This Girl is on FIRE: With Weight Loss That Is

I’m excited to share with you my first Interview Inspiration.  After a fun night out in the ATL this past weekend, followed by church Sunday morning, a retail work day, and a quick run down the interstate to pick up the girls from their Granny’s, my dear friend Geneva gave me a call late Sunday night to help me with my “Oprah Swag”, her words, not mine.   I am very proud of her journey toward significant weight loss over the last 3 years.  I’ve seen her looking more and more fabulous but I was so touched hearing the details of her story.  I know that anyone on a weight loss journey or working toward any type of goal can find inspiration from this interview.




PFL: What was the hardest part about the beginning of your weight loss transition?  

Geneva: Mentally getting prepared & truly setting my mind up to deal with the fact that “I am going to lose weight because I am not happy”.


PFL: How do you manage time to go to the gym being that you work retail hours and are a single mother of 2 girls?

Geneva: When I started this journey back in 2010, I was not only working retail hours but also working on my Masters, involved with real estate, and the girls were 7 & 5.  By the time I was able to get the girls to bed and get a quick nap, I’d get started with my work around 10 PM and find myself distracted on Facebook.  I decided to channel that wasted energy into my weight loss.  I made it sort of an additional class for me. I’d research meals, what to buy, etc.  Then I started getting up getting the girls off to school, going straight to the park to walk & go up and down the steps.   In addition to the park, I did Zumba on the Wii, and used some equipment at home. Then I’d come home and get ready for work. I was psyching myself out, like I had a class to prepare for weight loss and consequently a specified time to exercise.  In the beginning, I couldn’t afford the gym nor was it realistic for my to go with my job located 30 minutes from my house and add another 20 minutes to back track and go to the gym.  My job transfer led to me joining the gym and bringing the girls to stay in the kiddie room.



PFL: Have you gotten better health reports lately?

Geneva:  Absolutely!!! Before, my knees, lower back, and joints were hurting from working retail, walking on feet all day, and from the heavy weight.  Now, my body is relived that it’s not so heavy, I’ve come completely off my prescription pain meds for that pain, and it’s not an issue period!

PFL: What were some distractions? How do you manage them? 

Geneva: In addition to Facebook, going out with my cute little skinny girlfriends eating big meals that included; fries, burgers, and drinks, it just looked so good.  I turned all distractions into motivation I chose to eat healthier and with portion control.  I had a friend that wanted to tell me what to do and when; “aren’t you going walking today” or  “you’re not supposed to have wings are you”.  This was not motivating at all.  Needless to say, he no longer exists in the picture.

PFL: How did you manage changing your food intake with your girls being accustomed to a certain eating lifestyle?

Geneva:  I’m very excited to talk about this! At first I kept them with their usual French fries and chicken nuggets, making sure I gave them correct portions and no extras left over for me.  One day, my oldest daughter hugged me  & was like “Ooh Mommy you are loosing weight”!  They were taking P.E. at the time and learning about calories, intake, food pyramid (vegetables, etc.).  I took that and ran with it and allowed them to help me shop healthy and read labels.  It turned into a family thing & became super easy to plan meals. Now their favorite meal is tilapia and broccoli.  There is NO Kool-Aid, sugar, and grease at all, maybe very temporarily does it show its face for a get together, but that’s it.   There is a running joke amongst my friends when they visit and get offered healthy food.  They are always asking, “Can we get some 2010 snacks, lol”.

PFL: What is the best part of shopping now that you have lost weight?

Geneva: OOH HONEY, I can shop anywhere JOI!!! *Giggles uncontrollably* I had found myself in the big girl swag stores like Katherine’s looking for sequined dresses.  Now I feel just as sexy as the next chick.  This is the BEST part about this.   *Laughs* I can wear skinny jeans and look like I belong in them.

PFL: What was your challenge with your hair?

Geneva: I was unknowingly suffering from Seborrheic dermatitis and my scalp was burning while I was walking and sweat was killing my hair.  I was scratching a lot and washing my hair too often.  I got medicine for it; shampoo and ointment, that got better and I got a sew-in after being convinced by your sister.  Now I have transitioned to a ponytail and the Save Your Do for my edges.  It was complicated getting to this point with the soft texture of the hair but I figured out what was best for managing my hair.



PFL: What did you do with your old clothes?

Geneva: I had anxiety at first because I was wondering if I was going to gain the weight back.  Then I saw that as doubting myself and ended up donating them to Salvation Army and diff groups after offending my sister by giving her some of the clothes. *bust out laughing*

PFL: How did your family & friends respond to your weight loss?

