How to Make the Most of Your SITS Feature Day

Have you been featured or are you waiting to be featured on the SITS girls website?

How to Make the Most of Your SITS Feature Day

What? You didn’t screen shot the day you were featured 🙂 !

Is this about how you feel the night before your SITS feature day?

How to Make the Most of Your SITS Feature Day

Regular readers, sorry this one is for my fellow bloggers but if you’re thinking of launching a blog, keep reading.  If you are totally lost: A SITS feature day, is a day on the SITSgirls website where you get to be the star of the show for a day to a potential audience of thousands of female bloggers.

The Rx Fitness Lady feature day was in May if you missed it 🙂 !

I am a genuine fan of the SITSgirls Tiffany & Francesca.  When I decided I wanted to start a blog, I read in a magazine article about a very successful blogger who was giving all these accolades to a conference called Bloggy Boot Camp put on by the SITS girls.  I immediately went to the site and have been hooked ever since.

I had the awesome opportunity to experience Bloggy Boot Camp Charlotte for myself in May.  It was my first blog conference and I had an extremely positive experience there.   I did a recap in my post Bloggy Boot Camp Review: Knowing Your End Game in Blogging.


Besides all the fun we had at Bloggy Boot Camp in Charlotte…


We learned a few tips! In short, whenever you expose a new reader or brand to your blog, you want to show them your very best!

TIP – Link your about me page to your twitter profile, which is where you will chat with most brands & bloggers to build relationships. (I’m totally assuming you desire to make some money at some point off of your hard work that you put into your blog.)

When they land on your about me page, you best give them something to make them stay!

Here is where your SITS day comes in.  If you have some posts that you are exceptionally proud of that you want to show off on your about page, submit them to be your features for SITS & increase the comments as evidence of engagement!  You get 3, but actually you can make it 4.

First, let me share a few things with you.

If you are new to the SITS community, take some time to get to know the ladies there.  When I say get to know them, just start clicking on the people you see commenting during the weekday roll call.  You will get a feel for who is active there.

Every SITStah is not going to be a match made in heaven to add to your community, but you’ll get an idea what people are blogging about.  They way I see it, SITS is seasonal for some (meaning they will only roll call until their day and then bounce), there are the dedicated SITStahs who will role call and visit you no matter what, there are the ones that roll call & visit whatever post you post that day, & then there are the ones who stay around and roll call forever but maybe they visit you depending on how busy they are.

You need to cater to all these SITStahs!

Disclaimer – I know every person on SITS does not fit specifically into 1 category ALL the time (myself included 😉 !

Your Posts Should 

Pique their interest! – I noticed that there were a MASSIVE number of mommy bloggers in the community.  I chose a post that I knew they’d love and that would be helpful.

DIY Baby Pharmacy & Medication Storage Tip – The Best Baby Shower Gift Ever

If you primarily blog about a subject that the community isn’t engaged with, then make it interesting.  I’m a pharmacist and I try to creatively include health care & prosperity post topics.  I chose to feature a post that tied the 2 together & could possibly be helpful.

How to Verbally Nix Sexual Harassment

I’m a fitness blogger and yes there have been fitness blogs featured on the site, but usually the SITS community will not want the hard core fitness stuff that your readers might desire. Thus I gave them something that I gleaned from commenters would be helpful.

An Orientation to Group Fitness

These are posts that are featured on my site in resources pages, the about me page, side bar etc.

If you have ever been featured on the SITS site, you may want to include that as one of your features.  Like I said, new people come onto the site all the time and they may have missed your fabulous insight 🙂 !

24 Reasons You Don’t Have Comments on Your Blog  as snarky as the tone was, was intended to be helpful to bloggers who don’t have engagement. It was featured on the SITS site and has THE most responses on this blog.  I chose not to include that one because it doesn’t need anymore evidence of engagement.  I included it within my feature post on my site though for whatever credibility it warranted.

The main point is that your audience is bloggers for a day, if you have a great post on blogging…include it!

 On Getting that Fourth Featured Article

Finally, that post where you draft 200+ words just to welcome the SITStahs and they come by to in the nicest way possible give you the blog finger in the words of my sweet Carli, skip it!  Make a regular post, that you know will be beneficial for your portfolio.

SN – wether they stop by to give you the blog finger (Happy SITS day…says nothing else) or they stop by and decide for whatever reason they aren’t commenting, it still means page views for you.

