What Bloggers Ought to Know About Linky Parties

Are you fustrated with all the energy you put into attending link parties in efforts to grow  your blog?  Do you absolutely LOVE link parties? Do you flat out hate link parties? Either way, let’s discuss!

What Bloggers Ought to Know About Linky Parties


I am no expert, but I have hosted 2 events and attend a few regularly, so I thought I’d share  my thoughts and here from you to start off July.

What is a link party?

A link party is an event hosted or co-hosted by bloggers where you can enter a link to something (your; blog, FB fanpage, bloglovin, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.).  After you link up your item, you are suppose to visit others that are linked up.

If you are visual, then click on my Pinterest Interest Party ( STILL LIVE 😉 ) or an older event I hosted earlier this year the 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party.

A Few Tips on Attending Link Parties 

Look around for a Link party in your niche or one that has people you would like to be friends with.

It is Common Courtesy to do as your host instructed. Be sure to follow them and their cohost & whatever else they ask you to do. Some will ask you to load their party button somewhere on your site and visit others linked up.

Usually you see people commenting thanking the host.  Be sure you do so as well.  In addition to pulling it together and promoting the linkys, there is a small fee associated with it.

Get there early!  Once you find one, you need to try to figure out what time it goes live.  The first links will ALWAYS get the most visits.  (Even if you are late, there are ways to stand out)

If it’s a basic link up (no thumbnail, just a title/name), then you need to make your title interesting.  Even if you were a slacker on the title when you posted it, get creative and link a title to the post that pulls the reader in.

Type your title in all CAPS, they can’t help but see it. I know it’s shouty, but hey…whatever!

Link the prettiest picture you have!  Just like pretty gets pinned on Pinterest, pretty gets clicked.  If you are thinking (I’m not as pretty as so and so), whatever, YES you are! You know that picture of yourself  that you just love! Others will love it too!

Even after you link a pretty picture, still link a catchy title unless the host specifically tells you to just link your blog url.  People see a pretty picture, they read the caption (link), if it’s Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady…maybe, but if it’s Proven Productivity Strategies for Bloggers on Facebook, then a blogger when intuitively click it if they think it will help them.  Don’t worry if they don’t comment, your google analytics will show you that your tactics are working!

Link up your BEST!  If you had a post that did really well, link that up! Don’t link your homepage 10 minutes after you just posted a new post as the first link to a really popular linky. People will click your blog and unfairly think you aren’t worth reading just because you don’t have any comments or likes yet. Link the post from the day before!

In a nutshell, Think about what you click on when you attend link parties and try to make yourself appealing.

Once you click on some links you are interested in, leave a valued comment on their blog. If you need help with this, read 24 Reasons you Don’t have Comment on Your Blog.

Follow their blog!

Follow on Bloglovin

If you were really impressed with your first visit, then follow them socially and tweet them or write on their Facebook page that you enjoyed your visit or something to that affect.  I don’t know about you, but it’s very hard for me to ignore that type of interaction.

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! If you want to act like a crazy person and visit every single link in the linky, then go right ahead! Chances are, they will not all want to connect with you.  I would develop a system for the parties you attend and only attend QUALITY hops.

Support a good host.  If you regularly visit a hop that you make friends from and the host visits your blog as well, then make sure when you enter your link that you do indeed share it on twitter or facebook when you get to that screen. 

What Bloggers Ought To Know About Linky Parties

Increase your chances of getting clicked by co-hosting a hop.  Some bloggers offer this for free and others charge a fee to cohost.


Hopefully you all have entered my Pinterest Interest Link up. If not, you can do so now!

Pinterest Interest

Maybe I will see you all Saturday at the Sharefest over on theSITSgirls site!



It’s the first post of the month and my newest feature is recognizing top commentators of the month.  I appreciate all the love from all of you.  The roll call has started over for July!

The top commenter chosen for May is Carli of Real Into!  Congratulations Carli!  The gift is the same as last month except this flavor is Orange Splash!

Rx Fitness Lady Melaleuca Performance Hydration Drink

Carli, please email me your mailing information if you would like to receive this token at RxFtinessLady(at)gmail(dot)com.


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Do you participate in link parties? How many per week? What is your favorite Link party to attend?
  • What do you like most or least about link parties?

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78 thoughts on “What Bloggers Ought to Know About Linky Parties

  1. Linky parties are really interesting and are starting to really take over the blog world. I agree with your tips, especially thanking the host because intake a lot of time and effort to create and maintain.

    • They are very popular and can be tricky! I like some of them though, have met some awesome peeps at them.

