One Word for 2014: BALANCE

I switched up my previously scheduled post for today because the one word resolution posts I kept reading resonated with me so strongly that I had to participate. I first read Carli’s post, then Kim’s post, which lead me over to my girl Michelle’s link up!

Those of you who are bloggers and have already posted are probably quite aware of my one word by now as I keep mentioning it in the comments.
One Word for 2014 Balance

balance – a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

The tag line for Rx Fitness Lady is “Live Healthy & Active. Be Prosperous.”.  I think they all go together to create a nice balance if each element is devoted the necessary amount of time and energy.

In setting goals and achieving them, the results often times shift your availability to do other things.

In 2014, as I continue to check things off of my vision board,

Vision Board

#fit14 Bucket list, 33 before 33 Bucket list, and my personal list of things that I have chosen to keep private on the blog, I will shift the time invested appropriately.


Blogging (Mental Health & Prosperity)

If you’ve been following, then you already know that I started the end of 2013 off with balancing my energy here at Rx Fitness Lady.  Just to check in, I am LOVING the Monday/Thursday posting schedule so far.  It has definitely given me the balance I need in blogging.

FYI – I’ve severed a blog friendship to create balance before. I guess that’s all I have to say on that.

Responding to comments is still a priority but it’s not time sensitive.  I used to try to respond all day.  I am really sticking to my blocked off times to respond to comments and read other blogs each day, every other day, or whenever time permits.

I am creating a business plan for my blog, Thanks Kimberly for that prompt!

I’m not worrying myself with all these social networks!!!



Group Fitness (Healthy and Active)

I officially decided NOT to add another Les Mills program to my portfolio.  The main reason being it takes quite a bit of effort to learn new releases and get in tune with the lyrics of each song to create the best experience for members when they attend your classes.

Instead, I’m teaching as many classes of BODYCOMBAT and BODYPUMP that are needed   of me.

To “balance” the releases, I’m creating quarterly lesson plans for when I’m teaching each release. I don’t want to recycle my favorite releases and bore members just because releases ignite me and are easy for me to fall back on.

I am also attending other instructor’s classes more often, just to stay on top of different techniques and what I like to call “WOW factors” different instructors bring to the group fitness experience.


Relationships (Mental Health) 

A new relationship requires a lot of time. I am a complete busy body but I’ve slowed myself down in efforts to embrace the now and YES it has been worth it.  So one thing my healthy friends will be happy to know is I’ve committed to cooking for him at least once on my off week! Ha, that is good, trust me! I think I’ve gone a year at a time without cooking since I graduated from pharmacy school.  Before, I cooked Mon-Thurs, imagine that!

Has anyone ever felt “responsible for a friendship/relationship”?  If you are the person making 90% of the phone calls, the only one concerned with group gatherings, always listening to a friend but they never want to hear anything you have to say, or you are paying for more of the “shared” costs of fellowshipping, etc. this becomes exhausting!  I am not messy so I cannot list particulars, but my efforts to ignite certain activities will all but disappear in 2014 🙂 ! Seriously, I am always left feeling empty when these things happen.  No time for that this year!



Vi Party - Project 10 Challenge

It’s very easy to want to devote an additional 40 hours a week to a home based business when it is going well for you, but that doesn’t make for a balanced life.  I am creating set hours for my Visalus business.

I’ve eliminated any plans on growing ventures that are outside of my mission statement (post forthcoming)!


The bottom line is: I DON’T WANT TO EXPERIENCE BURN OUT in any area of my life.


Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What is your one word for 2014?
  •  How many times a week do you cook?
  • How do you achieve a balanced lifestyle?
  • Which social networks are you focused on in 2014?


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Greetings, I'm Joi, a Pharmacist with a passion for fitness & a community leader. I teach BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, Tabata Boot Camp, & serve as a mentor to young girls. My goal is to inspire people to live healthy, active, & prosperous lifestyles through practical blog posts deliveries. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. You can view more post and subscribe to stay tuned to latest updates at Rx Fitness Lady.