Geneva: I actually kept my intentions to myself with the exception of 2 very close people.  I wanted to limit the unsolicited potential spirit dropping opinions and comments.   I didn’t want any negativity and unfortunately that meant keeping some close people out of the loop.  As the compliments starting rolling, they were received with a quick thank you and I kept it moving.

PFL: Do you find that people treat you differently now that you have lost weight?

Geneva: Yes they definitely do, the men more so than women.  Men look through you like you aren’t important.  They don’t treat you with any type of respect, it’s like you’re just there.  Funny, I happen to be working right now for a few months back in my old store and the same dudes that didn’t have time to communicate are now trying to get the digits, go to lunch,  & are very aggressive.  I’m like, I never heard you say this 3 years ago *shrugs*! This made me realize even more that men like a certain image.  There were some men who liked the big girl look, but way more that like the smaller frame. *Laughs* If it wasn’t for guys that like big girls, I’d of probably had jumped off a bridge somewhere.

PFL: Has your weight loss affected your love life?

Geneva: YES, I’m way more confident overall.  Engaging in new experiences that I never knew about and that’s nice.  I’m more mentally focused.  It really brings everything together.  Even on my job, I feel that I can do anything with this new energy and lifestyle.  The love life is like Alicia Keys “ON FIRE”!

Alicia Keys


PFL: Do you feel differently looking at pictures now?

Geneva: I still can’t believe it’s me.  I thought I was fine before *giggles* but now!  Really, I keep an old picture in my purse for motivation.   In February of 2010, a girlfriend had taken a picture of us out on the town and was talking about how hot I looked.  I looked at the picture and thought something totally different.  It was like; really am I this big…why hasn’t anyone told me this?  I had no idea I was really that size.  I ate what I wanted to eat for the rest of February and started fixing my mind toward change.  On March 1, 2010, I went for it!

PFL: What will keep you focused going forward to continue on the journey?

Geneva: I know how far I’ve come, I’m not going back, and looking at that picture.  My true motivation is the kids.  They get excited to see me get dressed up and go out.  Their friends remember me from before and make comments about the weight loss and the girls take pride in that.  I can do way more with the girls than what I was able to do before.  We all three sit in one chair and bundle up and watch a movie and I’m more athletic with them.  I like this place way more than where I was before.



PFL: Do you have any advice for the procrastinator, intimidated, lazy, etc. that is at an unhealthy weight?

Geneva: Make up your mind to do it and keep people out of your business that are not going to be supportive, even if it’s your husband.  Then take baby steps.  I cut out sodas and fried foods, and that was all to get started. I didn’t tell anybody about it, added exercise eventually, and just continued making lifestyle changes.  Just start somewhere.  Do it for yourself.  You have to personalize everything you are hearing & seeing around you to your benefit and make sure to have a support system.

PFL:  So, how much weight have you actually lost?

Geneva: Well *hesitates*…Joi, I’ve never really opened up and shared this with anybody, to the world…but I lost 140 pounds!!!

 photo clappinghands_zps2e52439d.gif

You see, I am a changed woman, mother, lover, friend, sister, cousin, OOH honey I’m a changed BABY MAMA!  I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for somebody to feel what I feel so there you have it.


Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • Can you identify with anything about Geneva’s story?
  • Can you hear her voice “OOH HONEY”:) She said that so many times in this interview, do you have a go to colloquialism?
  • Right now on January 30th, What’s your favorite workout song?
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87 thoughts on “This Girl is on FIRE: With Weight Loss That Is

  1. Geneva!! You look stunning! Congratulations and many kudos to you! I’m sure your story will inspire others!! I’m totally inspired…

    • Thank you for commenting Dreka, I’m her voice…as stated, she is SUPERWOMAN and super busy! Glad this was inspirational for you:)

  2. This story is truly inspiring and congratulations Geneva!!! I am one of those people that let Facebook distract me way too much. I won’t put all of the blame on Facebook for distracting me from exercising more because there’s a lot of distractions. I can relate to some of the things Geneva talked about, I’m a mom of 2 and sometimes my schedule does not permit me to get to the gym. However I know where there is a will there is a way and there’s no excuses. Thank you for sharing Geneva’s story with us, I’ve been inspired to document my story and transformation starting NOW!

    • AWESOME Cuz! Thank you for your supportive comment. We all have to inspire each other and yes, her story is very relatable to several women. We are strong, we multi-task, we are decisive and when that happens….WATCH OUT NOW! So glad you liked the post.

