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I was asked the question on Christmas by a close family friend, “Why do I love Macon?”.  I spent a pretty minute going in on this friend that was trying to push my buttons.  I was recently informed of a deadline for getting 2,000 more pledges over at ILoveMacon.org  and was happy to write my reasons for the love of the city in support of those efforts.  I was pretty clear in my very first post about my love for my city! 

I love Macon Black


My number one reason for loving Macon so much is because my immediate family is here.  I know everyone has love and affection for their family members.  I however, desire to fellowship in that love on a day-to-day basis as much as possible.  That is just me!  I was uniquely created by God to be extremely family oriented.  I like to be close by in the event that any one of my family members needs me.  Some might be thinking…. OMG, leave and cleave *shrugs*, to each his own.  I am enjoying my home cooked meals from Mother when I feel like it, worshiping at the same church on Sunday, participating in civic work together in the community, and just enjoying their company.  With that said, I probably would have loved whatever city my family was in, but they are in Macon, so Macon it is:)!  Family breeds a positive quality of life, which results in better mental health!


The cost of living here is very affordable compared to some major cities and “more desired” places to live.   That is all I have to say about that.

Our Future

Macon is not the safest city to live in nor can we boast about high academic achievements across the county.   I feel that the way to improve that and the mindset of the young people of Macon is to show them a better way of doing things.  I respect everyone’s decision to practice their profession wherever their heart desires.  I have a heap of respect and gratitude for individuals that are raised here and get an education and return to Macon or open a business here.  Most of those people have a positive presence in the community and attend inner city career days and participate in mentor programs.  Having an active presence in your local church and participating in community-organized events all help to plant seeds in the minds of our youth that there are possibilities beyond their surroundings.  This is one of the reasons, that I will never leave my inner city church, why I will accept every career day that will fit into my schedule, and mentor as many young girls that are willing to accept the relationship.

 Around the Town Out & About 

When I’m off from work there are some things that are classic to little ole Macon, GA that I can say I truly look forward to.  I just love the lemon pepper wings at Francar’s Buffalo Wings located in the Mercer Village.  I mean, I eat at A LOT of wing spots and there are none like these.   Another secret would be the tater sauce that kicks at Fish Port located on Montpelier Ave.  This little spot is what you call a whole in the wall but we all know about these types of places.  Fish Port is one of my guilty pleasures.  Finally in the eating category, out on Lake Tobesofkee is Fish N’ Pig.  You have your choice of pork or seafood on the lake!  It’s the best.

There are so many other things culturally the City of Macon has to offer.  Some of my favs are the GA Sports Hall of Fame, The Tubman African American Museum, and The Museum of Arts and Science.

I’d rather talk about this though;).  I am a shopaholic!  Usually, I shop online but Ginger Michelle always delivers for me.  It’s my go-to for last minute shopping and for a little retail therapy!  I actually have grown quite fond of Mrs. Stephens over at Stephens Fashion.  I don’t shop there, but I usually spend about 2 hours in there at a time waiting on my Mother to try on just about everything in the store.  I have so much respect for that family in the Macon Middle GA community.  There are 10 siblings in that family and each and every one of them operate a business. They are an awesome example of a family prospering in Macon, GA.

Word on the Street

I love Macon first because it is where I was born and raised. I love the strong sense of community, my job, the rich culture and history, great weather, and how everything is conveniently nearby: shopping, restaurants, hospitals, colleges. All in all, this is a great place to live!!! Tanya G. Allen, Principal Burdell-Hunt Magnet School

“A few weeks ago, I was on the Riverwalk, and I looked up and realized how beautiful our city is. That’s why I love Macon.” Shana Johnson Burton, author and educator.

“When I moved back to Detroit for a while, I missed the trees in Macon. The trees are why I love Macon.” Latesha Vinson, Virginia College student

“Being an outsider, I love and appreciate Macon’s musical history.” Steven Robinson, Virginia College student

My name is Todd Davis also known as Dj T.Luv, and I am a deejay who was born and raised in the city of Macon. I love Macon for its deep roots of music and history. My grandfather, Mr. Walter E. Davis Sr, has a street named after him in the Fort Hill neighborhood, right off of Fort Hill Street, called the “Walter E. Davis Sr. Boulevard. So with that aspect, I feel honored and truly blessed to be apart of history. So with that I can truly say I love my city of Macon, Ga.

I love Macon because I was born and raised here and never can imagine living anywhere else! Well, maybe the beach…haha! Great people and community, great places to eat and shop, great gym….Kinetix! Had to get that plug in! Shawna Holloway Floyd

LARRY GUYTON / GUYTON ENTERTAINMENT “LOVE is LOVE”………… I LOVE MACON BECAUSE MACON LOVES ME! I see the GROWTH and POTENTIAL GROWTH of the city and hopefully I can help and grow with it!

I love Macon because it has such a variety of all that I need; a job that I love, a neighborhood that I love, great shopping places for most of what I need, and wonderful people.  Macon is just large enough that daily travel within the city is not too troublesome to make it anywhere I need to go without the stress of traffic jams.

Simply put; Macon is just HOME and I’ve never found Macon to be a place that I’ve had a desire to leave.  I have traveled to numerous other cities but have not been to one yet that I would trade Macon for. Cynthia Patterson

Signing the Pledge

Please read the pledge below.  We are challenged as signers to get 5 other people to join us in signing.  I would encourage you to join me and show your pride for the Cherry Blossom Capital of the World and go on over and sign.