  2. I am just starting to understand linky parties, and by diving right in and co-hosting the one with Crystal, Michelle, etc. I love it and I’m learning so much! I love your tips about using all caps and making your title/picture grab-worthy. And about getting there early. So true! I was once down at the bottom of my own linky party! Luckily I have learned.

    You have great tips!
    Tamara recently posted…You Can Be a Winner At The Game of Life.My Profile

    • Lol, that’s funny Tamara! You have the inside scoop on Ladies only, I guess that won’t happen again. That is a fun link up by the way.

  3. I’ve not hosted a party myself but I can only imagine that they do take quite a bit of planning and effor to put together. You are so on top of your game. I know you put a lot of effor into your blog parties. I can’t help but think that you were an amazing student in college. You are very precise and I never feel that any portion of your blog is just thrown together. Thank you for the link up and for helping all of generate more readers. You are gem!

  4. {Melinda} What great tips! I participate in a few parties, but never get there as early as I should. Love your advice about not linking your most recent post. Never thought about it in that way. I don’t know why because I often Pin older popular posts onto Pinterest and find that that they do really well on Pinterest. You always have such valuable information on a wide range of subjects here, Joi. Thank you!
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted…momtor monday: where to find the source of true joyMy Profile

    • Hey Melinda, Thanks for saying so! I usually don’t get there as early as I’d like either, that’s why I think co-hosting is beneficial.

  5. Oh, no. It seems my comment did not go through. Anyway, I was just saying that how much I admired your attention to detail when putting together link up parties. You do such a great job. Never having thrown a link up party myself I can only guess that it takes a lot of time and effort to put one together. Thanks for sharing this with us and helping people generate more readers and blog frienships.

    • Thanks for supporting Veronica. I did get your other comment as well, it was requiring approval but I’ll leave this one. Thanks for those compliments in the other comment too 🙂

    • Me too Michelle! Sometimes it leads to blossoming friendships and then other times it’s like crickets but it’s good to try to make friends as opposed to just dropping your links off and dipping!

  6. I love link parties because I get to view other blog posts on the same topic that I write about. I participate about 2 to 3 times per week. Some of the links that I participate in does not allow other link titles except the actual blog name so I can’t really get creative with the title to catch attention, but I agree with that tip!

    Have a great day!
    Rhea recently posted…thoughts of a newlywedMy Profile

  7. Not a fan of linky parties the only one I really do is SITS on the Saturday sharefest I normally go back on Monday’s and pick 10 blogs out of the 200 and comment and try to do different ones every Monday. I think most linky partys are nice I have hosted the pinterest one for 2 months and only 2 people normally link up so I gave up with it. It would be nice if people actually commented on your link but most don’t I just prefer to have my few regulars in my reader and I just comment when a new post comes out that’s as much linking as I will do for now.
    Kita recently posted…Visiting the DocMy Profile

    • Yes I understand Kita! I like the ones that have active participants and they put effort into their blog other than the link party they host. Some host have so many people linked up and nothing else going on the rest of the week and they don’t even visit the link participants, those I can do without.

    • Thanks Ilene, I like to think the two I’ve hosted offered something unique, but I appreciate a good host either way.

  8. Great tips Joi. I like link parties. I agree with Nellie, there are lots of them going on. I admit, sometimes I don’t thank the host, but I always try to leave a comment about something I found interesting in their post. I think my favorite link ups (besides the MBC and Pinning Party 🙂 ) are the FB frenzy hops and DYWW.

    Congrats Carli, you’re gonna love your Sustain hydration drinks 🙂
    Hope recently posted…Running in the wrong shoes…My Profile

    • I agree! We party together in that regard. I also like the sharefest on SITS. Thank you so much for attending my events with the ultimate party spirit!

    • We really are right there together with this blog journey. Congrats on the sixth month mark my dear. Let me know what you decide.

  9. You know I love free stuff, Joi! I’ve actually been thinking about doing a post that’s the total opposite of this one. Sorry! I will do linkies for Facebook and I’ve done both of your linkies but in general I do not do them anymore. IMO they scream “newbie blogger” and do not portray the type of professionalism I’m wanting to come across on my blog. Why do I think this? Been there, done that. Have the stats to show which got me better results. I could really do an entire Pro/Con on this. Let me know if you’re interested in hearing. 😛
    Carli recently posted…July Loves — Esprit de She {#Giveaway}My Profile

    • Of course and no need to apologize! This is an open discussion forum and I welcome all opinions. I have some cons to link parties as well and tried to make sure the events I hosted were quality and
      Helpful to participants. I’d love to see you do that post Carli!

