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Welcome to Act-Fit Fridays where the subject is anything dealing with fitness.  Usually I focus on my favorite workouts which are group fitness classes but I want PFL to be as diverse as possible when reaching readers. Today, I’m discussing current entertainment for the Elliptical (insert whatever machine is your favorite).


I usually will only visit the machines in the gym once a week, if at all!   When I do, music just won’t do.  I listen to my music all night at work and when I’m on the Elliptical, I prefer to watch T.V.  With that said, gyms that don’t offer free WiFi deserve to go out of business!!! 

TV & Blog Love

I know some of my blog buddies share similar T.V. interest!  I totally knew I would connect with Nellie when I read this post that highlighted RHOA! Nellie is indeed “Gone With the Wind” fabulous!  I think the entire world loves Scandal. I see lots of people tweeting about it. There are too many post for me to choose one, so I just referred you to my own 😉 . I have just been loving Sherelle’s Black History Series & Black Women in Leading Roles posts. This post in particular about what I like to call “the best kept TV secret” showed mad love to  USA’s Suits, one of my favs!

New to the Lineup

I love a good pilot!  This one did not disappoint!


I watched this on the ABC app and you can preview this show before the season premier here.  Organized crime & kick arse Mama not playing about protecting her children…YEP my kinda Elliptical entertainment.  Please if you watch it let me know if you enjoyed.  It will be on March 3rd & I will be tuned in for it!

All good things to come to an end *sighs*….


Private Practice

Tuesdays will not be the same without this crew, but they finished in a respectable way.  I loved the Series Finale & Shonda Rhimes is so brilliant that she knows when the time is up.  Speaking of which…I think next in line should be one of my other favorites…

Grey's AnatomyThese two are surely not the main characters of Grey’s Anatomy, but I just love looking at this guy so I chose this picture.  As much as I love him, I do think this show is on it’s last leg!

That’s all for now.  I see so many post about T.V. shows, so whatever your liking, I’m sure you can stay entertained for 45 minutes to an hour on the machine of your choice.

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Living,

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What is your favorite machine in the gym?
  • What is your favorite show to watch while exercising or do you prefer a playlist?  What else are you watching that deserves a S/O?
  • Do you want another season of Grey’s Anatomy?
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18 thoughts on “Elliptical Entertainment

  1. Yes my gym does NOT have free wifi which is just an atrocity but they do make up for it with individual televisions on each machine. I’ve been on the fence with red widow but maybe I will give it a try! I never tweet with you guys about scandal cuz I’m usually sleeping — it was fun the one time I stayed up though.

    Thanks for the shout out!! You know you are gone with the wind fabulous too, that’s why I adore you so much!!

    I gotta check out suits I wonder if I can recap on tbs or Netflix.

    Please don’t say greys is on it’s last leg!! I need my dose of Avery every single week!
    Nellie recently posted…Friday Fitness Check-In: Switching Up The DietMy Profile

    • My gym has multiple locations and only 1 has the free WiFi and I just don’t understand. They have TVs too but I just struggle with wasting time watching stuff I’m not interested in when I can be killing 2 birds with one stone. I actually am never on twitter at the time either due to work mostly. I always go back in the a.m. when I get off to see what all the thoughts are. Sometimes I tweet while I’m watching and it’s just as effective, I always get replies, lol. If you can find SUITS, it’s so worth it. Season Finale was last night:( You are most welcome for the S/O!!!

  2. I got my own elliptical last year. I love it. It’s the only think in my whole house I dust twice a week without fail….that’s the level of love I am talking about here. I am asking for tv (with cable so I can get reception) in my workout room for a combined birthday/mothers day present this year. It will make the place complete. *swoon* The Bachelor is a two hour show. I could elliptical myself silly if I could watch that show while ellipticaling (that’s totally a word) –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…Never Let Anyone Steal Your SparkleMy Profile

    • *Swoon* indeed! I want that type of set up when I move too. I like ellipticalling 😉 We are full of new words on this here blog. So cool that you signed this one. I never know which Dose I’m talking too, Thanks Lisa!

  3. I love my running, so if I miraculously step away from the treadmill some days, I chose the bike!

    Is it weird that my favourite thing to watch at the gym is the Food network!?! I am obsessed! Cupcake shows are the best. That, or I time it so I watch the Lakers play!

    I love Grey’s Anatomy – Although I’m so behind on this season. How absolutely beautiful is Jesse Williams on there..really though. You picked the right picture.

    P.S. I think I might be getting updates of your post on a looong delay..(since I haven’t gotten one for this yet. ahh!)
    TorontoRunner recently posted…Treadmill 10 + Finally Friday!!!My Profile

    • They come through late, not sure why, will talk to my techy guy about that, THanks! Yes, he is so lovely & that is all! I see you posting about the food network, it’s not weird per say but my interest in food is eating it, lol.

  4. Whoa look at that machine my friend just bought one for Christmas something similar and she has not used it yet smh. I think Shonda is putting her all into Scandal so the other shows are falling off. I never could get into Greys every time I see that show it’s so emotional.
    Kita recently posted…Night away from kidsMy Profile

    • LOL, oh my Kita! I think that happens to the best of us. We have good intentions when we buy the equipment but then, something just happens. You are right! She has put EVERYTHING into Scandal & it so EVERYTHING I need. I love Scandal, but Grey’s doesn’t have the same fire in my opinion. I’m still tuned in, it’s just that it takes me a few weeks. I’m behind.

  5. I love the elliptical. It’s got enough action so I’m not completely bored. I saw Red Widow ad on the Subway today though! Looks like it’s going to be great. We love Biggest Loser and Walking Dead. SO glad the new season is showing finally!
    Emily @ Fit Mama In The City recently posted…Fun FridayMy Profile

    • I agree Emily, I get bored on the other machines. Glad someone has seen Red Widow and can co-sign. I will have to check out Walking Dead.

  6. I’m not a gym goer but when I’m on holiday in South Africa and can’t run outdoors (safety issues), I’ll use the treadmill and probably the stationary trainer too. I’ve never treid the elliptical, maybe I should give it a go? I LOVE Greys but not sure there is more that can be added…. missing Private Practice at the moment too.
    Robyn recently posted…The Secret Race – Book ReviewMy Profile

    • I’m intrigued by your reference to the safety issue in South Africa, hum guess I just have to stay tuned in to your blog to hear more about that. We are TV friends I see 🙂 !

    • Yes, it’s nice and smooth! I love the ABCFamily channel with all the cute little teen shows! Watching Switched at Birth currently.

  7. I used to like the “dreadmill” til I started running out doors. Now I only tolerate it if it’s raining our my running buddy can’t make it ( I refuse to run solo at 5am). Our gym had TV’s on the equipment too, but I can never find anything interesting. They do have free wifi so maybe I should bring along my iPad and fireup Netflix while at it.
    Hope recently posted…Stay In The Line.My Profile

    • That’s exactly why I have to have my iPad. All the major stations (well most) have apps as well and you can watch prime tv that you missed too. I have to multitask! Oh & dreadmill…LOL

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