A Review of Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Headphones #SetSoundFree

As a group fitness instructor, I love working out to music for both choreographed and boot camp style classes.  The euphoria from exerting energy through fitness is intensified by bass & lyrics!

You know I’m known to tie some music into a blog post around these parks like “Allow me to Re-Introduce Myself”.  The music track on the Rx Fitness Lady Commercial was intricate to that production!

As you can imagine, I was thrilled to participate in the #SetSoundFree discussion on helping athletes & runners experience a better workout with Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Headphones.

A Review of Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Headphones #SetSoundFree  - Rx Fitness Lady I received these headphones in the mail & have had the chance to test them out over the last few weeks. 




  • Headphones
  • fit clip
  • 6 different eargels  WHOOP!
  • storage pouch
  • charger
  • Very useful quick start guide

 A Review of Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Headphones - Rx Fitness Lady


In all of my excitement with the variety of eargels and no slip features, I got 4 different people to try on these headphones. One person even took some laps around the pharmacy!

I like that the product is designed specifically for different ear shapes.



As mentioned earlier, 100% of my workouts currently consist of group fitness.  I actually got to test my headphones out at work on the nightshift primarily and while I waited on my car to get serviced.

Jabra - Rx Fitness Lady

I checked out Betrayal while I waited for the car to get finished.  Alarming how easily affairs get started and the R rated scenes that are shown on prime time, WHEW!  I am tuned in tho!


  • Built in FM radio – I can appreciate it this because I could listen to the radio station without using data on my iPad at work.  Our music station at work is the pits!

A Review of Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Headphones #SetSoundFree

  •  Easy control of music and calls – This was very convenient while I was watching TV on my iPad!

A Review of Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Headphones - Earpiece

  •  As a person who sweats a lot around my edges, I can appreciate the weather and sweat proof feature of this set of headphones.
  • I was told that the free 3 month premium subscription to Endomondo was a major come up 🙂 !


Disclosure: I was sent a Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Headphone from Jabra.  The opinions noted here are my own.

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Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Runners; what listening device do you currently use for entertainment when you run? 
  • How important is music to your workout?
  • What did you like about the Jabra Sport Plus Headphones?
  • How do you feel about intimate R rated scenes being shown on prime time TV?



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35 thoughts on “A Review of Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Headphones #SetSoundFree

  1. Nice! I actually sweated out a pair (shorted it out). It hurt too because they were like $80. I have another pair that were less than half of that but they cover my whole ear with the foam so that’s kind of gross. But they keep my ears warm when I walk in the cold. Side note: I wonder who uses the storage pouch. I never put anything back.

    Can’t exercise w/o music. What they play at the gym is the pits. There hasn’t been a time when my batter died and I was seven minutes in and quit.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…Married at seventeen… Who does that?My Profile

  2. I must have music when I work out. I use my old ipod I still have one of the original ones from when they first come out. I put it on shuffle and just go. I hate that the headphones come out of my ears though.
    Kita recently posted…Sickly kidsMy Profile

  3. I listen to my iPod and I definitely need music to run if I’m on a treadmill. I usually listen if I’m running outside too (which is most of the time) but I can also go without. These look pretty cool and I would definitely try them out. I like how they’re designed so they won’t fall out when running!!
    Allie recently posted…Ask Away Friday!My Profile

  4. So Jabra couldn’t hook you up with a discount code as incentive for your readers to check it out? I really need one. I like that it’s wireless, hooks around the ear…AND sweat proof too? The one that I’m currently using always falls out of my ear when I sweat, I have to put the wire under my top to keep it from slapping me in the face or tangling. I also like the different ear pieces.

    I don’t really care for the rated R stuff on prime-time… but my kids are really young and while their tv watching time is highly monitored, prime time is their bed time. But I can imagine the shows becoming more explicit as they get a bit older… I’ll have to contend with it then.
    Hope recently posted…Summer in Review: Hectic + Unstructured = ChaosMy Profile

  5. Oooohhh I LOVE these! Like Kendra, I recently shorted out my last pair of wireless headphones and I am currently on the market for some new ones. I like that these have a flexible string that goes around the back. The last ones I had wrap around was a little thicker and got aggravating after a while. I must have some music to get my workout on! Unless I’m in a class of course…and you know there is music there!
    Britton recently posted…October Fave Friday Link UpMy Profile

  6. I want to see Betrayal! I’m fine with R-rated scenes, as long as the kids aren’t around but I wouldn’t be watching if that were a possibility!
    I don’t run, but I walk and hike with a good ole’ iPod and those crappy headphones.
    Tamara recently posted…Ask Away Friday.My Profile

  7. Hey Joi! Exercise without music is like Kool-aid without sugar…no flavor! When I do exercise, I.must.hear.music! Not just any old music either, it must be hot and poppin’, lol! Yes, the pastor’s wife likes hot n’ poppin music, bahaha! As for the R-rated stuff on t.v….tasteless. They’ve left nothing to the imagination and besides, kids have easy access to it. Glad you enjoy your headphones, they look pretty cool. Have a wonderful weekend Joi!
    Michell recently posted…“Michell’s Weekly Pearl”My Profile

  8. These headphones look really good, Joi. I absolutely have to have music in order to exercise, so my iPod or iPhone are a constant gym companion. And I don’t care for much of what’s playing in the gym.

    Re: R-rated stuff, I agree with Kimberly: it’s all about ratings and getting more eyeballs on a show. Sad, but true. My tv hardly gets turned on so those shows really don’t get the time of day from me. BUT… sometimes in the gym, there’s stuff on the TV that makes me go… huh??? Violence, not sex. I think we have been desensitized to them both, violence and sex. I feel for the young people. Really.
    Alison Hector recently posted…Ask Away Friday with Mrs. Tee: Love, Life, and LaughterMy Profile

    • Oh, Allison! I’m a complete TV junkie! I can’t imagine not turning mine on…well you already know what I’m going through but when I get another one, it’s on!

  9. yaaaaaaaaaay! this is the perfect solution for me. 1. I am ALWAYS getting shorts in my headphones no matter how careful I am and 2.Regular headphones are a pain in the @ss when running long distances. Maybe it’s because I never sought them out but I had no idea this product existed.

    it sounds like the solution to my earphone problems!
    Em K recently posted…outfit: peace train sounding louderMy Profile

  10. Thesecsound great! I really like the different earbuds. Although I don’t listento FM Radio, I can appreciate that this is in there. It’s nice to have options.

    We have 99s muzac at work. Can you top that?

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