Contracting Clients with Robinson and Associates, LLC

This week’s hustle is brought to you from another soror, Dr. Melinda D. Robinson-Moffett.

Home-based Holiday Hustles on Hump day

In her words…..

Robinson and Associates, LLC.  is a small company with only two employees, just my husband and I.  We offer clients a contract to perform a variety of services that easily match with our personal interests or professional skills.   Contracts typically include speaking engagements, workshop facilitation, project implementation and career guidance.  Most services are provided for the cost of $100-$3000 and are performed outside of our regular 9-5 employment.

Contracting Clients with Robinson and Associates, LLC


HOLIDAY SPECIAL –   A $50 special for one-on-one career guidance sessions.  This session would include one resume, one cover letter and a minimum of three positions currently available for application.


If someone is looking to earn some extra money, what is your company’s drawing tool in your opinion? 

While the economy is improving, unemployment is still high so there are many people seeking to diversify their income making potential, but they have found that searching efforts require additional time and expertise that they don’t feel they have.


LLC is an acronym for Limited Legal Liability.  This sort of business structure is especially suitable for someone who wants to have a legally legitimate business, has relatively few employees, and seeks to earn a little extra money as often or sporadically as desired.  While each state has slightly different variations to forming an LLC, they all adhere to some general principles that make the business formation fairly simple.  Robinson & Associates, LLC, was legally formed for approximately $200 in 2008.


How many hours a week would you say you spend working your business?

Approximately 5 hours per week.


What other rewards have you noticed other than financial from owning this business?

Robinson & Associates, LLC, has afforded my husband and I the ability to utilize our skills to help others and form many new business relationships while doing what we love.  The results are a few extra thousands each year which really come in handy with helping us to pay off some financial expenses without utilizing the payment from our regular jobs.


Are there quotas or minimum inventory requirements for this opportunity? 

No.  A cell phone and laptop make work much easier due the flexibility of being able to work on the go, but they certainly are not required.  A house phone and desktop computer for communication and research purposes are all that are needed.


What is the most fun thing about this business?

Meeting so many great people.


What is the hardest thing?

Remembering to save confirmations for all business transactions (i.e. contracts, receipts for business expenses, etc.) from one tax year to the next.


What kind of training is available for you?

As Assistant Director of Career Services for the Mercer University Stetson School of Business, all trainings (including conferences and workshops) are hosted and paid for by my employer.  This is another benefit of merging your entrepreneurial interest with your current profession if possible.

Career Services

Yours in Healthy, Active, and Prosperous Lifestyles,


Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What kind of business would you open with your husband?
  • If you could build an additional stream of income outside your primary profession that  utilized your primary skills what would it be?




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30 thoughts on “Contracting Clients with Robinson and Associates, LLC

  1. How cool and great getting to know another business I love when people can help you start something that will grow. I started the web design company with my hubs but I am so focused on my magazine that I hardly have time to focus on the business so I told him what we would do is help people who didn’t have money to do web designs and logos and just do what we can to get them up and running and not take any customers per say. Just do what we can when we can.
    Kita recently posted…Pinteresting WednesdayMy Profile

  2. I loved this one, since I am an Assistant Director in a university career services office too. 🙂

    I have no idea what type of side business I would open and commit to at this time. BUT I am hoping I can work something out soon… something that also falls in line with my blogging goals.
    Kimberly recently posted…Journey to Wellness 12.4My Profile

    • Absolutely Kim! That is exactly what I’ve done for my home-based business. I have done a home-based business before, but nothing that lined up with my goals like this. That is the key to being successful with it in my opinion.

      Glad you liked your fellow colleague!

  3. It’s awesome when you can earn extra cash as a side hustle outside of your primary income and have the support and partnership of your spouse. Sometimes I wish my husband and I were in a side hustle together instead of our primary jobs. There. I said it. LOL.
    I would do photography on the side if I had the time and energy. I love taking pictures and being creative in that aspect. It would be awesome to make money doing it too.
    Hope recently posted…Christmas year roundMy Profile

    • ROTFL! Part time instead of full time, LOVE IT! The way yall work, yall are full time together! Lots of love there my friend!