47 thoughts on “One Word for 2014: BALANCE

  1. I love balance. I have attempted to make some changes to my schedule as well. It’s been a little bumpy getting them into action but I’m making progress.

    For one with blogging. I have never been one to try to comment on every post because I truly don’t have the time. I know have two set blocks of 30 mintues per day to blog. That includes reading posts and commenting. If I don’t get to something in line on my Bloglovin then I don’t get to it. I delete the feed daily. That way there is no clutter. I truly can’t get around to everything and I have to be fine with that. If people won’t read then oh well. BALANCE
    I cook daily M-F but I have a family. I have done better about meal planning and watching my calendar. If I have a meeting during the week I make sure to cook that nights dinner ahead of time to keep stress off of me and make sure that home is taken care of first. BALANCE

    I let those friends you speak of go last year, but honestly I still feel the sting of it. Even thought about going back but I know it will be more of the same thing. I am cordial but no longer going the extra mile. All friendships must be met halfway. BALANCE.

    I am focusing my energies on Google + for this quarter.

    • Love how you broke it down Mimi. You sound very well balanced. I applaud you and am adopting some of your blogging balance this year. I haven’t felt bad about it either. Thanks for coming by when you can!

  2. Beware the burnout!! I love all your goals as you’ve outlined them and, by doing so, it will be a lot easier to follow. You must feel great for having just organized your “word!”
    My word is BULL – for so many reasons (as you know) and I’m living it everyday so far.
    I cook at least 3x a week around here and try to make BIG meals so we can eat leftovers on the other days. Of course there’s always a pizza or two being ordered!
    Here’s to 2014 and finding your balance! I know you will.
    Allie recently posted…In Defense of SkinnyMy Profile

    • Thanks Allie! We have pizza nights around these parks as well but I try to choose some healthy options as much as can seeing as how I eat on the go on a regular.

  3. Balance is a great word to have and I think it is essential to live a somewhat peaceful life! I love all the changes you have made to bring balance. I, too, have done some of those things just to keep my sanity, espeically with the blog commenting and limiting my time on social media. I do what I can…when I can!
    Britton recently posted…MyBBLife: The Year AheadMy Profile

  4. I absolutely LOVED this all Joi!! Good for YOU for setting boundaries and limits in order to produce beautiful balance in your life!!!!

    I don’t do comments until I post the next post on my blog- I set aside time to focus on just commenting- and then I feel more focused on the interactions and engagement during that block of time, rather than random responses when I see them. make sense?

    I LOVE the idea of cutting out those people that are constantly taking….and it IS exhausting!! I’ve had many through out my life. I get it.

    You are such an amazing woman- for 33? Bold, bright, strong, wise and absolutely beautiful in every way. WOW. Keep shining your magnificent light Joi!!! You are an inspiration in EVERY way. 🙂
    Chris Carter recently posted…The Road Oft TraveledMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Chris! Yes that totally makes sense! I am loving reading all the comments and different approaches to balance!

  5. My one word for 2014 is “focus”. I wrote about it in today’s post. I’m excited to see the changes that focus will bring to my life!

    I cook a huge batch of food for the week (to carry to work as lunch) on the weekends. That way I only have to whip up something simple at nights when I get home.

    I’m attempting to achieve a balanced lifestyle by placing emphasis on the things that matter and weeding out the time and energy vampires. LOL

    I’m cutting way back on Twitter and Pinterest in 2014. I hardly ever post on Instagram. Even on Facebook I will be less into liking and following. So, of them all, I will be most present on FB, albeit in a more concentrated way.
    Alison recently posted…Embracing “focus” in 2014My Profile

  6. I think Balance is a great word – something I work on a lot!!
    I love the things you are working on in each area of your life. And, I think that cooking 1 meal a week for your new guy is a great way to start back up!!
    I cook 5 nights a week on average.
    Sadly a year and a half ago, I had to let go of a relationship with someone I actually considered a sister more than friend but I couldn’t keep carrying the whole relationship.
    Kim recently posted…Do You Like to Know When Something Dreadful Is Coming up or be Surprised?My Profile

    • OMG Kim! You have 3 males to feed though, I get it. I am slowly learning with my once a week cooking that feeding men is another ball game!

