35 Ways to Celebrate Your Blogoversary

Hello December! This is an exciting month for PFL!

Save the Date - Rx Fitness Lady

I launched this blog the day after Christmas last year in 2012. I’ve been fortunate enough to read several blogs that have celebrated anniversaries in my short journey of blogging. After reading Kita’s anniversary post last week, I thought I’d start this month off with a list post.

35 Ways to Celebrate Your Blogoversary
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Thanksgiving Gratitude – This Blog is My Baby

Dear Readers of Rx Fitness Lady,

I hope that all is well with you during the start of this holiday season.  I am really feeling thankful this year because for the first time in 8 holiday seasons I’ll be off from work for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, WHOOP! Today, I’ve been inspired to write to you with a spirit of gratefulness.

Thanksgiving Gratitude - This Blog is My Baby


This blog has been therapy for me that I didn’t even know I needed. All though I started it to position myself as more of an authority in fitness, it quickly turned into my baby. 
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You’re Invited to A Holly Bloggy Christmas Party

As I mentioned last week, here at Rx Fitness Lady, we are celebrating the holiday season.

The blogging community is such an important part of my life.  It’s valued tremendously as we work diligently all year producing content for our readers.  I feel so close to my blog friends, it’s kinda scary.

Natural that we’d want to convene for the holidays!  Just so happens, we live all over the place so spending money to come together like normal local groups do for Christmas is not practical!

HOWEVER, you know I like an inexpensive bonding experience.  That is the entire reason I created the first and second Mini Blog Challenge Parties.  They promote bonding without the cost of flying to a city and paying for conference registration.

Therefore in the spirit of the Holiday season & the approaching 1-year anniversary of Rx Fitness Lady, I give you your formal invite to….

Christmas Eve’s Eve Holly Bloggy Christmas Party

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I, Rx Fitness Lady…Blog Will & Testament

I, Rx Fitness Lady…Blog Will & Testament

No, I’m not through here! I just have a few questions!  It’s been a while since I wrote a blogging post.  Today, I am looking for insight.


All of these questions were swarming through my mind months ago when I had a blog I follow to suddenly stop posting without an explanation.  It worries me.  I pose the following questions…

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Ask Away then Blog Vacay

Interrupting Act-Fit Friday  for Ask Away Friday. I commented on one of your Friday post “How can I get in on all of this fun?”.  I’m not sure if Brittnei from Homemaking With Style read it, but she shot me an email, so here we go!


The Real Housewife of Caroline County


How did you decide to become a pharmacist?

The short answer, when one of my mentors graduated from pharmacy school, my Pastor made a huge deal about it. I was in middle school, went to her reception, & eventually went to shadow her at work & found everything about it intriguing.

Later in college I volunteered at the local pharmacy for 3 months as a technician to make the final decision between pharmacy and dermatology.

Southwest Patriots Senior Biology Class


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I Have Some Blogging Confessions…

Top of the week to you PFL! If you missed any posts from the party last week, they are all on the home page.

You're Invited To A Blog Party Again


First confession – I’m super glad to have the  2nd 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party completed!

So why, do you ask am I taking on one of the topics?

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Blog Love Round 2 – #MBC is Complete

CONGRATS to all who have been hanging out with me this week for the party! The daily/individual posters, blog friend’s visits, and regular readers have all made this week a lot of fun!

I hope if you are a blogger, you enjoyed the party and completed a challenge on your blogging journey & regular readers I hope you learned something, was entertained, and found some new blogs to follow.

Welcome to the final day of the 2nd 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!
Today’s Prompt  –Blog Love “Post Specific”  

Blog Love Round 2  - Rx Fitness Lady

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How My Family Reacts to Rx Fitness Lady

What are you doing? Blogging?

How long will it be before you finish blogging?

Can you put the computer down for a few?

Sound familiar…..

Welcome to Day 6 of the 2nd 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!
Today’s Prompt  – How My Family Reacts to My Blog 

Rx Fitness Lady Family Photo

I gave my peeps some questions to answer and chose different responses to share with you this Saturday for the party!

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20 Crucial Tactics to Making Your Blog Posts Reader-Friendly

Do you ever click on somebody’s blog post from bloglovin’ and immediately click off of it because it looks too hard to muster through?

We are all trying to get through our readers as quickly as possible with every spare moment we have.  Check out some tips to make sure you don’t get skipped.

20 Crucial Tactics to Making Your Blog Posts Reader-Friendly - Rx Fitness Lady

Welcome to Day 5 of the 2nd 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!
Today’s Prompt –Helpful List Post


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Throwback Thursday Ten Years: Senior-itis STOMP’s the YARD

Ten years ago exactly, I was a complete SNOOZE!!! I had just started pharmacy school & I was not here for any of the nonsense.  I had my nose in the books because I hadn’t a clue what I had gotten into.

SOOOO, we are doing 10 years ago (2003) “Final Semester”- Springtime , DST Spring 01 Style – A bit of Senior-itis!  Now that was a mouth full!

Stomp the Yard - Senior-itis - Rx Fitness Lady


Welcome to Day 4 of the 2nd 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!
Today’s Prompt – Throwback Thursday  “Ten Years” A Day in the Life

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