      Did you read my mind from your blog! I was just complimenting your pin images! They are very nice!

  4. My husband runs his own business and it is NON-STOP 24/7 no matter if it’s vacation, weekends – nothing. The upside is that he can do a lot of work with only a laptop and cell phone so we can be in Tuscon for 4 days and as long as there’s wi-fi, he’s good! As you know, I also had my own personal training studio. I toy with the idea of opening another one when the boys go to school all day. I know how much work and dedication it takes so I’ll really have to want it!!
    Allie recently posted…Running Video – Hill Repeats!My Profile

    • Oh, it’s so much work! I love the idea of being mobile. That is how I would like to be going forward. I used to want a studio as well, but have since changed my mind.

  5. Love this post Joi! Congrats to your soror and her hubby! You know I like the business partnership with the hubs thing! Lol! My partner-in-crime, ahem…I meant partner-in-good deed,lol, have been at it now for almost 25 years. We love what we do, but have seriously considered starting a consulting business for marriage and families(outside of the ministry). We both have entrepreneurship in our blood. My dad has owned his own business since I was born, over 45 years ago. And I think I’ve worked a total of 3 years(in my entire lifetime) for someone else other than myself! 🙂
    Michell recently posted…Doing YOU WELL Wednesday #43 and a Thanksgiving recapMy Profile

  6. I used to have that dream – to work with my husband. Ultimately we can do really great things together – Scarlet and Des being two of them – but sometimes we’re a hot mess together. We used to want to run a B&B but now I don’t. I would love to make candy or cookies or something with him.
    Tamara recently posted…Honey, I Broke The Baby & My Mind.My Profile

    • I love both those ideas. Life coaching in general appeals to me with a strong arm in health, fitness, and finance. We should bounce ideas off each other.

  7. I’ve thought about making my fitness business an LLC but have shied away from spending the money since Pilates isn’t popular around here but maybe it would give me more legitimacy.

    I’ve worked with my husband twice in the past. That’s enough.:)
    Carla recently posted…Good VibrationsMy Profile

    • Lol! I would love to give it a try…once I got married ;)! It’s amazing to me how different areas take to different fitness rages! I wish it were more popular. I know that you love it.

  8. I own my business fair & square…mine! lol Of course, hubby would like to think of himself as a silent partner. lol Love owning my own business. Couldn’t do anything else. But it’s a LOT harder than it seems – especially when you’re a parent.
    Sonya M. Jones recently posted…Holiday Cheer!My Profile

    • OMG, my hats off to parents that are business owners, especially mothers 🙂 Congrats to you on being a role model in the entrepreneur industry!

  9. Joi, you never cease to amaze me! This is a great, informative post! I can definitely see how great it worked out that she was able to get all of that training from her current job and use it for their business.

    As for me and hubby, he personally loves working with children. He wants to help them stay healthy and do certain sports and/or activities. He loves track and other sports and plans to implement that into the non-profit program he has been working with. We tried working on that together, but, there is so much that he didn’t know and now that he is working with another non-profit that is doing something similar, he’s finding it easier to get into it. I would help him along with anything related to it as I can. I plan to homeschool the kiddies and have pretty much started with our 19 month old so it might be a little difficult to help for a while. The best way I’m noticing that we can bring in extra income by me is through my blog. I love writing on it and I pretty much am able to share what I’m doing in my everyday life to help others so that is a win win for us! 🙂
    Brittnei recently posted…Homemaking With Style Made The Switch!My Profile

    • I think that is fabulous for your Brittnei. I admire the fact that you are going to home school and take care of the home. You have your work cut out for you. THat is such an amazing responsibility and definitely a story worth sharing and getting paid for along the way 😉

    • I’m looking so forward to you sharing bits and pieces of your new journey as a business owner in a brand new city. I am pulling for you to blow them away!

  10. Joi, you have NO idea how right on time this post is. I am going through so many transitions in my life and launching a consulting firm is actually one business I’m looking to transition into. God blesses me with affirmations all the time. I consider this to be a definite affirmation. Thank you! Bookmarking this.
    Andrea recently posted…BeQuoted: Nelson Mandela EditionMy Profile

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