  7. Balance is a struggle for me. It’s gotten worse since I expanded my social circle last year (something I needed for my sanity). Also, this spring my son will start playing group sports. However, I’m determined to fit it all in without running myself ragged. I’m determined to find a way to nurture all my relationships without feeling like I’m neglecting anyone. It definitely takes careful consideration.
    Jenni recently posted…Happy New Year…Several Days LaterMy Profile

    • That’s tough! I try as well. I had to put people on a monthly routine. That is the only way I can commit to a balanced relationship with people outside of my everyday life circle.

  8. You have got the winning plan mam! I just love how you broke it all down! There is so much truth in what you are saying. There came a point about a year into blogging that I severed 5-6 blog relationships and started brand new. Sometimes you just have to do it to grow.

    I absolutely love attending other classes. I learn something every time!

    you already know I respond to comments when I can. Sometimes the next day, sometimes a week later. I do it only because I appreciate a comment reply when I comment on a blog.

    I cook twice a week. Big meal on sundays and something on wednesdays. I am on pinterest and google plus HEAVY this year.
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…Weekly Wednesday Workout: Single Leg Hip LiftsMy Profile

    • How about a month later, LOL! I am getting slammed girl!

      I love your cooking schedule. Now I can get jiggy with that in the married life! That is why we are sisters!

  9. Great post Joi! It spoke volumes! Balance is definitely the “key”! I’ve learned a lot this past year from blogging…for one, I can’t do everything and just because it works for someone else, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for me. My husband and I learned a big lesson when we went into ministry full-time 18 years ago. That is…people will try to hold you hostage…to their time, their wants and needs, their lives and will try to make you feel bad when you can’t jump through hoops for them. And all the while, won’t care if they’re sucking you dry. We set a game plan way back then to protect the sanctity of our mental and physical health. If it doesn’t fit into our plans..we just don’t do it. No need for hurt feelings, we’re all big girls and boys here! 🙂 It is what it is. Since we’ve done that, people respect our time and effort. Not that we’re any better than anyone, but we work for Him and we’re responsible for His sheep and can’t afford to be burned out because of a few people who won’t play fair! With that being said…you.go.girl!! 😀 Cut away the dead weight and go for gold in 2014! So proud of all of your accomplishments!
    As far as cooking, let’s just say…my husband looves to cook and grocery shop…I know gurrrl, I got a good one didn’t I!! Thank.You.Jesus! 😀 I’d say I probably get in the kitchen about once or twice a week. Ahem, I saw that you mentioned you’re cooking for “someone”…do tell!! 😀
    Michell recently posted…1989…25 years later!My Profile

  10. More power to you! Or should I say, “more balance to you!” I think my one word is probably power, and it didn’t occur to me until right now, thank you! I want to use my voice more, and my actions, and I want to be more powerful in the things I know I can do. And I don’t mean that in a scary way. Just assertive.
    I know what it is to let go of blogging/real life friendships that seem one-sided and they make you feel empty.
    Let it go!
    (oh and I rarely cook well from scratch. I’m ok with throwing things together for the kids, though. Real foods too.)
    Tamara recently posted…Where’s My “Get Up And Go”?My Profile

  11. Girl…YOUR WORD! I’ve given up on actually finding it, but yet I pursue it daily. I agree and love everything you laid out and your take on them. I guess one way to have balance is not stressing about the stuff that tries to stress you out.

    I’ve had to sever a 17 year friendship for the EXACT same reasons you talked about. Guess what, the only thing that changed in my life concerning that person was less stress:) I hold absolutely nothing against her and I would gladly say hello, but that’s that.

    Good for you and your commitment to prepare a meal on your week off. Start were you can. The gesture goes farther than you know.

    I really enjoyed this post.
    Hope recently posted…From Wogging to JoggingMy Profile

    • Thanks Hope! I am having so much fun cooking! I’ve fallen in love with it all over again.

      One of those people I have pulled back from hasn’t even noticed, SMH!

