Brandz A Make You Dance, If You’re Black

According to Juicy J, if there’s a single woman in the room,  “Bandz a make her Dance”!

Juicy J

Apparently, if you’re black then BRANDZ a make you dance!  According to the October issue of Chain Drug Review, strong brand loyalty is exhibited by black consumers to a number of brands especially when compared to Caucasian consumers.  As a retail pharmacist, who has been practicing for almost 7 years, I can attest to this when it comes to brand preference with Over-the-Counter medications. Today, for My Health Monday & since it’s still Black History Month, I want to try to dispel the myth about generics not working the same way as brands.

I haven’t done actual case studies.  This is only from memory, but here is what I find.  I always give customers the exact same spill when it comes to consultations.  After, I ask them the appropriate questions, I make a recommendation.  If time permits, I’ll show them where to find the recommendation.  I will point out the store brand which is usually set up right next to the brand & highlight the difference in price but emphasize that the treatment is the same.

Keep in mind; I’m not talking about all people when I state the next statement.  There are some people black, white, or other that are just like me and they will pick up the generic (store brand) version every time no matter what.

95% of the time, if the customer is Caucasian and I make that recommendation to try the store brand, they pick it up & check out.  They might ask me “are you sure it’s the same?”.   I assure them.  They’re good, end of story.

It’s usually reversed when I make the same recommendation to African American customers.  They usually look at me with the side eye after I assure them it’s the same & tell them it’s what I take.  They may make a comments like, “I want my child to have the real thing”.  Sometimes they will pick up the store brand, then as I walk away, they put it back and get the brand.

I understand that I cannot make people share my opinion, but much like the flu shot controversy, I think that it is mostly just a lack of knowledge.   I also think that some of the patients don’t trust me as the professional, but that’s neither here nor there because I can’t do anything about that.  What I can do is post on this blog 🙂 .

Juicy J Brands

Reasons You Should Choose the Store Brand (Generic)

  • It’s the same as the Brand Name (with the exception of some of the inactive ingredients).   The small differences in inactive ingredients in 99% of the cases are not enough to change the treatment/effectiveness.
  • It is saving you money!!! Over a lifetime, if you choose the brand over generic out of ignorance, you are costing yourself unnecessary loss financially.  If you like to throw away money, please email me, I’ll send you my address to mail me a check to help with my student loans 😉 .
  • Black people in particular, you are being targeted.  In the article I referenced above, a marketing company conducted the study.  When people know your spending habits, they will put it on your TV & Radio stations, magazine, etc. enticing you to purchase them.
  • Finally, if you aren’t convinced, here is a snapshot of what’s in my personal medicine bag.  I would not recommend for you anything that I would not take for myself.




SIDE NOTE- This has nothing to do with this post, but in the bottom left corner is the store brand of Benadryl.  I keep these on hand in my purse, gym bag, & work bag because people get allergic reactions all the time.  I don’t want to scare you, but I would advise keeping some brand of Benadryl on you (especially Mothers) at all times.  If you think you or someone is having an allergic reaction, then give them 1.  If their throat, tongue, or lips start to swell, then take them to the ER immediately. 

I hope that if you are a brand only person, that you found this post insightful.  Although, I love the song… Bands Brands SHOULD NOT Make You Dance!!!

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Do you buy brand or generic when you stop in the local drugstore to pick up over the counter medications? (Optional – What’s your race?)
  • If you buy brand only, what’s your reason? Do you recognize any of the medications from my home by the brand name?
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50 thoughts on “Brandz A Make You Dance, If You’re Black

  1. Very clever post! Great tip on the Benadryl I will pick some up next time I’m there.

    I don’t have any loyalty to any medication usually my doctor always gives me the top of the line meds and I ask for the generic form because aint nobody got time for that. The only medication I was ever weird over was my very expensive monthly prenatal vitamins, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

    • Ha, Thanks Nellie! I do what I can with a post title, lol. Usually when getting an RX filled, we automatically dispense the generic unless the Doctor states otherwise directly on the RX. We have a store brand Prenatal too that has Folic Acid in it 🙂 I know lots of people like to continue taking them or even people who aren’t pregnant, just a little FYI.

      • I used to be into the brands but after I actually tried the generic versions I realized that they are all mostly the same. It is true that certain generic brands do not have as much “kick” as the regular so I suggest to try different ones. I have my picks and chooses….especially with benedryl, waldryl just doesn’t quite do it for me.

        • I”ve gotten a couple of comments now about the Wal-dryl. I take it and it works fine but I will have to try the brand so I can be informed since a few readers are in agreement with that. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Great post, I have bought something by mistake like the cough drops because they looked so much like the regular packaging. There wasn’t a difference. For my son I tried the Walgreen’s Benedryl and he said he didn’t like the way it tasted. He could tell the difference without knowing I switched the brand. I have to get his stuff based on him not gagging it back up. But I agree, why not try the store brands for everything. I do it for cotton balls, toothbrushes and such…

    • Thank you Kenya. Yeah I’m a store brand kinda girl for several other items outside medications as well. I understand picks and chooses bc I don’t buy store brand everything at the grocery store but I guess because of my profession, I don’t think I have ever even tasted the regular brand. That is so unfortunate that it made the lil man gag 🙁

  3. Hey Joi! IKR…my people perish for a lack of knowledge. What you “don’t” know WILL hurt you! As for me……if not ALL, then most of the time! I can attest to the Benadryl! I’m allergic to seafood and about 15 years ago I had a bad allergic reaction. My husband had to get off work and bring me Benadryl(which nipped it in the bud). Anywayzz…since then I’ve always kept it in my purse…which reminds me, I need to check the expiration date on the one I have in there now…seeing as if I haven’t had to use it in…let’s see, 3 years or so! 😀 Have a wonderful week darlin’!
    Michell recently posted…Guest Posting!My Profile

  4. I am truly my mother’s child, because we will buy an ‘off brand’ in a minute! I never understood people, and their close- mindedness when it comes to taking the advice of others…especially health care professionals. I will pick up a ‘Wal phed” in a hot second! I’m with you, if they would like to throw their money away, they can donate to the Sherelle fund while their at it! lol
    Sherelle recently posted…Product Review: L’Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB CreamMy Profile

  5. I’m calling this post my confirmation:) I’ve been testing out a store brand product for the past 4 days and its been working great or maybe better than the name brand. I keep waiting for the store brand product to fail, but it hasn’t:) The best part about the store brand product vs the name brand product is definitely the price!!! Love this post Joi!

