DYWW DEBUT: Live Healthy & Active. Be Prosperous.

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I’m super excited to be joining up for my first linky party DYWW (Doing YOU WELL Wednesday) with Michell.  Blogging is still so new to me, so I will have to learn as I go.  She invited me, so here we are.



Out of all the blogs I read and browsed around on, I never noticed these link parties and wasn’t quite sure what they were.   When I heard the nature behind this one, it just resonated with me.  I feel and see that so many young girls and grown women get caught up with what another female has going for her without pausing to be grateful for the many blessings and unique qualities they posses.   Other times we do get so caught up in doing for others that we forget about doing well for ourselves.  The entire point of this linky party is for you (you being you and me) to share what you’re doing this week that leads you to DOING YOU WELL. Michelle, the host made it clear that this is not just for bloggers but also for all women because we can all learn from each other’s experiences.

So, I asked the question over at the Rx Fitness Lady Facebook page and these are the responses…

  • Chayla – “Drinking more water and staying on my workout plan!!!!”
  • Amber – “Physically: I am getting up earlier and making my workout more routine instead of having it all over the place. Mentally: I am making the attempt taking less offense to the commentary of other people because most of the time people are not educated on the topic, or really don’t care about it.”
  • Cheryl – “I’m running a 5k on Saturday and I have added green Smoothies to my diet.”
  • Kelly – “It’s not “new” for me but always getting my sleep, and not feeling guilty about having to let certain things go to insure I do (like all the laundry!)”
  • Cee – “I’m staying under my calorie limit and drinking at least 64 oz. water every day.”

By the way, if you missed my subtle suggestion above to like my Facebook page, do so here!  I was actually surprised at the quick responses.  I knew however that this linky party was indeed potentially beneficial to my friends and followers.


In my world (subtopic is my twitter and Instagram handle if you’re not following), my most recent addition to my many projects is this Rx Fitness Lady blog.  The theme of this blog is Live Healthy & Active. Be Prosperous. I’ll pull from the theme to get this link party started off.

Active Living – This week is a launch week for me.  That means that I will be teaching a lot more BODY COMBAT than usual.  Whenever we launch a new Les Mills Group Fitness Class, we team teach with 1 or 2 other instructors.  Every time it’s on the schedule basically, I will be there for it.  In the past, I’ve pretty much gone to my other scheduled workouts and ended up knocked out for an entire day out of pure exhaustion.  This week, I took Monday completely off to prepare for the challenging days ahead.  I shared that for the exerciseoholics (spell check alert) in the building.  I know that rest days are just as important as your active days but sometimes we get carried away.

Healthy Living (Spiritual approach) – When I read the invitation to this link party, I remembered that I was suppose to be writing down 3 blessings a day at night before I went to bed.   According to best selling author & life coach Valerie Burton (I just love her), it is suppose to make you more aware of your blessings and an overall happier person.  I purchased one of those dollar store weekly planners and forgot about the activity for just one day and it ended up in my computer bag collecting dust.  All is well now; I’m back on track.  It is a great exercise.  I encourage you to join in.  There are so many things we see in a day that we quickly think, Wow, that could be me, but the exercise lets us reflect on that and be even more grateful for our blessings.

Side bar – It wouldn’t hurt to keep a food journal either if you’re old fashion and don’t like utilizing the many available apps that are out there.

Be Prosperous – If you’re a new reader (well everyone is a new reader around here), if you’re BRAND new, you may have missed this post about making an extra $250/month from your passion.  I have very quickly fallen in love with the blogosphere, much more than I thought when I originally decided to have one to advance my reputation in fitness. This week, I’m focused on advancing toward making that happen with my blog. I do have 3 new clients from the PFL services page, YAY and I’m working on some local ads for my blog.   In the meantime, I’m thrilled to be helping people figure out workout plans that fit their schedule.  I also have a meeting with some Meleleuca reps from one of the gyms I teach at.  I am not sure about this opportunity but I’m excited to hear from them.  They all seem so passionate. They say this company has been around 30 years so we shall see.  Finally in fitness land, I had to push the Tabata Boot Camp back because we did not advertise appropriately.  I think it is equally important to share bumps in the road, as it is to share success stories. We have to always be strengthening our resilience muscles.  I had a place secure and I know what to do, but um….it takes boot campers to have boot camp.  Ha, ha…lil sis and I will be meeting this week to work out an ad campaign.   I will keep you posted on the progress.

i love tabata

I hope I did this linky thingy right!  I also hope you enjoyed the new addition.  I’m joining another blog friend this Friday!  Come back and see how!


 Rx Fitness Lady wants to know… (I bet you can’t guess my first question!)

  • What are you doing this week to DO YOU well?
  • What is 1 of the many qualities/characteristics that you were blessed with that you are most proud of?
  • Does anyone have any advice or experience with regard to Melaleuca?
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19 thoughts on “DYWW DEBUT: Live Healthy & Active. Be Prosperous.

  1. Love this post! I’ve never hosted a linky party so I have no clue..good luck. This week I’m running my 3rd half marathon. I’m trying to make fitness a more consistent part of my life.
    I’m proud that I’m blessed with good listening skills. In and out of my profession, people have a lot to say. Sometimes they just need a compassionate and engaging listener. It comes natural for me. I love to hear people’s story.
    I’ve tired Melaleuca as a customer, not a marketer. Pros:The products are great. Cons:I’m never a big fan of mandatory auto shipment. Hope that helps. Have a great week.
    Hope recently posted…Cool Running…My Profile

    • Thanks Hope for all your responses! I read about your run Monday! That was awesome. I shared your Melaleuca comment in my meeting earlier, Thx for that!

    • THANKS Nellie! You do have a lot going on and I’m sure you are a super organizer. That is one of my claim to fames as well. I’d be willing to bet most people who have blogs are super organized. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I am so happy to visit your blog on this DYWW! I am continuing to be intentional as it relates to adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet. Also, I made a commitment to declutter my closets. Whew! This is a process!

    • That sounds good with the fruits and veggies! I feel so much better since I turned a room into a closet. Closets really can stress you out! THanks for visiting me. Continue to do you well Trinity!

  3. Thanks for hosting this linky party! I love when women support one another! This week I’m continuing to work on NOT complaining. It may sound like a small thing, but one thing can happen, and it’ll send me on a complaining tangent. When I find myself getting ready to complain, I say aloud 3 things I’m thankful for.
    Sherelle recently posted…Skillet Turkey CheesesteakMy Profile

    • Sherelle, I love that! You are right starting small and getting out of control is easy to do. I like your solution for it.

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