  12. Balance was my word for last year. I kind of acheived it by changing jobs, and changing up what I do blog wise. This year I finally decided to limit my time in the blogging world and actively chose the social networks I’m going to focus on. Because I was stressing myself out trying to do all of the things within the blogging world with a full time job, a toddler and a husband.
    I cook 2 times a week. Sundays and Wednesdays. And it works for us. Leftovers, frozen foods, an occasioal take out. Cause I can’t do it all.
    My word this year is BOLD. I am going to be bold and try things I’ve been too scared, too timid, too whatever to do. That’s in my personal life, my blog, my professional life.
    We’ll see how it works.

    • LaShawn, this spoke to me! I’m trying to obtain balance by switching shifts on my job. I am really looking forward to it.

      Yes to the twice a week! My future goal!

  13. Happy New Year Joi! Looks like was all had to sit down, be still and make some changes. My word for this year is “Organization”. Balance would have been a good one, but I needed to organize. I was all over the place.
    Whitney recently posted…Pinterest WednesdayMy Profile

  14. I had a long conversation with someone today on balance in relationships and how one person can not be the one giving 90% – while the other person takes. I am not someone who “keeps score” but there are those who will take until we’re empty if we let them. And I hear you on the blog comments. Sometimes it takes me days to respond. It’s all good 🙂
    Ilene recently posted…Saying Goodbye to the Skull CapMy Profile

  15. Me either – to the burnout. I think I am going to focus on Pinterest. I’m pinning all my blog posts now, so that makes me create pinnable to say what the post is about. I still use all the others though. I didn’t choose a word yet but like you the posts are resonating with me too.

    You go girl with your balance. I walk sideways. Things happen as they happen sometimes all at once. I couldn’t even tell you how much I cook. A lot. I’m still underestimating that I have a growing boys. So I rarely have a day that’s full leftovers.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…Quality of Life…My Profile

  16. BALANCE….. I love it! I am reaching for it in 2014!! I lost it at the end of 2013. I will achieve it again soon! Joi I love this post. In life this has been one of my main focus/goals to achieve and when lost achieve again.

  17. Love balance. I have not had to let anyone go in min I don’t let people get into the core of me so I rarely have to sever a friendship I think it has only happened twice in my entire life. I balance friendship out with getting to know people first before I call them a friend. It takes years to know someone you won’t be called a bestie until we have known each other for at least 5 years. Most people can’t take my humor or bluntness so I don’t make friends easily but once you are in my core you will have a friend for life.

    I cook mostly every day except Friday’s and Saturdays. Those are fend for yourself days.
    You know I don’t comment on all my posts to time consuming. I let people know I see them by adding them to my reader and stopping by their blog to comment that’s all you will get from me.
    I have each social network to focus on per day. Instagram one day, twitter another day, google + another day and so on. That way I am not doing all of them everyday and I can focus on building once a week. Good luck with your goals for this year
    Kita recently posted…Project 365My Profile

    • I turned to you for a month! I am going through making replies where I can! You are right, it’s too time consuming when you have so many other things going on.

  18. Balance…I so want that word in my life. Right now I just take life on as it happens, because trust me I have lots of pop-up stuff that comes up. I can make a plan, but it’s not always possible to stick to dealing with a husband & some kiddo’s. So, instead of finding balancing I do a balancing act. lol Wishing you nothing, but success in accomplishing your goals for 2014.
    Sonya M. Jones recently posted…White Knuckle Driving Sessions Scores Licensed Teen DriverMy Profile

  19. Joi this was such a good word to focus on. We all need to have balance in just about everything. I feel like if you are doing anything too much it is almost always a problem…even with something as honorable as praying! 🙂 God wants us to spend time with people we love, especially once you have an immediate family to care for. 🙂 I love everything that you mentioned in all your highlights! It sounds to me like you are on the right track!