There is a certain percentage of bloggers who count on you to make that post, so they can click on it, fulfill their SITStahly duty by commenting “Happy SITS day”, then bounce.  If they are going to click it anyway, give them something to comment on.  The only reason I didn’t take advantage of this tip was because I was hosting the Mini Blog Challenge and got behind.

I would have had this easy post for the SITStahs to view DIY Temporary Closet, but my pictures weren’t  edited and I ran out of time.

Random TIps 

Check your featured post for grammatical and spelling errors.

Make sure you make it easy for people to follow you, because most people will follow you socially if anything.

Rx Fitness Lady Make the Most of  Your SITS DAY

Your feature day should not look like this at lunch time.  That’s just pure laziness on your part.  Like, share, and tweet your own feature.

SN – If you have counters on your share button, please share your own stuff.  Seeing zeros across your blog is not helping you.  You are wiring people to think you have nothing worth sharing.  Delete the counters or share them yourself.

Schedule your post for your feature day to go live before the post on SITS goes live!



If someone roll calls and visits all three of your featured posts, take notice and visit them please. I guarantee it won’t be that many  of them.

Try to at least follow some people on twitter. The SITSgirls make it very easy for you.  Most people who are active on twitter have their twitter handle linked with their comment on the actual SITS site.

Rx Fitness Lady After Your SITS DAY

Respond to at least some of the comments.  When new people to SITS are scrolling through the archives, make your SITS feature day appealing.

I am remembering when I didn’t have my blog and I’d just look through these archives, what do you think people are looking for? It’s not the feature that has zeros across the share buttons and a low number of comments, with an unappealing feature picture.

Put your best foot forward and enjoy the day! More importantly, make it count in your pockets! If you are already established as a blogger when you discover SITS and already have that product, e-book, etc., include a post that tells a story and includes your product 🙂 !



It’s the first post of the month and my newest feature is recognizing top commentators of the month.  I appreciate all the love from all of you.  The roll call has started over for June!

The top commenter chosen for May is Hope of Defining Hope!  Congratulations Hope!  Hope is a runner so I thought she’d like these from my Melaleuca business.

Performance Hydration mix and the flavor is Raspberry Lemonade….YES!  Hope, please email me your mailing information if you would like to receive this token at RxFtinessLady(at)gmail(dot)com.

Rx Fitness Lady Melaleuca Performance Hydration Drink

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,

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Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What are or were your goals for your SITS feature day or any blog feature day?
  • What do you disagree with in this post?
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69 thoughts on “How to Make the Most of Your SITS Feature Day

  1. It’s me? Yayy!!! Thank you Joi! You’ve got so much great info on your blog, I can’t read without putting my two cents in…whether it’s how cool something is, how I appreciate something you shared or how I just learned something new… Like today’s post, for instance. I kind wish I didn’t have my SITS feature yet so I could take advantage of all your tips. I will definitely submit a feature article though.
    I haven’t changed my twitter landing page to my about page yet ONLY because my about page needs some work (which I’m working on). Never thought about sharing my own stuff, but that totally makes sense (although I don’t have a counter).
    Great post Joi. So much valuable info.
    Looking forward to trying my Raspberry Lemonade hydration. Love the thought. Perfect.
    Hope recently posted…Stop trying…My Profile

    • YAY, I appreciate your enthusiasm as the first winner 🙂 Thanks for your kind words Hope. I’m working on my about page as well, but at least the first part is what I want them to see. So much that we can do with these here blogs….geesh!!!

  2. Fabulous post!! I wish I had taken a screenshot of my day – what a great idea! On my day, I had a jam packed day of appointments out of the house (scheduled before I found out about my SITS day and couldn’t be changed). I wish I had been home to enjoy it more but I did comment back to everyone later. Great tips in here!! And yay to Hope, congratulations!!
    Michelle recently posted…Not So Proud (but kind of funny) Parenting MomentsMy Profile

    • I feel you Michelle, I was on my work week, teach 2 fitness classes on Friday and I had to go to sleep. I wish we could pick our days but I’m still doing my best to make my way around to those visitors.

    • Great Britton! I figured you’d had yours already! I’ll be looking out for it. So good to see you back to blogging!

    • Yeah Karen, it does require a certain commitment to be an active member, but it’s totally worth it in my opinion. It’s by far been the most useful community to me for blogging.

