One Word for 2014: BALANCE

I switched up my previously scheduled post for today because the one word resolution posts I kept reading resonated with me so strongly that I had to participate. I first read Carli’s post, then Kim’s post, which lead me over to my girl Michelle’s link up!

Those of you who are bloggers and have already posted are probably quite aware of my one word by now as I keep mentioning it in the comments.
One Word for 2014 Balance

balance – a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

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It’s Ok to Talk Sexual Health; Pure Romance By Zack + GIVEAWAY

Thank you for tuning in to Monday’s post about the “female Viagra”! As promised, I have another solution to women dealing with decreased libido.  EDUCATE yourself! We are helping  you do that with the  final entry in the Hump Day Holiday Home-based Business series!

Home-based Holiday Hustles on Hump day


What business do you own?

Pure Romance by Zack ~ Pure Romance is the nation’s leading, fastest growing woman-to-woman direct seller of relationship enhancement products.  The company markets a premier line of products including lotions, books and bedroom accessories through in-home parties organized by Consultants like myself.

It's Ok to Talk Sexual Health; Pure Romance By Zack

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Premier Jewelry: Every Woman, Every Age, Every Style + GIVEAWAY

I am super pumped for this week’s Hump Day Holiday Hustle!  One reason that I do a lot of the things I do is because I had 2 good role models as parents!   Today the feature is non other than the woman who brought me into this world!!!  She is where my home-based business desires arise from 🙂 .

Premier Jewelry Every woman, Every Age, Every Style - Rx Fitness Lady

Mother is an independent  jewelry consultant for Premier Designs!

Home-based Holiday Hustles on Hump day

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Contracting Clients with Robinson and Associates, LLC

This week’s hustle is brought to you from another soror, Dr. Melinda D. Robinson-Moffett.

Home-based Holiday Hustles on Hump day

In her words…..

Robinson and Associates, LLC.  is a small company with only two employees, just my husband and I.  We offer clients a contract to perform a variety of services that easily match with our personal interests or professional skills.   Contracts typically include speaking engagements, workshop facilitation, project implementation and career guidance.  Most services are provided for the cost of $100-$3000 and are performed outside of our regular 9-5 employment.

Contracting Clients with Robinson and Associates, LLC

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“Deer in Headlights” – NST Recap from A #ViExpert

Happy Hump day PFL! Are you following me on Facebook? If so, you may have seen what I was up to this weekend.

Deer in Headlights - NST Recap from A #ViExpert


I started off this series with sharing about my own involvement in a home-based business called Visalus.

Home-based Holiday Hustles on Hump day

Well, we just had our National Convention this past weekend in Atlanta, GA so I thought I’d recap it for today.

Let’s just get right to the headlights story!
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HOLIBUYS with Katherine at thirty-one

It’s Hump Day & today we are going to meet my soror and adopted sister Katherine an Independent Senior Consultant for Thirty-One Gifts (!

Katherine @ thirty-one

We started last week with this holiday series! I was first!  The winner of the giveaway from last week is Kim @ Manifest Yourself! Congratulations Kim! Email me your address @ if you want to receive your prize!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll continue to hear other ways people are busy bringing in supplemental and residual income to their homes.

Home-based Holiday Hustles on Hump day

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My 90-Day Challenge Goal Is…BOOM!!!

Home-based Holiday Hustles on Hump day

I’m happy to bring you this series for the holidays! Everyone is always looking for extra cash flow!!! Wednesdays during the holiday season will be dedicated to highlighting women in home-based businesses so you can get your Holiday hustle on 😉

Yours truly will kick it off!

Have you heard of the 90 Day Challenge with Visalus?

My 90-Day Challenge Goal Is... - Rx Fitness Lady

If you follow me on my personal Facebook page or noticed my new button included in each post & in the side bar, you may already know that I’m a new promoter for the Body By Vi 90 day weight loss challenge!

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A Different Kind of Boot Camp: Budget IS NOT a Four Letter Word

Happy Hump Day PFL! I’m here again with Kim’s September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge!

Today’s prompt – Impingement: Which book and/or movie has affected you like no other? How? Why?

There are several books and movies that have influenced me. Since I mentioned to you in 20 Influential Women in a tweet that Lynnette Khalfani-Cox was one of the virtual mentors I followed, I chose one of her books that I read after graduating from school.

The Money Coach’s Guide to YOUR FIRST MILLION – Lynnette Khalfani

Apparently, everyday in the United Stated 25K people become millionaires! Most of them use budgets to get there!

A Different Kind of Boot Camp Budget IS NOT a Four Letter Word

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Useful Gems for Graduates Entering the Real World Like a Pro

Are you currently happy with your job, career, or enrollment in a particular academic program? 

For those of us who choose to work, a vital part of our mental health resides in being fulfilled in our careers.  I am blessed to be in the long desired career of my choice & actively engaged in my passion on the side.



Rx Fitness Lady Pharmacy School Graduation


Today’s My Health Monday topic is a simple list of things I used to help me after graduating from undergrad and professional school.  My Instagram timeline from last weekend interrupted my regular scheduled blog post because I was so overjoyed at all the bright new young adults we have entering the workforce or professional school.  This is a Tribute to them!  Continue reading

How to Verbally Nix Sexual Harassment

Greetings PFL!  I have some maintenance issues before we get started with the topic for today.  First and most important – I was a guest on Nellie’s blog yesterday, YAY!  Please go check out the post and show her some love while you are there. She has shown me so much love and I appreciate her beyond what I can type in this little paragraph.

The SITSgirls featured my post from last week yesterday as well.  The discussion has been steady every since it posted.   I have learned a lot about varying opinions when it comes to commenting on blogs and I appreciate all of your input.   I have found a #25!  Make sure your comment form is visible to the commenter when they are typing their name.  I got checked about 10 times for that 🙂 .  That should be corrected now.  Let me know if you are still having problems.

BTW…how are you liking getting my replies to your comments via email?  I am loving that it adds to the discussion!

Back to regular programming….

Today we are speaking from the prosperity arm of PFL.   If you get your primary income by working for someone else, then you need to read this.  Women and men for that matter that work outside of the home, I have some questions for you.

PFL sexual harassment button

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