    I honestly do not take it personal when people don’t come over and comment 24/7. People have lives to live and commenting and sharing and posting…and for you teaching a class, and working at the pharmacy and just managing your personal life is all just A LOT! You seem to do a great job at looking at all you are involved in to create a nice balance for yourself my dear. Kudos to you! xo
    Brittnei recently posted…Feature Friday- Week 5My Profile

  20. Thanks so much for mentioning me! I had really wanted to do Nellie’s fitness bucket list but I was having difficulty getting past two things. I’m not sure two things makes a list. 🙂

    Balance is a great word and I love your explanation. Home based businesses can be quite draining! I do love seeing all of your associates and customers and the tags they put you in. Clearly everyone is excited! So having that balance and no burn out will keep that going for sure.

    I was wondering how you were going to add anything else on. Sometimes I feel winded from reading all you do! Balance is a great word for you and I’m sure it will bring out an even more wonderful and happy Joi. 🙂
    Carla recently posted…1/11/14: The SkinnyMy Profile

  21. yes, it’s all about balance, but so much easier said than done. With social media I have a similar approach to yours, I have accounts to a lot of different platforms but I only really use the two (pinterest & instagram) that I enjoy and it comes naturally.

    I am so curious about the severed blogger friendship but I know it’s none of my business!

    I’m glad the monday/thursday blogging schedule is working for you & I’m hoping you write about your blogging business plan. I feel like balance is the perfect word for you – you come across as very logical and level-headed (and very ambitious) and it somehow just suits you.
    Em K recently posted…outfit – a modern day hippie lookMy Profile

  22. i love you joi because you’re just so no nonsense! i agree, we don’t have time to nurture relationships / events / people who can’t be bothered to take the time for us! the 2014 word for me is BABY! i cook…never. i know, i know. i am such a brat! my hubby does all the cooking and swears he loves to do it. i married the right man!
    Catherine Gacad recently posted…Real Estate Update: 2 Offers, 2 DaysMy Profile

  23. Your word for 2014 is very thought provoking. Really like how you identified areas in your life that needed balancing and came up with a plan. I also identified 3 friendships were I was the primarily responsible one and those relationships are changing this year. Have a great weekend.
    Debra@AModernTranslation recently posted…In A Boot Frame of MindMy Profile

  24. Balance is so hard to find these days. Admittedly I gave up on a lot of social media a while back…though I keep wanting to get better at it! As far as cooking goes, I’m the primary cook in the house…it’s all about prepping as much on the weekend as possible so it can come together quickly during the week. Best of luck finding the balance you both need and want this year!
    Leslie recently posted…{Weight Loss} Looking ForwardMy Profile

  25. Good for you, girl! I thought about BALANCE as my one word for 2014, but as you know I chose JOY. However, I want to work on balance. I started doing some of that during the holidays. Deuce is growing so fast and I want to spend more quality time with him. So we are watching movies and doing little projects together. I put everything else to the side and give him my attention. Same with Hubby.

    So glad to hear that you are focusing on a new relationship and going to cook more often. I cook 4-6 days a week. But leftovers and repurposed meals are my friend. You know you can go check out my Rigged Recipes page or message me on fb if you need some ideas. 🙂

    Your Monday/Thursday schedule is a great idea. I don’t know how you did 3 days a week before. But that 1st year of blogging is a hustle if you want to gain a following. Switching to WordPress has really helped my commenting. With Blogger, I had to check every post to see when I had new comments. I missed stuff and did double work all the time. Not any more! I’ll be focusing on Google+ and Instagram this year. May even check into StumbleUpon.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…It’s My 1 Year Blogiversary With A GiveawayMy Profile

    • I going to let you know when I do one of yours! I have so many great recipes pinned for you. It will take me some time to get to them. I am discovering left overs works for him, major score!

  26. Balance! I love it! We all need it in our lives. It makes life more enjoyable and “livable.” Letting go of situations/relationships is natural. I do not say this lightly, as some relationships are worth fighting for, but both people must be willing to fight. When there is one fighter in the ring, you have to come to a logical conclusion: move on. Thanks, for inspiring us, with your wonderful blog. I know that you will reach all of your goals. I am going to create a vision board, thanks to you!
    Cynthia recently posted…Happy New Year and Blessings to All!My Profile

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