F2BD #5 – Doppelganger Wedding

Top of the week to you PFL! We are getting started with the fifth installment of Fit 2 B Dressed: because we don’t work out just for our health, but to look good 😉 !

Would you believe I got married this past weekend?

F2BD #5 - Doppelganger Wedding

Well not exactly! Every since we were in college, people called Trina & me twins!F2BD #5 - Doppelganger WeddingHum, I usually like to take pictures on the other side, but whatever! Do you see any resemblance?

I was seriously blown away by the outside thing!

F2BD #5 - Doppelganger Wedding - Rx Fitness Lady

Yall know why I was blown away right, lol 😉

Anywho, the attire for me for the day was an oldie from last year!

F2BD #5 - Doppelganger Wedding - Rx Fitness Lady

My girls were pretty hot for bridesmaids!


The reception was planned out to the T!!! We had a time card and they DID NOT veer from the time scheduled at ALL! I can really appreciate organization!  It’s a major key to a successful wedding day in my opinion.

F2BD #5  Doppelganger Wedding - Rx Fitness Lady

Of course no Line sister’s wedding, or any Delta for that matter would be complete without the serenade followed by a good ole’ party stroll 😉 !

Strolls - Rx Fitness Lady

I threw Brandi into that collage because she took the pictures for the strolls.  She claims she can’t remember the strolls from college.

Finally, what’s a wedding reception without line dances?

Line Dances

NOT PICTURED – The 5 inch heels that kicked my butt all evening!


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Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Do you see any resemblance in the bride and me?
  • What is your favorite line dance?
  • What’s your pleasure for weddings; Inside or outside, church or venue?
  • Do you bring flats/flops in your purse for the wedding reception?
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66 thoughts on “F2BD #5 – Doppelganger Wedding

  1. Boy do I love a good on time wedding. This looks like a blast! You guys totally do look alike!! I am feeling the color on the bridesmaids, perfect for a fall wedding. The bride was gorgeous and so were you! The shots of you in front of the fountain is super pretty. Shoutout to the five inch heels tho! #teamflats
    Nellie recently posted…Why the “I’m a Girl” Campaign RocksMy Profile

  2. Hm… you do have similar smiles! You’re both beautiful!! I guess I’d have to see you two in person. Beautiful, outdoor wedding. I like outdoor weddings because of the photography thing. All of the fancy equipment in the world pales in comparison to natural light. That’s just me, though. Churches create beautiful light, and plenty of beautiful meaning.
    I always liked the Electric Slide, but only because I could do it! And I don’t usually bring flats in my purse but I SHOULD! It would save me a lot of grief.
    Tamara recently posted…Stuff That’s Big, Big, Big.My Profile

  3. Gorgeous pictures of you and the bride – and yes, y’all do look similar!!!
    These days I’m all about indoor weddings at our new venue!!!
    I pretty much stick to whatever shoes I start out with – I’m sure you totally rocked the heels all night!!!

  4. Yes you do look like the bride Joi…you both are beautiful! 🙂 The wedding looked like it was fabulous! Love the look…umm, but we want to see the shoes! Funny…I too am very particular about taking pictures on the wrong side!! Haha!
    The Cupid Shuffle is definitely my favorite wedding line dance.
    I was into inside/church weddings until our daughter had hers outside on the terrace of the children’s museum, overlooking the river. Beautiful! So, I’m now a BIG fan of outside weddings. The only downfall…the stress of not being able to predict the weather. Have a good one darlin’! 🙂
    Michell recently posted…Mastering YOU Monday…how ugly can you get?My Profile

  5. Great pics! I haven’t gone to a good wedding in a while. You guys look like you all had a blast! I like to watch line dancing but my rhythms don’t vibe with other people!haha

  6. Ooowee girl. How are your feet feeling today? It’s been so long since I’ve been to a wedding for pleasure. We’ve been the photographers for several. As for attending anything like that, I always bare it in my own shoes. I’d prefer indoors – kinda guarantees hair staying in tact. You and the brides smile is pretty identical.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…When I eat this, I think of that…My Profile