If you are visiting me today from outside the great city of Macon, GA, please do come visit us one day!  We’d just love to know we were Macon a difference in YOUR life:)




Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

           How do you feel about your hometown?

           Would you rather be in town with your parents or distanced?


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31 thoughts on “I Love MACON a Difference

  1. Joi, I love what you said earlier while I ws strolling my TL…a real MACONITE, lol….Honey, you just made me hungry talking about Francar’s and Fish Port- that was one of the highlights of my time at Mercer.
    The fact that you can get a homecooked meal from the lovely Soror Roberta is the icing on the cake. Family is extremely important. I am from Memphis, TN, but I would never go back there for anything other than a visit. I stay there no more than 72 hours and I’m out. A big reason is because my right hand {wo}man resides in Atlanta. Being in the military, I am not able to be around family nor go home as nearly as much. I haven’t been home to a holiday meal in 3 years and that takes a toll on a person. I have my moments where I am homesicked and missing the hell out of my mom, family, and friends, but right now I am seeing the world.

    • Yes ma’am, a Maconite indeed! You hang in there. We all respect the work you do for our country. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT!

  2. Nothing like some gold hometown love. I love Macon I have a cousin that lives there and he takes me around every time I go there I have not been to Macon in about 2 years but I think this summer I may correct that I am not even that far I can make it up there and back in a 1 day trip.
    Kita recently posted…Happy Birthday MomMy Profile

  3. Errr, mis-read that as “Bacon”. But how could you blame me?
    I actually love in the next state over from most of my family members. Too much drama to live nearby them. LOL!

  4. I <3 Macon,Ga. I don't have any family here with me. But they all live in surrounding cities. A skip and a hop away:) I love being able to visit other Maconites and get lost lol Everyone knows I'm a loner by choice, but when I'm out and about Macon. Boo it's on and poppin lol I pledge to love Macon

  5. Macon is truly a place of diverse talents and gifts. It is the home of several well known artists and it’s centrally located in the very Heart of Georgia. Simply put – Macon is truly the city that keeps Georgia on your mind… Thank you Joi for your blog and continue Macon a Difference!

  6. There are several reasons why I love Macon. I love Macon because I am happy here . My immediate family is here and we love to be together. Macon is the right size and in the right location. It is close enough to Atlanta for all of my extra culture and social needs. I know my way around the city and I cannot get lost here. I have taught school here for 30 plus years and I have made a difference in so many lives in this community. I always called my students , sugarplums. I like running into sugarplums of all ages all over town. Macon rocks. Roberta W. Jones, educator

    • Nope, not getting lost in the MACtown!!! Thanks for sharing and helping shape the minds of our youth for 30 plus years! YOU Rock!

  7. Once I moved away – 3000 miles away – from my hometown I grew a deeper appreciation for the great City by the Bay. I’ve always loved being born and raised in San Francisco. It’s a beautiful city that is often referenced as a great place to live. I’m a free spirit so I ventured from home for college, got married, and then got stuck! I go home twice/year and Mom visits 2-3 times. I plan to make my way home soon. We all should have love for where we’re from even if it’s a little dull. Gotta love it!

    • San Francisco is on to do list list! So new, didn’t mean to remove your luv on here, I don’t know how to put it back. I admire your free spirit!

  8. Mac-Town! Mac-Town! Stay Down! Ayeeeee! We out here! Macon, Georgia is so uniquely made. iLove this place. If you say there’s nothing to do in Macon, It’s because you don’t want to do anything. Get involved and start Macon a Difference. 🙂

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  10. Small world! I used to live not far from Macon in Warner Robins. I did most of my shopping in Macon though. I loved the mall. Eisenhower Parkway had a lot of nice places to shop and eat. I really enjoyed Smiley’s Flea Market too. I still have family in the area. Your post just reminded me of how much I miss them and need to take a trip down there. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Brandi! I work in WR for my job as a Pharmacist and I teach at a gym there once a week. It is a small world. I visited to your blog and I see why you loved Smiley’s, you are so creative! Come visit the MACtown soon:)

  11. I live about 45 minutes from Macon because I am south of Atlanta in McDonough and I have never really gone and spent a day in Macon. I’ve passed through many times and when I was working one of my clients was in Macon and we only stopped in for meetings and headed out. You make me think I should pack up my babies and take a weekend field trip 45 minutes down the road!
    Mimi recently posted…Just Another MANICure MondayMy Profile

    • That’s what everyone from ATL says. Often times, they stop here to eat on the way to Savannah and that’s pretty much it. Please bring the kiddos! It’s not far and you certainly can entertain them for a few days with the museums.

  12. I am in love with Macon! Although, I decided to move FAR away after college, there is not a moment that goes by where my Macon roots don’t come out. Macon made me the person I am today. I think about my city ALL the time and actually keep up with Macon happenings more than I did when I was there. I guess it’s true what they say…HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS!!! Who knows, Macon may be seeing me sooner than I thought…lol

    • WE SURE DO HOPE SO!!! Thank you so much for visiting and for showing love for the great MAC-town! We miss you but you are doing your thing in the big city and I am so proud to call you my church member/Sunday School Classmate:)

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