  3. Yayy Hope!! I agree with the ladies…wish I had known these tips BEFORE my SITs Day! 😀 Like Hope, I haven’t connected my “About Me” page to Twitter yet, because I need to do some major updating, but thanks to Nellie and her article on making a vlog for your “About Me” page, I’m well on my way! 🙂 Thanks for sharing Joi…have a wonderful week my friend!
    Michell recently posted…Michell’s Weekly Pearl…My Profile

  4. I still need to get on the SITS site!! Summer and boys out of school is seriously limiting my computer/blogging time – gotta figure out a new system.

    And, you look gorgeous in the picture from Bloggy Boot Camp – I’m more than a little jealous of your amazing arms!!!
    Kim recently posted…Early MorningsMy Profile

    • LOL, Kim it’s so funny to me because every time someone has a SITS day or post something, I see your comments around the blogosphere about needing to check it out. If I see you say that one more time, I think I’m coming to find you. Get over there and join the fun girl 😉

      • Joi, you are right – time to quit talking and get after it. I signed up to be a featured blogger, put the badge on my site and now I’m off to read some of the blogs over there.
        Thanks for giving me the kick I needed!!!
        Kim recently posted…Early MorningsMy Profile

    • Thanks Kalley, that is very kind of you to say. I understand life and especially yours right now…you know I read your blog too 😉

  5. Thank you for always being so generous with the tips and knowledge that you’ve acquired through your experience. That is one of the things I think I like best about you. When you prosper you want to share with that same ability with others. Thanks for being a wonderful blog friend who is willing to give a leg up to those around you. 🙂

    • You’re most welcome my friend! I appreciate your comment Veronica and glad that you find it useful. I thank you as well for being one of the best blog friends ever!

  6. I totally agree with you on making your “It’s my SITS day” post a special one, that way, you give them something to talk about instead of the boring ass “Happy SITS day!”.

    Although, sometimes I am guilty of leaving a bad comment. As someone without kids, it can be tough to add to a discussion about kids and if all three posts are mom-related it doesn’t leave me with options. I think you did a great job is selecting your 3 posts because there was variety.
    Kristiina recently posted…{DIY} Perler Bead Jewelry DishMy Profile

    • ROTFL, isn’t that boring…all though much like you, I don’t want to read 4 mommy post (sorry), so I’m guilty of that boring comment as well!

  7. I love SITS girls they are so inspiring I wish they had a Facebook group I would join that group in a heartbeat. Congrats to Hope and thank you for the tips I know my blog has grammatical errors all up and through it lol

    • Hum, I need to look into that! They probably encourage more of using their forums on the site though. Those are great too.

    • Mine was too and I remember your day. It was before I started blogging. Sadly, I didn’t know the value of commenting…speaking of which..HAPPY SITS day 🙂

  8. Great tips! I looked at past SITS features to see what type of content they included on their SITS day posts. I felt it would be helpful for me to include my social networking sites and a little jazz about me. I was able to use a post from your awesome challenge to include in my feature, which helped the ladies get to know more about my blog. I wish I would’ve thought about doing the screen shot…darn! lol
    Sherelle recently posted…Media Mondays: Are You Sleepy?My Profile

    • Lol, oh well Sherelle, you are on the site forever though 🙂 I saw that you used a post from the challenge. I was like whoop whoop!!!

  9. The SITS feature days are pretty awesome I must say, you gave some good advice. There is so much uh..versatility in these daily featured blogs but nothing makes me more happier than when I see “one of my own” up on there! LOL. That a shame about peeps who roll call and peace out after their day. I am still finding awesome peeps daily! The SITS resource is just one of those that keep on giving!
    Nellie recently posted…Preschool Is On The Horizon and I’m Not Ready!My Profile

  10. Really good tips. I didn’t screen shot my SITS Day. What I also didn’t do and wish I had of is post of pic of myself on the SITS blog as opposed to my logo. You were right Joi, people do connect with a face as opposed to the “ghost writer.”
    Andrea recently posted…I Do Not Look Like Her!My Profile

    • Lol, ghost face 😉 Ah well, we live and we learn! You can add a gravatar for when you roll call, that helps too!

    • Hi Katrina! Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking this post as it was intended, which is to help another fellow blogger. Nice to meet you and please come back again!


  11. Terrific post! This is the second time that I’ve read that I should link my about page to Twitter. Guess what I just did? Yup!

    I just submitted myself to be featured on SITS as I’ve finally felt more comfortable with my content. When/if I get to be featured I hope some new people discover me and I also hope to find some new bloggers to connect with.