  7. Love a wedding none of my friends will get married so I have never been in one I have planned a few and cooked for a few but I want to be a bridesmaid one day I don’t think that will happen. I don’t mind outdoors but if I am getting dolled up I need the setting to not make me look a hot mess.
    Kita recently posted…Becoming a personal shopperMy Profile

  8. Her dress was sooo pretty! The flower girl looked pretty amazing too! My cousin (the one whose wedding I ruined) choose the same purple bridesmaids dresses. She seemed to have had a beautiful wedding with great weather. Happy marriage to your “twin.”
    Andrea recently posted…Iyanla, Don’t Fix My LifeMy Profile

  9. I don’t know about twins, but you could definitely pass for sisters. And you are both absolutely gorgeous. Like whoah. It looks like it was a wonderful party. My congrats to the newlyweds!
    Ilene recently posted…I Love Your BlogMy Profile

  10. I guess I see a little resemblance between the two of you but not a ton. Sorry!

    I picture my vow renewals outside. So I guess I’d have to say outside although I do love beautiful older churches. Not so crazy about the newer modern ones.

    No line dances.

    That dress is super flattering on you! I love everyone’s dress and the wedding dress is just the right amount of dazzle without being overboard. Beautiful!
    Carla recently posted…Take Care of Yourself This Holiday Season with a $100 SpaFinder #GIVEAWAY from Coupons.comMy Profile

    • Thanks Carli! Nothing to apologize for. It had to grow on me, so many people would say it that we just embraced it. What I didn’t share is that both of us had donks, so that helped!

  11. You looked like you had fun. You and the bride do favor a little. Looks like a beautiful wedding.
    Girl, the only line dance I know is electric slide.lol. I like seeing people do the wobble though. I don’t carry flats to wedding, I just deal with the effects later…but then again, I won’t wear 5 in heels.lol.

    I enjoy beautiful weddings regardless of the venue. I like outdoor weddings or receptions in good weather. I been to a few outdoor weeding in the blazing sun. Not that great.
    Hope recently posted…Blogging Awards…fun or foeMy Profile

  12. Amazing Ladies….’01 looks great!!!! Congrats….Catrina rocked that stunning dress!!! So hate I missed it!!!! Joi, you better work both sides going forward!!!!!!


  13. You ladies could definitely pass for sisters! Very pretty, adn girl your hair is ALWAYS on point! Outdoor weddings are very nice, but the planner in me would always be paranoid about the weather.
    My favorite line dance right now is the Wobble. Actually I’ll be attending a Line Sister’s wedding in just a few weeks. I need to brush up on the Delta version of the Wobble because I know they’ll be doing it.
    Kennie recently posted…Friday Fitness: Smoothies, Smoothies, SmoothiesMy Profile

  14. Joi, five inch heels? And you danced in them? You’re more woman than me! I’m known to keep flats nearby just in case. My feets will fail me after a certain point, so it pays to be prepared. LOL

    Girl I’m a mess when it comes to line dances. I just agree with me and myself that we should stay out of harm’s way and look at people who can properly handle their business.

    I love all types of weddings. My brother’s ceremony was outside at a hotel and the reception inside. Most of my cousins opt for church weddings with the reception held elsewhere, but my cousin in Florida had a beautiful beachside wedding in Key West. Just gorgeous!
    Alison Hector recently posted…The sweetest thingsMy Profile

  15. I do see a resemblance! You both are beautiful ladies. Glad you had a nice time at the wedding. It looks like such a nice ceremony. I love the bridesmaids’ dresses too.

  16. I do see a resemblance between you and Trina in the side by side pic. You should have shown us the 5 inch heels, sister! Nice LBD. I don’t bring flats/flops in purse for later, but there is always someone else at weddings and such who does. LOL. I like the good ol’ fashioned Electric Slide. Can’t do weddings in this southern heat. No, ma’am. Going to a beach wedding in FL in a few weeks and I’m already sweating just thinking about it. Praying for a breezy day.
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Red Fish Grill: Best Seafood Restaurant on Bourbon StreetMy Profile

  17. Thank you Joi for posting this!! Everyone was so sweet with their comments. We enjoyed you girl and all my Linesisters were some Hot Girls!! I still think we favor as well. LOL Love you Joi and so glad y’all enjoyed yourselves!

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