Old Skool Harmony: A Review of BODYCOMBAT 37

It’s Friday people! I’m super excited to kick off the 2nd 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party Monday!  I can’t wait to connect with all of you.

You're Invited To A Blog Party Again

This post is for Kim’s September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge!

Being A Wordsmith


Today’s prompt – Harmony. List 5 of your all-time favorite CDs and why you love them.  Include clips from Grooveshark and/or YouTube

I am approaching this prompt, a day early of course from an Act Fit Friday perspective!

That’s right…BODYCOMBAT 37! Old School Review because it’s new to me & We ABSOLUTELY LOVED & KILLED IT!!!


Before I go in to teach a BODYCOMBAT class, I like to set the mood.  Remember how I told you I have a mean streak with weight loss in the form of BODYCOMBAT….well, I like to listen to hard, crunk, ratchet music right before teaching. It’s just my thing.




Doesn’t it sound like you need hard-core kick A8S lyrics and beats to prep?


I’m kind of breaking the rules, because there is one song that is my absolute favorite to listen to before my Tuesday morning warrior class! Well currently anyway….


It’s Old school and since I just finished teaching old school BODYCOMBAT, I’m kind of loving this post!


This music clip is rated R, please don’t click on the video my church boos 🙂 The truth is, that’s what I listen too to prepare to fight and it fires me up!






So I launched an old BODYCOMBAT at one of my locations just like it was brand new because it pretty much was! This gym is only almost 2 years old so we weren’t open to do this release when it orginally came out!


It was PERFECT!!! I liked the full bodysuit that Rach was wearing in the instructor DVD!  I must find something similar to teach in one day! She had combat boots to go with and all.


I was stuck with my usual faves, I love them though 🙂


Even though there was an Underworld/Vampire theme for this track, my favorite track was Beat It (love a Michael Jackson even if it’s a remix version).


Can you imagine punching and kicking to that swanky beat! That was an awesome first fight for the workout.


I am so excited to find some older releases to add to my library!


I just LOVE BODYCOMBAT/MMA/Kickboxing people! When you find a form of cardio you love, YOU WILL ENJOY YOUR WORKOUTS! It’s just that simple.  People can’t drag you away from it when you get the type of euphoria I experience from teaching and participating.


I encourage ALL readers to find out what makes you excited about being active.  Many  KUDOS to all the people who read PFL and are on a journey to live more active!


S/O to the Dose Girls and Andrea @ Be Quoted who weren’t always as active when we became blog friends as they are currently. No, I’m not saying it’s because they read this blog but I am recognizing them because that is what we do around here!  I am super proud of them and all of you.

Housekeeping – If the button in the side bar is too big, here is a smaller option. You can grab the code from the side bar at the bottom.  Thanks people!


Happy Friday PFL!



Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Do you have any abnormal workout clothes, if so, what kind?
  • What form of exercise gives you that euphoric experience?
  • What do you appreciate that is old skool?
  • Are you ready for the Mini Blog Challenge Party next week?

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Rx Fitness Lady

Greetings, I'm Joi, a Pharmacist with a passion for fitness & a community leader. I teach BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, Tabata Boot Camp, & serve as a mentor to young girls. My goal is to inspire people to live healthy, active, & prosperous lifestyles through practical blog posts deliveries. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. You can view more post and subscribe to stay tuned to latest updates at Rx Fitness Lady.

26 thoughts on “Old Skool Harmony: A Review of BODYCOMBAT 37

  1. For right now, running gives that euphoria (sometimes). Body combat is quickly becoming a close second. How you’re dressed in the pic is similar to what I like to work out in. Love it!

    I read your video warning, but you know, my interest peaked because of curiosity…and how bad can Pastor Troy be, he’s a pastor right? lol Next time, I’ll heed the warning.
    One of my running buddy who is a Christian, listens to hard core music while running…it keeps her pumped and energized. I’ve tried it…not for me, but I’m not one to judge.
    Right now, I have Whitney Houston’s I wanna dance with somebody and I’m Every Woman in my running playlist… I appreciate old skool music…including the rap and hip hop (hip hop hippity hop 🙂

    Still getting ready for the blog challenge. I’m hoping to finish them all and schedule the post. We’ll see how that goes. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.
    Hope recently posted…Master of No Terrain: Well, maybe just one (Race Recap)My Profile

    • I didn’t want to call you out, but girlfriend, you knew I was talking to you and a few others 🙂 Listen next time 🙂

      Hope you are still staying with the fight!

