My Steve Austin Broken Skull Challenge Bust

STEVE AUSTIN, I want to come on your show and kick some major azz yo! Have your directors call me back for season 3!  Don’t I look like I can ring the bell in good time?

Steve Austin Skull Buster Challenge

Say what? Wait….You haven’t caught a glimpse of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge?  You have to check it out! Athletes battle through the show for a chance to compete in his obstacle course at the end and possibly win $10,000!  I was addicted in the first 10 minutes of watching!

Anywho, I want to represent for the group fitness world!  I think people who don’t partake sometimes don’t give us enough credit.  Group Fitness is an excellent way to stay healthy and get strong!


I got called by the casting company for Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge Show while I was at the gym working out.  I  called RIGHT BACK immediately and repeatedly after the gym and she never called me back 🙁 !

Imagine my luck!

Help me get there by sharing, tweeting, whatever! Thanks!

In exchange, I’ll share a little of my application with you, as if you care 🙂 !



One of my greatest challenges has been

Getting over 2 called off engagements! I always turned to fitness to stay healthy and keep a sane mind!


What makes you the ultimate competitor?

I was raised in the South where little league sports are the equivalent of NFL Super bowls! With that background coupled with years of using competitive sports and fitness as the ultimate stress reliever, I learned to use competition to gain success.  Anytime I want to achieve a goal, I choose a silent competitor.  They might not even know it.  I am ALWAYS in competition with someone.  Competition is SUPER healthy for ones who desire to progress! I am constantly challenging myself to grow, so every day is a competition with self!

What sets you apart from the competition?

I am an independent fitness professional with the goal of inspiring women to meet their fitness potential by any means necessary! I write a fitness health blog to challenge my mind and encourage others. I inspire people to change their diet by promoting a 90 Day Challenge. I teach people classes on a weekly basis. I take every opportunity to work with physical and mental health committees as a volunteer in the church and organizations I’m affiliated with.  I pretty much have laser focused my activities on health and fitness because it’s my passion. I’ve been competing and challenging myself since I was in grade school!

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Do you watch the show? Were my answers to some of the questions cheesy?
  • How do you feel about using competition to gain success?
  • What TV show would you like to appear on?

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3 thoughts on “My Steve Austin Broken Skull Challenge Bust

  1. First off when did you get back in town with a blog? Don’t be teasing us you best to be here to stay lol.

    I will rt and help share and hope they call you back cause you need to be on this show. I always wanted to go on the biggest loser but they didn’t accept me they said I have to be at least 200lbs overweight and I am only 100 so I didn’t make the cut.
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