  6. I am definitely a generic girl, from groceries to drugs and everything in between! Love saving lots of money and getting the same benefits. As far as my race, you know I’m white…you’ve seen me in Sh’Bam! 🙂

    • Hey Lisa! Thx for dropping by the blog!!! I’m right there with you with everything in between. Oh & Thx for sharing your race..I should have done a poll for that one.

    • Snob status<<< Lol, stop it girl! Well if it helps, the generic sits right beside it and now you know better lady. If you do get a chance to try one in the near future, I'd appreciate you hollering back to let me know how it works.

  7. Welp let me start off by saying I don’t buy generic brands of medicines but I am not oppose to doing so I just never did it. I have bought something off brand for my son at one time and it didn’t do what I needed it to do so I had to end up buying the real thing which worked in a day. I will try out generic and consciously make an effort I am so use to going in the store and getting the brand.
    Kita recently posted…What you talking bout KitaMy Profile

    • Sounds good Kita! I am glad you are open to trying. I hope you find that most generics work just fine. Thank you so much for your input.

  8. Joi, you are 100% about advertisers targeting us. They know we will spend the money, it’s the same way with the beauty industry. We spend a lot of money on both. My husband will not buy generic, or brand X as he calls it. Even on prescriptions, if it does the same thing, I’ll choose generic. Good thing I do most of those purchases for the house. Great post girl.
    Whitney recently posted…Church, Leadership &#038; ServiceMy Profile

      • I’ve been super sick this weekend and I will say one thing for brand names (because my BF accidentally bought it), the real Mucinex tastes about 1000 times better than the generic. I had no idea.
        Kristiina recently posted…Grey DayMy Profile

        • Hum, I would’ve known either bc I never buy it. That’s good to know though, some people are willing to sacrifice price when it comes to taste if their taste buds are sensitive. I’m sorry you weren’t well. I hope you have a speedy recovery my friend!

  9. Love the topic. Very timely since I just had this conversation with someone yesterday. It’s funny, most OTCs and prescriptions for that matter, I buy the generic. The only brand name that I’m attached to is Excedrin. I buy it at Costco and I don’t recall seeing a generic version for it. I do buy the generic “non-aspirin pain reliever” though.

    You’re right about people not trusting professional advice that they ASKED FOR in the first place!!! It’s not just pharmacists though, if that makes you feel better about it.

    • Yes ma’am, I’m aware that ppl ask for no reason across the professional board, I’m sure you all have it bad. I have patients call me about their physician, I ask them did they forget they called me when they are looking for that second opinion, it’s funny. We don’t have Excedrin anymore..only thing is store brand. At least I know where to refer ppl looking for that brand, Thx cuz!

  10. Ok my comment might sound a little “deep”, but just hear me out lol. I just attended a financial literacy session last night in which the speaker talked about a “poverty mentality”. She said how people w/ that mindset (regardless of race) tend to ficus on name-brand clothing, shoes, cars, etc because they think that means they “have something good”. Just wondering if this could be true even when it comes to generic/store brands of meds, food, etc….just a thought! For me personally, I’m more focused on saving wherever I can, especially if I know it’s gonna do the same thing!

    • Great comment Lisa! I could write so many post on that poverty mentality in the pharmacy but I’ll steer clear for fear of being misunderstood. I think that plays a part here as well because of the area I’m in. I probably should have pointed that out. Thanks & I agree about the others items…there was a very humble couple trying to boost me to buy the biggest TV available while shopping in Best Buy!

  11. When I do buy, I get generic. I’ve checked the labels before and usually they are exactly the same. I do that for other things too, like body lotion ($10.00 a pop for Aveeno oat is a little ridiculous). Great post!
    Hope recently posted…Stay In The Line.My Profile

    • Thx Hope! I wanted to show pictures of what you just described, but I was off from work and didn’t have not 1 brand med in the house. Great point!

  12. We almost always buy generic…I was taught from a young age that generic is the same – my parents, and even my school taught us these kinds of things (does Home Ec even exist anymore?) Now I need to put Benadryl on my shopping list. Thanks for the tip!
    Leslie recently posted…{30 Things} 20 Random FactsMy Profile

    • You’re welcome Leslie and I haven’t heard about any home Ec classes from the kiddos lately. I don’t remember being taught that at school but kudos to your school system for it!

  13. i can’t remember what high school class it was, but we learned how to read the ingredient labels. to this day – i haven’t forgotten! that’s primarily how i determine if i’m going to buy the generic product…i do a side-by-side comparison. unless of course, my doctor says otherwise. which brings to mind: i actually like the fact that my doctor/allergist will tell me to save my money and buy the generic.
    miss donna recently posted…personal style | purge. organize. donate.My Profile

    • Donna, I compare as well. That is a good point because there are a few that are slightly different. For example, the Walgreen’s version of Mucinex DM is slightly lower in strength than the brand.

    • Ahhh, so glad you stated that. I too, will buy a brand in a heart beat if it’s cheaper on sale. It’s all about saving a penny!

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