A Few Fitness Photo Shoot Tips

Welcome to Act-Fit Fridays!  If you follow me on Facebook, this may not be news to you.  I had the pleasure of getting a quick fitness photo shoot in with my cousin of Matt Odom Photography a couple of weeks ago & I wanted to share a small piece of it with you!  Btw, if you missed my post Wednesday “Proven Productivity Strategies for Bloggers on Facebook“, go back and check it out.  Matthew is not a blogger but his Facebook fanpage is off the chain!

A Few Fitness Photo Shoot Tips

Eat a few hours before the shoot.  Our plans got moved up in the day to try to prevent the rain.  We ended up shooting inside the gym. Anywho, I had not eaten all day and was getting light headed! Thankfully, in my gym bag I always keep snacks & water!

Get your hair done the day before if you don’t like it on the first day!

If you choose to shoot half naked, hold your tummy in 😉 !

Try the clothes on before you go to the shoot to make sure you like the way you look in them.  Bring multiple outfits!

Bring your curlers, chi iron, or whatever in case you need to touch up your hair!

Put some lotion on that ashy body 🙂

Bring a sister/friend makeup artist  with you.  I didn’t for this one but I have used one in the past for an alter ego shoot.

Bring some patience, photographers are super perfectionist!

Be flexible! We originally planned for an outside shoot but the weather planned for a different story!

Browse some magazines or the internet and have your own poses in mind.

One thing I didn’t have was a spray bottle so I could look sweaty!  Of course,  I was fine with that 😉  The perfectionist, on the other hand wanted to spray me!

He also thought I would have had a personalized Rx Fitness Lady water bottle for him to include in the shoot…hum, he has a point!  I will have to get on that!

SMILE & Have FUN!!!


Here’s a peek!

Rx Fitness Lady Weights

Rx Fitness Lady Push Up

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 Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What kind of photo shoots have you done before?
  • What other tips do you have for preparing for a shoot?
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60 thoughts on “A Few Fitness Photo Shoot Tips

  1. Joi you’re doing it girl!! I’m loving your new look & desire to help others stay healthy & fit! You’re my motivation, so on next week, I will be hitting the gym! Big thanks to you my sister! Love you & loving the fitness photoshoot pics! #hot #sixpack #abs #etamade

  2. You betta WERK! Looking good, Joi! If you followed your own tips then they were also a step by step guide to looking fabulous!

  3. Wow! You look great Joi! Such an inspiration in countless ways. Keep living your dream 🙂 Also, the photographer did an awesome job. I’m excited to see the rest of the pics.

  4. The pictures look great! I’m psyched to see more. And yeah where are the water bottles? I would totally buy one of those. You should get the ones with the nice tops though, not those crappy ones you get as freebies everywhere.

    I’ve done band shoots before, and they are always awful. I don’t wear make up for some reason and the camera guy is shooting me from below, and I didn’t flip my hair around to loosen my curls a bit so they are flat against my face; not pretty. Preparation is key!
    Angela Gilmore recently posted…Sign Up For The Free 4-Week Online Blogging Class!My Profile

  5. Great photos! H-A-W-T-I-E in the house. Your photographer did a great job. I’ve always liked fitness photos that have that shadow look to them. It’s funny that you mention trying on your outfits BEFORE you go to the shoot to make sure they look good on you. A friend and I were at the gym yesterday and we noticed that a good number of women were beginning to wear what looks to be underwear to the gym. The shorts are workout bottoms that have no legs to them, that’s how short they are.Which is fine but every single one of these ladies(big or small) had a good amount of cellulite on the back of their legs. The back of my legs happen to look like someone beat me with a bag of nickels but you won’t catch me in shorts that short showing that off. I just wondered if these girls took a good look at themselves in these shorts to make sure they looked good in them. Ugh, that sounds totally “mean girl” but I just believe in dressing your best to suit your body type.
    I’ll have to raise my hand about forgetting to put on lotion before the gym. 🙁 I’ve gone with a pair of ashy ankles on more than one occassion!ha

    • Well, at the gym..no one should be checking for your ash, but in the photo shoot.. Idk..maybe they can photo shop it out.