  10. Great tips! When I first started my blog, I had no idea what a linky party was. I am still learning so much. I appreciate this!
    Karen recently posted…Get AheadMy Profile

    • Thanks Karen! When I started I found them frustrating then I figured out my system and stopped trying to very more out of them than was possible. I actually was going to contact you about collaborating on a project with some others but I’m kinda discouraged by the participation, so my link parties desire has dwindled. I’ll still do the mbc, but weekly parties I don’t think are for me.

  11. I’m pretty sure I totally failed in every category with your last Linky Party!!! I tried to come back but only made it back once to check other links.
    And, pretty sure I didn’t thank the wonderful host – so a bit late but Thank You – I really enjoy the linking just not great about follow up!!!
    Kim recently posted…Sometimes Technology Is Scary!My Profile

    • You will find your momentum with your favorites, I think that’s the key..not to get caught up in too many.

    • Yes Allie, please do! If you are new, in my opinion, it’s a good way to find people you are interested in connecting with.

    • There are so many little things to make a blog party most user friendly. I tried to make the two I did easy to enter and play along.

  12. While I was party ready for the 7 Day Mini Challenge this Pinterest link party had me a little confused. I’m not sure that I “wore the right party clothes” for that one. In essence, not sure if I participated correctly. I did pin a few of your posts though. Not sure that anyone pinned mine. I think that where “wearing the wrong outfit” had me a little messed up. Good tips though!
    Andrea recently posted…A Man Should Always Love You More Than You Love Him?My Profile

    • Thanks for pinning Andrea! All you had to do was link up a post that you wanted pinned. I’m sorry if that was confusing when I was trying to explain it 🙂

  13. I have a couple of link parties that I regularly support. It may seem silly, but I have a fun way of picking which blogs to visit. I pick the first one, the ones directly above, below and to the left and right of me and then #23–my favorite number. That gives me six people to visit. Then if I happen to have extra time, I go back and pick out some more. Great post, Joi!
    Rabia @ TheLiebers recently posted…Beware of Quiet ChildrenMy Profile

    • I’m glad you found this useful Nicole. You are a queen in that space. I have mixed feelings about the linkys, I need to read your book about the giveaways…I’m sure you have keen insight to deliver. I just fear that the traffic is not quality when linking up in certain circles if you know what I mean.

  14. I like Linky Parties but am careful not to take on too many – right now I participate in the I Love BlogLovin link up on Rachel’s Blog (Postcards from Rachel) as I sponsor her Blog, so it nice to link up in one or two of her regular linky parties….I also participate in a Sunday Social every now and then when I can, that helped to build my Twitter and Facebook as well as Pinterest Pages a bit, and I appreciated all the followers and followed back….I then take the time to find out more about the lovely Bloggers who are following me and try to read their Blogs once per week (trust me right now I have about 5,000 Blogs on my reader accounts to keep up with!!) – maybe I am exaggerating a tad, but it is thousands!

    I do not like Linky Parties when they start to feel like oh, just follow me, and I will follow you, even if I do not like your Blog….meaning, if someone has a purely mommy blog, I may love it, but it may not be something I am into, as I have no kids! However I will try to visit now and then….so on that note, it is VITAL to ONLY participate in Linky Parties that fit your niche, or what you love….

    Great Post Joi! On another note, I have been back to the gym in the past three weeks and getting back my fitness level – so excited!
    Jeanine recently posted…Where to stay, What to do in Jamaica in July!My Profile

    • Good deal on the fitness dear. OAN- are you a MADD woman…thousand + reader has got to be insane! Whew, I would get a headache for sure. I’ve been toying with the thought of a bloglovin post, you have just inspired me boo! I am sure you find a lot of interesting things in your reading though. I like when you to that little good reads around the web.

    • That is a good point Cahterine. I don’t comment on blogs I land on and are boring to me. I don’t want to get caught up in am awkward dreadful blog friendship. I’m good with your time zone bc I work at night 🙂

  15. I used to participate in TONS of link parties, but it got exhausting trying to keep up with new crafts or recipes on a weekly basis and then making sure that I was able to link up early on. Plus, I got annoyed by all the “I followed you, please follow me” and “Join my link party too” comments. I’d rather have fewer page views and comments if it means that they’re actually conversational instead!
    Leslie recently posted…{Roundup} July 4th PrintablesMy Profile

    • Yes ma’am, quality over quantity all day long. Also, have you noticed that so many host have no engagement throughout the rest of the week when they post, but have tons of links on party day. I wouldn’t want that for my blog.