  2. You are the exact opposite of me, I play upbeat r&B right before we get started for class. Since none of that is in the playlist (until the cooldown) 🙂 I am ready for the blog party with a blogger confession on monday that may be slightly controversial so I am covering two days in one! 🙂
    Nellie recently posted…Friday Fitness Check In: Off BalanceMy Profile

  3. Hey darling, you know what my abnormal workout clothes consist of and I love them! Line dancing give me that euphoric experience. I love the biker’s shuffle line dance. It gives you a good workout. Old school music from the seventies are my absolute favorites.

  4. NO YOU DIDN’T BRING OUT PASTOR TROY!! LOL. Ooh Lawd. That was a trip right there. Yes, I am ready for #MBC next week. I watched Nellie’s video so I can prep mine for no double chins. 🙂 I really like doing the Wii Michael Jackson Experience. Deuce and I compete and he is a sore loser about me doing the dance moves better than him. I have to let him know that it’s only new to him–not me. But boy do I work up a sweat. How MJ managed to do all that, I’ll never know. Don’t forget to link up your posts! Appreciate you, girl.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…It’s My Birthday Complete With Giveaway, Flashback, and Surprise!My Profile

  5. Hey Joi! What do I like old school…60’s, 70’s and 80’s music, hands down!!! Now that gets me going, lol! Am I ready for the challenge…you’ll see, lol! Did you notice I didn’t answer your first two questions? Don’t judge! Ha! Thanks for sharing! And unlike our friend Hope…I know when to heed a warning, lol!! Have a great weekend Joi!
    Michell recently posted…“Michell’s Weekly Pearl”My Profile

  6. LOVE the music!! I always listen to some hard core tracks when I run. I need it to get up some of the hills around here!! Running is definitely euphoric for me. It’s my meditation and my sanity.
    I’m beyond excited for Monday! My commercial is READY…as well as a few other posts for the rest of the week. I’m writing while I have some downtime!!
    Allie recently posted…Tales from a Twin (Fit) PregnancyMy Profile

  7. You know I won’t say anything about your music choices! I listen to anything and everything and will flip from Christian music to rap in a heart beat. Here’s an old school one for you; I keep listening to OPP by Naughty by Nature. It’s just on my list. Here’s super old school (your mom will know this)…I can’t get the theme song of Sanford & Sons out of my head. It’s been in there for a week and I even make up lyrics about the cat to go with it. He likes that. 😛

    So excited about the blog challenge. I’ll be working hard all weekend and hope to have some good stuff up.

    I’m also proud of the girls!

    Carla recently posted…An Evening with Ironman AthletesMy Profile

  8. Girl I’m scareda you – listening “to hard, crunk, ratchet music”. Sorry I can’t do that particular song. I think you could make me run faster trying to get away from it. I can’t talk though, I wouldn’t want anyone at church to read the titles of the songs in my workout playlist.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…Awards & Challenges…My Profile

  9. Hey, if you give me a heads up that the stuff is R, I pay attention! LOL (side-eyeing Hope). I hardly do PG movies much more R. My gym playlist is mostly very upbeat Christian music and it keeps me revved up.

    A euphoric workout is, believe it or not, 20 minutes on the elliptical. Wait, wait… no giggles! I start at level 14 for 2 minutes, then go up one level for each of the next four minutes (levels 15-18) and then return to level 15, then 16, 17, 18. Repeat that three times and I get off the machine a little giddy and shaky, but feeling gooooood! Try it!

    Old skool… well, I’m not into the cussin’ rappers. If they say explicit lyrics I’m like, see ya! I go way back to the Sugar Hill Gang and folks like that. Yeah, I know…

    I can get seriously old school with some Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, and the jazz greats. Love it! I like some contemporary singers too, like Chrisette Michele, Emelie Sande, Ledisi, and Sara Bareilles.
    Pray for me to pull my video together for Monday’s post! I shot it last week with the help of a friend, but I’ve had no time to fine-tune it. Aaargh! I’m gonna have to press out really hard tomorrow. I can’t post every day of the challenge, but I will do at least two. Between you and Ms. Kimberly, you are keeping my feet to the fire!
    Alison Hector recently posted…I’m not here for the fear!My Profile

    • We have beat up on poor Hope enough now, lol!

      You did great with your video. I really enjoyed it and I thank you again for participating.

  10. Pingback: My Top Three Christian Running Beats | Defining Hope

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