Holly Bloggy Christmas Party Reveal Day

It’s Christmas Eve’s Eve! HOLLA! I am very excited to be hosting this event for a few of my friends in the blog community.

Holly Bloggy Christmas Party Reveal Day


WELCOME to the Christmas Eve’s Eve Holly Bloggy Christmas Party Reveal Day! LET’S PARTY and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

The lovely Kimberly from Manifest Yourself was assigned yours truly and can I just say, Merry Christmas to me!!!

First, let me brag on Kimberly for just a bit! She is quite an accomplished young woman! She is manifesting herself in her dream job currently, WHOOP! S/O for having a dream job at such a young age.  She has also made a name for herself in the blog community. Check her presentation out here. You can get career tips from her blog amongst many other things.  Most importantly, the tone of the blog is very inspirational and I absolutely love her!


Everlast MMA Grappling Training Gloves - Rx Fitness Lady


Kim had this note attached to the gift.

Holly Bloggy Party Greeting

I had these on my Christmas list that I always give to my sister.

SN – That’s how we roll! She get’s my list. I get her list. I get my Mother’s list and my Mother tells us what to get for Daddy’s needs mostly. 

I couldn’t figure out how Kim knew this because I didn’t post it on the blog.  Apparently, I mentioned this in a comment on Brittany’s blog.

Needless to say, you all know BODYCOMBAT is my love so I was more tickled than a 5 year old when I opened them.

Look at these beauties (this is shameful how excited I am just typing this post)! Seriously, they really intensify that mean streak that I exert while teaching!

BODYCOMBAT MMA Style Boxing Gloves - Rx Fitness Lady

Anywho, I already wore them, like Friday, Dec. 13th 🙂 !  I was wondering if Kim peeped that on IG or FB, lol! I have truly been “Fit in the spirit” with attire this season 🙂 !

Everlast MMA Gloves - Rx Fitness Lady

Holly Bloggy Christmas Party  - Rx Fitness Lady

HUGE Thank You to all Holly Bloggy Christmas Party participants.  I hope that you all felt the virtual love in this little small community of loved blog friends!   I appreciate you helping me get in the Christmas spirit as part of my 1st blog anniversary celebration!

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See you Thursday!

Wishing everyone a very blessed and Merry Christmas!

****If you are participating in reveal day, please link up your post below. Many Thanks.****


Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • How did you like this party?
  • How do you handle gift exchanges with adults (give lists or get surprises)?
  • If you celebrate, where are you celebrating this year (traveling or staying home)?
  • How much more shopping do you have to do this here Christmas eve’s eve?

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48 thoughts on “Holly Bloggy Christmas Party Reveal Day

  1. Merry Christmas Joi! This party was a great experience. Thanks so much for hosting it.

    At home, gift exchanges between adults are usually surprises. We know each other and our circumstances well so it works out nicely. We have no travel plans…will be staying home and spending time with our family. There’s no shopping to do but a few handcrafted items will make their way under the tree and I’ll have some tasty treats from the kitchen tempting everyone’s palate.

    Wishing everyone a lovely Christmas!
    Teresa recently posted…Holly Bloggy Christmas Party Reveal DayMy Profile

  2. That is some amazing investigative work! I’m so happy you got your gloves, and I LOVE them.
    I like surprises, a LOT, but within my own family we make lists when we do secret santa. I think it just makes it easier. It’s always welcome to go off list, but I tend to maybe do one thing from the list and one thing I thought about or made myself. (which is really only photos or cookies)
    Tamara recently posted…I’m Only Sad That It’s Ending Too Soon.My Profile

  3. Mornin’ Joi! Thanks so much for hosting darlin’! LOVE your gift! And I loved how she worked behind the scenes to get you exactly what you wanted! I love my gift also!
    Yes, we are going out of town(Christmas Eve), but will be back home that night to host my sisters and their families for our annual cookie decorating contest! Whew…can you say, I will be sleeping in the day after Christmas, lol! As far as shopping, are you kidding?! I get my adrenaline rush by shopping for everyone on Christmas Eve, but since we’re going out of town…that’ll have to happen today. 😀 Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas Joi!!
    Michell recently posted…Holly Blogging Christmas Party Reveal DayMy Profile

    • I was thinking of you on Christmas Eve! I can’t even imagine! I was getting last minute items.

      Thanks for participating Michell! Hope you have an awesome New Year!

  4. Definitely enjoyed the party, Joi Thanks for being a great host.

    I’m home in Sugar City! Haven’t been to the beach yet, but it most definitely is on my to-do list.

    Shopping is all done and I’m chillaxing. The only person I might give a hint to re: gifts is my mom. With everyone else, it’s a free for all and surprises.

    Thanks again very, very much for my gift. The book is right here in the bed with me!
    Alison recently posted…Christmas Eve’s Eve Holly Bloggy Party RevealMy Profile

  5. I enjoyed participating in the Holly Bloggy Christmas Party. Thank you for hosting it. Loved my gift and loved giving one. I finally finished my Christmas shopping today! We are going to my parents’ house on Christmas Day after we exchange gifts at home. Both sides of my family will be there. Looking forward to it. Have a Merry Christmas, Joi!
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Christmas Tag(ged) TwiceMy Profile

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  7. Enjoyed the party I think it went so good. I loved my gift but did not do a post you will have to forgive me on this one I only had one post scheduled for this week since I was on a break and did not schedule the post. I will do a mention though. Merry Christmas
    Kita recently posted…Project LinusMy Profile

    • No problem at all Kita! Thanks so much for your support and participation. It was so much fun and Kalley revealed your gift in the most amazing video ever. She is full of personality, that one!

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