  16. I will go through a linky parties participants to look for new blogs to read but I rarely participate. The ones I do participate in being in the first 10 really does get you a lot of visits. Like you said putting in all bold and having a great photo attached really does make your post stand out. Those are the ones I usually click.
    Mimi recently posted…{kinda} Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

    • Me too Mimi, I don’t get why ppl link less than attractive photos and think someone will be interested.

  17. Hey Joi!

    I found you on a link party. However, I must say they typically are not productive for me . I’ve made more contacts though commenting on blogs.

    I’m currently re-eval my blog b/c I’m just not pulling traffic 🙁

    • Definitely commenting on blogs over link parties. I only do a few and partly because it’s a reminder for me to visit certain blog friends weekly. It’s like our connection. There are all kinds with different purposes. My blog party provided prompts that hopefully helped the blogger wether they got visits or not. I would hope though, that if one showed themselves friendly, they made new friends!

      We should discuss that last line via email.

  18. Great tips Joi! Linky parties and blog hops are great ways to get your blog out there and make new friends! But, as you’ve mentioned, some of them are so big, you kinda get lost in the crowd. My pet peeve…a blog-hop that has a kazillion co-host(big turn-off). By the time you follow and comment on all the co-host…you’re done(as in tired of the whole thing) and thus don’t get around to visiting the other linked-up blogs. Oh and another thing…people who aren’t considerate. If you follow them or comment…they don’t even respond. I mean really, you are so not that important…NEXT! :-/ Oh, I’m sorry…am I ranting? Bahaha…can’t you tell this is a pet-peeve of mine? 😀 More than not, the link ups I participate in are pretty cool! My favorite weekly hop has got to be this one called “DYWW” hosted by this super cool host named Michell, over at “Prowess and Pearls”. LOL!! Thanks for sharing Joi!
    Michell recently posted…“Michell’s Weekly Pearl”My Profile

    • I agree, I LOL when I see all those co-host…it will never happen! I don’t even click on them. THe host does her co-host a disservice with that whacky hospitality. ONE co-host is enough, anything more…I’m not doing it…PERIOD!!!

      Your bloghop is the ABSOLUTE BEST IN THE ENTIRE SPACE. Positive purpose, great peeps, and THE BEST HOST EVER!!!

  19. Hi – great post! I have now made it a point to write down when my favorite link parties go live. I am usually way down at the bottom when I finally remember to lnk. So even though I may get 20 hits to my blog because of it…I could have received double or more! That’s important to realize. I am fortunate that many of the hosts like what I link enough to feature my link in the week following – so I get more hits to my blog. But for the times I don’t get featured, my low on the lst link doesn’t help me much!

    Thanks for your tips! I want to host a link party soon – do you have advice for that? On how to be successful at it? I will search your blog for your great advice!

    Linda Leyble recently posted…The Union Jack Coffee Table: Part 2My Profile

    • Hey Linda, good luck with hosting. I would say market the party on social networks and via email and get your tribe on board to participate and share. Have fun! Thank you for commenting.


  20. These are good tips. I would also say, it’s kind to follow people back. I always follow back people who follow me at these parties. There’s nothing worse than when someone tries to grow their blog by only one-sided following. Linky parties and blog hops are venues for two-sided connecting. Follow-snobs kind of miss the point of these events, I think. I hope that makes sense! 🙂

    Meredith recently posted…Why Our Son Has A MottoMy Profile

    • Yep sure does, that’s why I cut down the hops I participated in. So many of them are very one-sided. I learned that lesson VERY quick! THanks for adding to the discussion.

  21. Hi Joi! I like linky parties. I wish that I had discovered them when I first started blogging. Since I’ve discovered them, I have made many friends – and for that, I’m so grateful. However, it irks me when people are not considerate enough to comment back. I mean, we should treat others the way we want to be treated. There are two that I follow weekly (The Sunday Community and DYWW). I attend others, but not on a regular basis. Thanks for all of your tips. Please continue to share. Blogging is definitely your thing!

    • My two are DYWW and SITS Saturday Sharefest. I too follow a few others but not routinely. THese two have proven to worth my time and as you know this blogging thing can be quite time consuming. Thanks for the feedback Trinity!

  22. Hi Joi
    Thanks so much for this post. I’ve started doing a monthly linkup party on my Choir Blog and welcome anything classical music related — vocal tips, compositions, vids, anything that can possibly relate — serious or funny. I think I am the ONLY one in this niche doing this. I would LOVE you to link this post as I think my linkers are also very new to this idea and need the info.
    Thanks again!
    Holly 🙂
    Holly recently posted…Add your Music Blog LINK — September Linky party NOW ON. TOP THREE from our August Link-upMy Profile

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