      Glad you liked the pictures. Those girls need their behind spanked!

    • Where are you located? I have a virtual plan but, out hadn’t worked out how I would have liked. I’d be willing to work with you though. Are you cleared to workout?

  6. You look amazing. I was wondering when these photos were gonna make it to the blog. They are absolutely fabulous! Great tips especially the eating part. being hungry, lightheaded or irritable because of low blood sugar can potentially ruin a great shoot. I’ve been involved with a few (besides my wedding). I must say that I really don’t like the professional pics I’ve taken. They just seemed too stuffy. But I absolutely loved all of our family photo-shoots with our kids; very relaxed and fun.
    Hope recently posted…Take my life…My Profile

  7. Alright now scared of you like literally scared of you I will never come to any of your classes or work out with you lol. Love the photos I have done photoshoots for fun of other people but you will not get me in front of a camera …….nevah okay probably should not say never but you will have to drag me.

    • Yes, it’s funny the tasks they have to endure. We are immuned to that though..it’s like “hush up & click”

  8. I have not done a photoshoot before. Those pics are simply amazing! You look fab and he’s clearly an excellent photographer.

    I like tge reminder about eating. And I suck in my gut always. There is a posibility that I trained my body to do that at night. LOL
    Carli recently posted…Kickin’ It Old SchoolMy Profile

  9. These are AWESOME!!! I’m in awe of your great muscles and your cousin’s skills. I don’t have a lot of experience being a model, but I’m trying to be better about it because getting photographed can be very intimidating/frustrating, etc. I usually do kids and they’re so hard because they generally don’t listen. Adults are hard because they get self-conscious, and yes, sometimes they don’t listen. That’s my tip. I have so many tips about holding in your stomach, dressing well, moisturizing, getting rid of flyaway hair, etc. but I still have adults all the time that won’t look at the camera or open their eyes…seriously.
    Tamara recently posted…I Love Everything About You.My Profile

    • I have a problem with blinking! I did pretty good that day but usually when I’m just taking candids, people have to give it 3 – 4 tries!

  10. Amazing shoot pictures, Joi!!! I love the brand marketing idea of having a water bottle with the name on it. Get on it honey!! The next shoot should definitely be an indoor/outdoor shoot…hmmm!!! Great job, love!!!

  11. Wow! Those pictures are great! I haven’t done a photo shoot since the ’90s. I came across my old black and white headshot for auditions the other day. Oooh, I looked like a baby. Great tips on how to get ready for a photo shoot, but I just want to know how to get arms like yours. Work it!
    Kimberly H. Smith recently posted…Foto Friday: FavoritesMy Profile

  12. Hey girl!! Those photos are thebomb.com! You.look.amazing Joi! Your cousin takes fabulous pictures!! Our family does an annual photo shoot for our family Christmas cards. It’s cool to look back on the old ones and see how much the kids have grown. Again, great pictures…have a wonderful weekend Joi!
    Michell recently posted…Michell’s Weekly Pearl…My Profile

    • Thanks Michell! I love the thought of annual family photos at Christmas time. I think I’ll adopt that tradition.

    • You all will enjoy! I’ve done one before. This one I did for the blog and some projects I have coming up! I will be doing it again, it was fun! Thanks for checking it out Michelle!

  13. Awesome pics Joi and good tips for a fitness shoot. I’ve done 2, 1 whilst I was pregnant with my youngest daughter (lovely pics) and another more recently that the photographer felt we should re-shoot 🙁 I’ll be taking on your tips for the next one.

    Fitnessbuster Supporting you in getting your fitness and nutrition back on track
    Gillian Stephen (@Gillian_Stephen) recently posted…3 Simple Strategies for Stress ManagementMy Profile

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