot of issues result from irresponsible spending and lack of budgeting, but usually a little extra money would do the trick to keep you comfortable. Yes, I know there are several avenues that you could use to add the $250 like getting a roommate or just picking up a standard part-time job.  However, I can attest to the fact that you will enjoy your work 100X more if you are passionate about the work you are doing.  If you make more money than 98% of the nation, you probably will be happy with that no matter what.  However, that means you would be a 2 percenter.  Soooo, for the rest of the 98%, I wanted to start 2013 off with my first Prosperity Post being a process for making your passion your bankroll.


Craft the time

The first and easiest thing to do is to find time to take on a new project.  Most people spend a slew of time just messing around on social networks every day, watching T.V., and talking on the phone to the same people about the same stuff over and over.  For the multi-tasking Mother and wife, this may be a little difficult but you can start with baby steps.  If it’s 15 – 30 minutes a day of planning to get started, then so be it, consistency is the key.  Here is food for thought: for everything that you think you have going on, there is another person with that and some more to deal with and they will still find time to start a project and be successful.   You know that person, right!


While you are in the planning stages, go ahead and start saving any start-up cost if you think you will attempt a solo project.

Go ahead and get the support of your family to sacrifice a small amount of your time for a season.  Do that by selling the delayed gratification that benefits them as a result of your new project.

What is Your Passion?

This is very simple.  What do you most enjoy doing that you do well? Watching/playing sports, Watching T.V., Shopping, traveling, eating out, reading, sewing, talking about people, cracking jokes, writing, attending weddings, mentoring, speaking, match making, working out, doing makeup, problem solving, etc. The list is endless!

Where could you Make Money?

Who is your target buyer or audience?  Children, teens, collegiate, young adults, middle aged adults, baby boomers, elderly, urban, elite, middle class, etc.

What avenue will work best for your idea? Home-based, online, moon lighting, direct-selling, print media, special events, conventions, market place, traditional brick and mortar, or a blend of 2 or more of these

What can you offer that is unique?

You have got to study the industry from a business perspective. All you have to do is figure out how you can deliver something in a way that is more desirable, convenient, or really creative.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  You can follow in the footsteps of someone who is already doing what you want to do & just add your personal touch to it.

Are you Afraid of Failure?

Keep Calm

Do it anyway!!! What do you have to lose?  FYI: People are talking about you already weather you are successful at what you are already doing or if you are just bumming it out right now. What they say about you can only affect you if you allow it to.   So, what is left to your concern?

How To?

Everything I ever wanted to do, I read about it.  People make how to books from $1.99 up to $199 or more. You can find value and motivation from nearly all of them so don’t let cost be a limiting factor. You can download books and have guides at your access literally 5 minutes after reading this post.  You can also read industry magazines, blogs, newsletters, join online forums and groups, etc.  When you are ready, share it with trusted confidants and ask for feedback. You can visit a role-model in the industry and ask questions about areas that are confusing you.

I leave you with this, whatever you are interested in; you can do it however you like if you get the creative juices flowing.  Welcome to 2013! It should not look just like 2012, IJS!

By the way, fitness is my passion;)

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Can you think of a pastime that you can generate money from preferably at least $250/month at some point?
  • What’s the business move for 2013?


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Rx Fitness Lady

Greetings, I'm Joi, a Pharmacist with a passion for fitness & a community leader. I teach BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, Tabata Boot Camp, & serve as a mentor to young girls. My goal is to inspire people to live healthy, active, & prosperous lifestyles through practical blog posts deliveries. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. You can view more post and subscribe to stay tuned to latest updates at Rx Fitness Lady.

42 thoughts on “Profit From Your Passion

    • I wish you much success in the baking industry. My church member provided for his entire family after retiring from the service with a local household name bakery & unfourtunatley it had to close due to his aging & declining health. There is alot of opportunity there, seems to especially be true with the cup cake industry right now. Glad you liked!

    • I have a little baking side business too and I wanted to share an idea that a friend gave me and has really made my business boom. She asked if I could bring cupcakes and do her child’s birthday party. I taught the girls to decorate, they ate one as their party treat and the others went home as their favor. It was a huge hit. I now get more bookings for parties than I do for regular cakes. Girls Nights Out (In) are big too!

      • That is an awesome idea! I can see it being a hit with little girls and big girls for that matter! Everyone loves cupcakes.

  1. Inspired Always!!!!
    I’ve found that so many people spend a great deal of time worrying…if we transfer that energy over to planning and preparation for financial success, $250 a month could carry us a long way!!!

    Eating my words!!!:)
    2013 here comes a new me!!

  2. Happy New Year to you and all of your bloggers. I am proud of all of you; I now know blogging requies a lot of time and work.

  3. Yep- a bit extra cash is nice! Since, I am a mother of three I call it my “Chick Fil A” money!! LOL. And it IS hard to find the time learning new moves, and prepping. But if you love it, you get personal rewards (literally and figuratively) – its worth it!!
    Fellow Group Fitness Instructor 🙂

  4. This post is affirmation that I need to forge ahead. I am indeed that working mother and spouse who WILL find the time to create and achieve my goals. Thank God for my “me” time. I’m going to use that time to hone my skills and make plans to do what I love to do. Great post. Visiting from SITS. SN: What a healthy head of hair you have…lol. Random, but true. Andrea @
    Andrea recently posted…Don’t Be a Chump, Accept the ChallengeMy Profile

    • LMBO, Thank you Andrea, it really is mine in the top;) I’m glad you liked the post. Coming to check you out SITStah!

  5. I’ve made a tiny bit of money off my blog. It has inspired to me to see what I can do to keep that tiny bit coming in. I am trying to post everyday to keep readers coming back and reading and commenting elsewhere to find like-minded people. I don’t expect to get rich off of it, but getting paid to do something I love sounds nice!
    Rabia @ TheLiebers recently posted…Hello 2013! Resolutions for the New YearMy Profile

    • Do you make it? My Mother is a Premier consultant. I love their company and set up. Very nice option for making money with jewelry. Thank you for visiting!

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  7. This was a great read. I’m doing what I love doing. I follow the guidelines in this article. However; I’m still interested in some type of small business venture. If you hear of any, plz let me know. Keep doing your thing Fitness Lady:)

    • Crystal! Congrats on being able to look forward to your livelihood. That is a blessing! Thank you for the encouraging feedback, we’ll figure out that side hustle!

  8. I have begun the process of having my home licensed for childcare over night and weekends. Unfortunately, whenever I want to purchase the supplies to have my home inspected something, bills, pop up and I am set back again. Great post. Stopping by from SITS.

    Alethea recently posted…The Sabbath…..RestMy Profile

    • Alethea!!! That is a wonderful idea. I know someone here that has that vision and I don’t know why she won’t go ahead and step out there. I really hope that you get that off the ground soon. I have a special passion for that business being that I work the overnight shift:) Thanks for visiting! I’m coming on over now!

  9. My problem is I get so overwhelmed and discouraged. I’d love to make a way to make my freelancing/ art/ creative blogging business ideas take off, but I get so overwhelmed by social media and distracted by so many little things it’s hard for me to focus, so I just give up. And I LOVE fitness, but it seems like there’s a lot more people better at it than me. Poppe din from SITS!

    • Distractions are so real!!! You have to block uninterrupted time to seriously pursue something of this nature. Girl, after this month of blogging, I’m sure anyone who writes a blog can handle a little multi-tasking:)

  10. Joi, you are so inspiring. I think I got the motivation from this blog to revive my jewelry business. So, for all of you reading this, please call me at 478-471-6719 if you are interested in enhancing your wardrobe with high fashion jewelry. RoberTa

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