A Review of Les Mills BODYPUMP 87: “I Got A Crush On You”

Do you remember your first crush? I bet you do! Does this song remind you of him? Go ahead!  Let it play while you join me for a few!


“I Got A Crush On You” was a hot track in this new BODYPUMP!  I saw so many goofy smiles when I mentioned old crushes in class!

Ok, quit daydreaming!

Today’s post is a review of the awesome program BODYPUMP that helps people all over the world to strengthen and tone the major muscle groups!


A Review of Les Mills BODYPUMP 87 “I Got A Crush On You”  - Rx Fitness Lady

I previewed a glance of this awesome release with the sizzler in “My Group Fitness Instructor is Better Than Yours”.

At the writing of this review, I had taught BODYPUMP 87 seven times!

Lately, I’ve loved what Les Mills has cranked out for BODYPUMP!  There are innovative moves and just terrific sounds to match the moves.



The warm-up was a great song (Let There Be Love – Christina Aguilera)! What I noticed and other instructors about the warm-up were all the quirky grip changes.  It was definitely spicy.


The squat track was choreographed to Black Beatty – Scooter! Can I just tell you how in love I am with the bass in this song?  It fired me up to the point where I forgot about all the killer bottom halves. EXCELLENT TRACK.


The chest track recommended an increase in weights on the bar.  We used the bar for the first round and then free plates for the second round.

I actually went down on the weights due to an occurrence I’ll discuss later.


The newish move in the back track was the hang clean…very simple!  What I loved about this track was the song… “Again & Again”.  I used my regular weight to motivate people to keep going Again and Again, Again and Again, Again and Again…if you get my drift! VERY FUN TO TEACH 😉


There was no bar used for triceps or biceps but don’t think you get off easy!

There are so many quick transitions in the triceps and it’s slammer by the time you get to the 4th round. You will enjoy it as well as the bicep track loaded with plate curls and hammers.


There is a reason I chose the pin with me doing a lunge! THEY TOTALLY MURDERED THIS CHOREOGRAPHY! I mean, it’s so sick; it has outdone any lunge track I’ve ever taught!

I loved the song! It was so euphoric and good deal because this is a HUGE challenge! Please, don’t over extend yourself on the weights.  Go light; trust me (and the rest of the instructor team)!

The instructors went crazy on Facebook after teaching this for the first time.

A Review of Les Mills BODYPUMP 87 - Rx Fitness Lady

First time for everything with SHOULDERS!  

For shoulders, I actually had to swap out my bar to small plates during the push presses at the end because of strained muscle in my back that occurred while I was teaching.

I attributed it to my weights being too heavy in the chest track and maybe a little bit of that extra teaching I’ve been doing that I told you about 🙂 !



I loved the “Troublemaker” song for abs but the cool down track “Here Without You – 3 Doors Down” didn’t match my euphoria from the workout. It was SAD 🙁 ! 



Speaking of crushes, I asked “someone” some of the questions from “How My Family Reacts to my blog”.  Yes, I’m corny and saved them for this post 🙂 !


How often do you read PFL? Daily

What have you learned?  I am trying to become a runner and much like running I see blogging is an entire community within itself.

Without cheating, who do you think some of my blog friends are? Can’t think of any specific names but there is the yum lady, the lady with the twins, there was the lady who posted about the black dolls, the lady whose profile pic is her doing push ups on medicine balls. Lol. I can go on and on.


🙂  Happy Hump Day!

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Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Have you taken BODYPUMP 87? Like or Dislike? What was your favorite track?
  • What have you done lately (or looking forward to doing) to spice up your regular fitness routine?
  • Tell me about your first/current crush pretty please!
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49 thoughts on “A Review of Les Mills BODYPUMP 87: “I Got A Crush On You”

  1. Oh I want to do BodyPump with you!!! Can you do a YouTube video demoing the hang clean? I am curious to see what it looks like. I’ve been sticking with the BeachBody Pump DVDs because I can’t really get to Pump classes in my area without joining a gym, which is not really necessary for me. They are pretty good but I bet you would kick their booties! 🙂
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…Things I’m Loving LatelyMy Profile

    • I’m glad the DVDs are offered through Beachbody. I can’t imagine not having pump to get my weights in each week. So many rules about videoing, i”ll see what I can do!

  2. I feel the same as FitBritt. I was gonna suggest a youtube vid of you doing an entire class so we can do it along with you or maybe recording a DVD and selling it girl. Anyway, I’ looking forward to trying that release. The have it at the Y, but I haven’t been yet. Take it easy lady. Hope you’re not injured.

    LOL@ the yum lady. at least they didn’t say the yucky lady 🙂
    Hope recently posted…Women of Faith Conference (a little recap plus The God Squad 29:11)My Profile

    • Ha ha Hope! I know I can’t video an entire class, RULES RULES RULES 🙁 I hope you enjoy this new one. I’m glad to be on an old release now but it was tons of fun!