  3. Alright now work it. I think not telling people and just doing it is key. I have cut out soda too I did slip on Sunday and had a root beer but that was the first time I had soda since December 29th coming from drinking a 12 case in less than a week this is good for me. I will start there and keep cutting out stuff.
    Kita recently posted…Pinterest WednesdayMy Profile

  4. What an amazing story!! I am so happy for her! Such a true inspiration, the kids are adorable, and I just loved this whole interview from start to finish! I love the part where she figured out what do to with her hair and get the workout done anyway! 140 pounds?! I swear I almost fell out my chair! That is AMAZING! Congratulations Geneva
    Nellie recently posted…Weekly Wednesday Workout: Pushups With A TwistMy Profile

    • Thank you for sharing in this joyous milestone with my dear friend! I almost fell out of my chair too when she told me and I’ve watched it fall off over time. It is truly amazing and a testimony, thus this post. I had a blast interviewing her too in case you couldn’t tell:)

  5. Whooo Hoooo…you go girl!! Joi, I must say she is definitely DOING herself well!! Kudos to her! Such an inspiration…so proud of her! Thanks for linking up and sharing her story Joi! Have a blessed week my friend!

    Michell @Prowess and Pearls
    Michell recently posted…"Doing YOU WELL Wednesday"! #3My Profile

    • I thought you would think so. Glad to get to participate in the linky again. Very inspirational theme and Geneva is right on target.

  6. What an awesome story! Congrats to your friend….. I really need to find discipline with going to the gym and working out even at home. I am small but very out of shape… Great Post!

  7. First, I want to say this an AMAZING article, great job again Joi! This had me crying, b/c I knew she was losing weight, but I didn’t know her ‘story’. To know this makes it so inspirational.
    Geneva, keep up the great work!

  8. Wow! What an inspiration.! I love the idea of trading Facebook time for workout time. I need to share this with my mom.

    Geneva looks super hot in her work outfit! Very flattering style. Her girls are adorable.

    Good luck on the rest of your journey, Geneva!
    Carli recently posted…Purex Crystals for Baby #GiveawayMy Profile

  9. This story is so inspirational! I am sharing it with a few of my close friends who are on the journey. All I can say is go Soror, go Diva, go Geneva!!!

    • *Drops mic* Geneva you have Josie all serious up in here:) Thanks for the love Josie. She has been working working working & it’s paying off in all avenues of her life.

  10. Thank you so much for all of the post!!! I appreciate the encouragement and am glad that I can be an inspirations to anyone!!!! Big Thanks to you Joi!!!!! I joke about your “Oprah Swag” b/c this was an all time exclusive!!! I’ve never shared my full story to anyone fully until this Sunday!!!! It was a great relief to finally do so b/c I refused to receive any distractions by ANYONE!!!! I’m in control now more than ever and am so blessed to find even more motivation by sharing my story!!!!

    Thanks again for all the love and support!!!!
    My girls said, “Tell them thanks mommy for saying nice things about us!!!” SO BIG Thanks from Jada and Amarie!!!!!

    • Air Hugs & Kisses to the girls! For the millionth time…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing. I love you girl and I’m so so proud of your accomplishment and your continued dedication to staying healthy.

  11. Loved reading the interview! Great questions Joi- real life questions answered with REAL life answers! My favorite part is at the end- she said you have to make up your mind and do it for yourself!! Go girl!!!

    • Thrilled you enjoyed Kelly. I did enjoy putting the questions together and she didn’t hold back, even though I informed her she could skip questions. She brought her best to the interview just as she does to the gym.

  12. Oh my goodness Geneva, you look absolutely stunning!!!! I am so proud of you. You are my inspiration right now. You let me know that becoming a healthier person can be accomplished if you put your mind to it.
    Thanks LS,

  13. Geneva is truly inspiring! I love what she says about keeping unsolicited advice in check. This has bothered me in the past from people in my daily life but like Geneva I don’t give it much thought. I’m doing this for me…bottom line. Excellent story! 🙂
    Patty recently posted…Weekly Check-In {1.30.13}My Profile

  14. This story is so unbelievably awesome. When I found my best friend had finally decided to take a stance with her weight, I was so delighted. For years I talked with Geneva about alternate choices with food and how exercising was important. I never badgered her because I knew her weight was a sensitive topic. Eventually I directed it toward her health to see if she would then want a change, ultimately it was up to Geneva to make the change. When I saw her last year and hadn’t seen her in about 2 years since I moved to Fl, I was impressed and relieved for her transformation. Seeing her actually reminded me that I was off track since I had gained some lbs these last few years, and now I’ve lost weight recently and I’m so ecstatic that she came to terms and made a lifestyle change to better herself for herself and her precious daughters. I’m glad she now understands why I kept exercising and balanced eating at the forefront. It’s great to see she took advice from Joi and made a change!! I’m so luvn her look!! Pretty Girls Rock!!

