A Review Of Les Mills BODYPUMP 92: A “Fancy” Start To 2015

I intentionally started drafting this Les Mills BODYPUMP 92 review right after teaching this for the first time!  I really wanted you all to feel the soreness in my legs. I was bending down in the pharmacy the next day to pick up patients packages and making all kinds of sickening moans and groans music for their listening pleasure!

A Review Of Les Mills BODYPUMP 92 A Fancy Start To 2015

So why did I coin this release A “Fancy” Start To 2015?

First things first I’m the realest (realest)  – The tracklist is SICK!!! The music was giving me life!

At the top of my list was the #1 Hit from Iggy Azalea, thus my little title 🙂

Check it out…

Les Mills BODYPUMP 92 Track List

Track 2 (SQUATS)   – You not sure how to execute the squat? I have you covered with this SQUAT post!  Track 2 was our first introduction to the BODYPUMP 92 special combo.

I really appreciate the program taking you through a journey on each release.  For BODYPUMP 92 the journey consisted of a challenging combo of 3 singles followed by a hold. It showed up in the SQUATS, CHEST, BICEPS, & SHOULDER tracks!

NOTE – I increased my squat weight. That is a fitness goal of mine for 2015! I have been stagnant with BODYPUMP on weight selections for a minute.  It felt good!


Track 3 (CHEST)– I think the track list had me from the jump when I saw one of my favorite Les Mills BODYCOMBAT tracks included in this release. I heard comments from other instructors that the chest track was hard to learn.  However, I think my love addiction with the song from COMBAT allowed me to pick up on the choreography easily.  For me, it was so in tune with the lyrics and beats!


Track 4  (BACK) –  IT’S A KILLER!!! This was one of the most challenging back tracks we’ve had in while simply because of the progressive addition of weights. I seriously didn’t sleep New Year’s Night before teaching wondering what weight selection I’d choose! Heres what worked for me..

Round 1 – 1 big (11LB) and 1 small (2.2 LB) on each side = 26.4 LB

Round 2 – 1 big (11LB) and 1 medium (5.5 LB) on each side = 33 LB

Round 3 – 1 big (11LB), 1 medium (5.5 LB), and 1 small (2.2 LB) = 37.4 LB

Again, this track spoke to me, but the timing was tricky for some of our team.

Instructor Tip (from my GFM) – For every HOLD, verbally cue 4, 3, 2, 1, up to stay on tempo.  I noticed it really worked for them!



One might take offense to being called a fudger! Not ya girl! I take pride in it! After teaching this release for the first time, my GFM told me I was quite talented in basically screwing up the choreography but getting back on track without the members ever being the wiser 😉 I really hammered the 1st part of the SQUAT track!

Hey, it happens to the best of us! You are bound to forget something at some point! There is no reason to be ashamed, JUST ADJUST! That’s my motto, I’m sticking  to it.

Speaking of fudging…

Track 6 (BICEPS) – Choreography was extremely tricky to learn.  It just didn’t flow naturally FOR ME! I found myself “fudging” my way through a few bumps!

When team teaching, fudging can be annoying I’m sure to your partner! I just want to shout out my girl Michelle for hanging in there with me!

BODYPUMP 92 Team Teaching

Track 7 (LUNGES) – I thought this track was going to be easy until it hit!  Lesson learned: never underestimate the choreography of Glen Ostergaard (BODYPUMP Choreographer)!

Track 8 (SHOULDER) –  This was not the most challenging one but I did enjoy that combo for the push ups. You will feel it for sure on the 5 push ups from the bottom.

I usually don’t mention the Cool Down, however I will just say I couldn’t help but add my own little grooving swag to the track.  The beats on Chandelier by Sia are the perfect finish to the perfect start of 2015!

JUST FOR FUN – Look what happened at one of the classes!

BODYPUMP 92 Participants

This mother daughter team showed up dressed alike and they were coming from separate places. How freaking cute is that?!


Have fun and enjoy BODYPUMP 92! We are still launching, so come see me Friday at 10:00AM!

BODYPUMP 92 - Rx Fitness Lady

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What did you think of BODYPUMP 92?
  • Do you and your mother dress alike?
  • What was your first workout for the year?

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5 thoughts on “A Review Of Les Mills BODYPUMP 92: A “Fancy” Start To 2015

  1. I am so in need of a kick in the rear when it comes to strength training! If only I could actually try one of these classes. L I’ll definitely check out the music, though. That alone might help pump up my routine. Side note: I’ve got a permanent injury (cyst) that causes my hand to hurt for days after doing push-ups or planks, but they’re such great compound exercises. Any recommendations for modifications or other workouts that would be comparable without all the pressure on the heel of the hand?
    Leslie recently posted…{Party Inspiration} Frozen Birthday PartiesMy Profile

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  3. Awesome post. You look great! Bodypump is my all time favorite class at the gym. My schedule has been all over the place so I decided to drop my pricey gym membership and bought the Les Mills Bodypump home workout. It’s awesome, but no where as great as the live class.

    I never dressed like my mom when she was alive.Lol she made most of her clothes to suite her taste.
    Hope recently posted…When are you at your best?My Profile

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