    Love the tips about using your SITS day to your advantage!
    Carli recently posted…F.I.T. Interview: Renita Finds Inspiration & A ManMy Profile

    • See what I mean…sweet comments ;). I thank you for participating. I would have thought you were featured already. Glad you can make good use of this post my friend. Your feature day will come before you know it!

  12. Joi, you are the how-to guru. This is an excellent post on how to do your SITS feature day. I have been holding back on submitting my blog to SITS because I want it so on point when chosen for my feature day. You have really broken it down on how to maximize this honor. Go ‘head on, SITS superstar. My day is coming and when it does, I will be taking all of your advice to heart. We all need to be reminded to write for our audience. There are readers out there, whether it’s other bloggers, aspiring bloggers, or those searching for the courage to do what we do. And I wholeheartedly agree that mommy bloggers rule the internet. Awesome, my friend.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…HaHeWi #11 Summer EditionMy Profile

    • Lol, Kim! I just like to give practical advice based on my own experiences 🙂 I’m glad you found it helpful. I still haven’t worked out the look of my blog but I know my voice. I would have liked to have the look up to par, but I enjoyed my feature day all the same. Submitting posts are a good way to get the SITStahs back over, maybe I’ll see them again.

  13. Thanks, Joi, for this great information. I really have to make some blog changes. Thanks for introducing me to SITS. I have been putting it off. But, I must get over there to the site – starting today!

  14. Since I just had my SITS day on Monday, this caught my eye. That was definitely a good idea about including a post that would catch the eyes of the mom bloggers (and had not even crossed my mind when choosing my posts!)

    I finally caught up on responding to everyone’s comments. There were so many wonderful and thoughtful comments, it took me a long time to get back to everyone!
    Bev @ Linkouture recently posted…I Have a Really Big Secret to ShareMy Profile

    • Mine was almost 2 weeks ago and I haven’t visited everyone back. Maybe I won’t get around to it, there were so many people, but I enjoyed the love and continue to roll call wether its all mommy blogging post or all fitness. I try to support all the SITStahs.

  15. These were great tips. My SITS day was back in September and I made many friends that day that I still visit and visa versa. I don’t make it to SITS every day, but I try to get there a few times a week at least. I can’t believe I missed your SITS day! But I remember well your post on blog comments. Truth!
    Ilene recently posted…Fierce Parenting: Listening Changes EverythingMy Profile

    • Lol, I try my best to keep it real. My SITS day was so busy in real life that I only partially enjoyed it but I’m happy to make connections there on a regular. Happy to have discovered your blog and met at BBC!

    • That was kinda narcissistic, lol but part of my anticipation each day is to see if one of my friend is the feature and it always makes me smile. I figured I’d capture my own day & of course, there was this post 😉

    • Thanks Lydia! Have you had your feature yet? I don’t think I remember seeing you. Thanks for visiting either way.


  16. I haven’t had my SITS Day, but have been pretty active on that site for a few months now. I think that this community is genuinely supportive of eachother. The site in general has been my bible for getting my blog up and running. When my SITS day comes eventually, I’ll know what to do!! thanks for the tips, Joi!
    Gracielle recently posted…Fabulous Finds: Garage Sale BootyMy Profile

    • The majority of the SITStahs are genuine, I agree. I identify with them being the blog Bible too. I snooped around always impressed during the planning stages of my blog & then jumped right on in full force once I started. They are THE BEST EVER, from my humble viewpoint 🙂 Thanks for visiting Gracielle! I’ll see your around for sure.


  17. Great post. I headed here today as I have been visiting SITS Day features for quite awhile, and notice that alot of the time (like almost 50% I would say) the Blogger has nothing to introduce the readers in the way of a new post on the SITS Day itself? Not sure why….I feel this is the time to capture your audience as you have said, and to make your “mark” – it is also confusing as to where we should all post a comment of support – which post? The one from last week or two days ago, of course we will all check it out, but for me I like to see a post freshly published on the day itself that I can commend/introduce and congratulate – this is to me, very important!
    Jeanine recently posted…Fab Offers & Promos from a Fab Affiliate!My Profile

    • I usually only comment on 1 post and on the SITS site. I choose whichever one intrigues me and it is not the Mommy post. That’s why I think we should give a variety. I don’t really mind how current it is but I hope that everyone is taking advantage of their feature days to the best of their blog’s potential.

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