    • Hey Sylvia! Thank you for coming over to visit! Yes, Gebeva has always been a beautiful person & I’m happy to see her enjoying life even more!

  15. Geneva, your story was very inspiring and brought tears to my eyes. I could relate to it on so many levels. I wish you continued success on your journey! Joi, GREAT job!!!

  16. I love this story. I actually saw Geneva in a store recently and I had to look twice to make sure it was her. I really bragged on how well she looked. I can relate to this story. It is all about your mind set. I have looked in the mirror so many times and decided to do something about what I didn’t like. Attitude is every thing. Thank you Joi for this blog. I am sure it will serve as an inspiration for several people. This girl is on FIRE!!! I hope this fire is contagious for those who have looked in the mirror and didn’t like what they saw.

    • Thank you Mother for always being supportive to me and my friends! Geneva has surely lit a fire under somebody. It’s almost impossible to read and sit still then do nothing.

    • Hey Sherelle, Thanks for saying so. Just knowing that strangers are feel a sense of pride in her story is sure to keep her encouraged even when times get hard.

  17. GG in this thang looking like a million bucks! I think you look fab-boo how ever you are, but if 140 pounds lighter makes you happy then I am happy. Joi! You and Geneva are awesome inspirations for everyone. I’m just lucky I get to have both of you in my life to stay healthy and fit.

    • Yep yep! She sure is looking fabulous as ever! Thank you for helping to solve her hair issues long ago. I thank you for that too:) We are lucky to have you too little one/really big one with all your advice and all:) thanks for the support.

    • Great point GiGi! She is an excellent role model for them. Thank you for commenting. Btw, we affectionately refer to Geneva as GG:)

    • An Awesome celebration it is just to have so many of you speak out in support on this post! Although, this interview was challenging to complete, she has accomplished her goal of inspiring others to share in her new found happiness. Thx for the kind words.

  18. What an incredible inspiration! It’s so hard to find time to get in shape when you have kids – even with a spouse! Add odd hours from a retail job, school and being a single parent and that’s a recipe for no time! Your friend should definitely be very proud of herself!
    Leslie recently posted…{Weigh In Wednesday} Week 4My Profile

    • You are so right! This story just goes to show, where there is a will, there is certainly a way! Thx for commenting.

  19. What a great interview! I definitely heard her colloquialism. I don’t think I have one….maybe in writing where I write a lot of dots in between my sentences…..(just like that) but I haven’t noticed in speech.

    I loved her story. You have to want it for yourself and men will look at you more when you’re smaller. It’s frustrating but it’s true.
    KG recently posted…Quick Q&A regarding Our Touched Online StoreMy Profile

    • Hey I never thought of that. I place dots in between mine too, funny! Thanks for being the first to answer that question:) Thank you for reading my friend’s story.

  20. I’m actually on the weight gain/maintain journey but I can appreciate the dedication and diligence of anyone after a goal. And salute to your “Oprah Swag.” Wear RED!!!

    • Yes my dear and Thanks! I shouted you out for the reminder in today’s post but I don’t quite know how to do pingbacks yet.

  21. Go girl! Geneva, thank you for sharing. Love your confidence. Your story is encouraging. After breastfeeding, I started having a fanta soda just about everyday. I guess I really missed it because I never have been big on sodas before. After reading this post, I made a decision to remove soda from my everyday diet…TODAY! Thank you!

    • YES Kate! I think you are the first to recognize that. This was not with a trainer of any sort. She totally got down with this weight loss. I am SOOO proud of her. Thank you for pointing that out.

  22. She looks marvelous! I’m working my plan, I bought a big bowl of raw veggies, and my daughter and I will snack on those when we are hungry. I am a mindless snacker, you know the kind eating for no reason, and raw veggies should help me.
    Whitney recently posted…Saying I Love YouMy Profile

  23. Geneva is one of the most inspirational people in my life!!! Whatever she puts her mind to she does it, always a big help and supporter!!

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