  3. Oh so many memories – my first crush AND teaching Body Pump! I love reading these updates because it takes me back to when I was teaching the class and just dating my husband. They have this class at the new gym I’m teaching at so I will have to check it!!!!
    Allie recently posted…My Fear? Flying!My Profile

  4. My first crush was Chris J. in second grade! He used to sneak snacks in front of me and for some reason, my reflexes weren’t fast enough to see who was putting treats in front of me at lunch and then running away. So then I got a monster crush on him when I found out who it was, and my brother told him and when he asked me about it, I balked! I said, “My brother makes things up.”
    However, what would have happened if I admitted it? Second grade? Not much, I’d hope.
    Tamara recently posted…This Is Big, People! Big!My Profile

  5. I’m with Britt of FitBritt – can you do some youtube videos for us?!
    I hope that your back is OK – not something to mess around with for sure!!!
    And, I’m off to check out the one of your blog friends from the post answers that I didn’t know – fun little share -thanks!
    Kim recently posted…“It’s Against the Law”My Profile

  6. I love how your family knows your favorites without knowing their names – mine is the same way! My first crush was Randy H in the second grade, and my last crush was Matt H who I married 🙂

    My gym doesn’t use Body Pump, but my sister teaches it at hers – sounds awesome!
    Dana recently posted…It’s not crap if you collect itMy Profile

    • I’m good now Kenya, Thanks! I have adapted to changing to lighter weights. It’s tough to go down when trying to keep a standard. I learned the hard way. While subbing so many classes, I have to make adjustments, period!

  7. You have me living in a flashback right now to my first love…. Mmmmmm…. Matt! He was so cute and he actually really liked me a lot! It’s hard to find guys that really like me, like he did. Probably because I live in Los Angeles and all men out here are far more in love with themselves than with girls. I shall be single forever. LOL!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…A Soup Even The Clueless Can Make!My Profile

  8. I was searching Bodypump assessment videos and found your blog. I went through bodypump training 9/14&15 (on 87) and passed. I’m currently working on getting ready to film. I’m so nervous that I’ll never be able to get all these tracks perfect for my video. Your post on rocking your video assessment was helpful – thank you!

    • Hey Melissa! Congratulations on passing BP training. Man, that was the most challenging weekend ever. I remember it well! 87 is definitely a fun one! Hope you didn’t have the lunge track 🙂 I’m glad you found that post on video tips! Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you come back again.


  9. I have not walked in about two weeks with a sick child to take care of I have been spending most of my time with him at doctors in the day and then working til late at night on my other ventures. I am however still eating good and drinking more water. My first crush was ll cool j now he just looks old
    Kita recently posted…Pinteresting WednesdayMy Profile

  10. I love the responses from “someone”!

    I have to say that I don’t think I know any of the songs this time. I might have to look them up to be sure. Maybe I flip around my music too much. I’d also like to see what you mean by spicy grips. That kinda scares me. LOL! I still thin this would be a great class to try if we had one in our area.
    Carla recently posted…Dish It Up: Win Tickets to Battledish St. Louis!My Profile

    • I am going to have to look these songs up myself after an incident that happened today. Let’s just say, I need to understand the lyrics!!! Post forthcoming.

  11. I have yet to take a Body Pump class but my husband and I are scheduled to go on tomorrow (either body attack or body pump). I bought appropriate workout shoes, but clutch your pearls when you see my gear. It is raggedy and I need to replace them. Once I get in my workout groove I’ll replace them. Question: Is the Body Pump/Attack class(es) help me to tone without losing weight. I don’t want to lose weight. This is one reason I’m so afraid to workout.
    Andrea recently posted…I’m 30 and I Still Have TantrumsMy Profile

  12. Am I the ” lady with the twins “..?!! Ha ha:). And an older child/ lets not leave her out!! Anyway/ great assessment and I totally agree with each track opinion you surmised !! It was the Toughest ( from start to finish ) that I think we have done since training.!!! Loved it !

    • You are my lady with twins but not the blogger! I’m sure you and Allie would hit it off. She used to teach BP too!

  13. Hahaha, those answers were hilarious, hey at least they knew who they were talking about, lol! My first crush has got to be Bruce Lee…IKR! There was just something about his kicks, punches and jabs that just caught my attention as a little girl, hahaha! 🙂 My older sister and I mourned for a whole week when he died, sigh…. Have a good one Joi!
    Michell recently posted…“Michell’s Weekly Pearl”My Profile

  14. First of all I NEVER reply to ANYTHING & this is actually the second time I am leaving a comment on your site. I can tell fake from real real quick & I you are one of the.few true ones out there. It’s obvious you are serious about your training & maintaing a healthy lifestyle.& want the same for others. And as.sad as it.may be, I’m sure you know as well as I do some people have a blog just to say “I write my own blog”, you know what I mean! I’m not judging b/c we all have something. I just appreciate your realness & honesty, & @ one time girl I knew & tried every new thing that came out. I still am always researching about what’s out there but I just can’t make myself move!! I know how busy you are but any words of encouragement, or advice on how to get my big butt off the couch would be great to hear from you. Either way, thanks for your blog and for keeping it real.

    • Hi Ashlei! I appreciate you taking time to comment! Thank you for all of your sweet compliments! What I’ll say about getting moving is, the key is finding something that you like no matter how low or high impact the activity is. There are so many options. I would take some time to try them out maybe on a 7 day pass to a local gym that offers variety. I hope this helps! Please let me know if I can assist further!

  15. OMG!!! You are amazeballs!!

    Can we be friends?!? No. Seriously! Lol. You are a true inspiration. Everyone should have a friend like you in their corner.

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