25 Years of Brains on BODYUMP: Les Mills BP 100 is Here

On January 14th, gyms across the globe participated in an international launch of Les Mills BODYPUMP 100.  It was a grand celebration of the original barbell weight class that strengthens and tones the body.  This marked 25 years of this amazing program’s existence.   I was happy to participate in our gym’s launch by teaching the last four tracks of this amazing release.  I got my hair done the night before, so excuse the head gear 😉 !


Last year, I informed you that I wanted to incorporate videos with my reviews and my fellow instructor did a cell phone video of our launch that really captured what I want to do in the future.  I’m off the hook for this release, but this gives you an idea of the snippets I want to share with you going forward.


This release was so amazing on so many levels! I absolutely loved the music, choreography, and the challenge.  BP 100 was so energetic and historic that I will skip the review.  Besides, we all launched on the same day, so by this point everyone should have developed their own opinion about magic moments and worked out the kinks in execution.

So what have we learned in 25 years of this amazing program ( 5 years for me 🙂 :

  • It’s not always about how much  weight you can pack on the bar.  You have to trust the creators of the program to challenge your muscles with the different releases even when you’ve tapped out on increasing weight for each track.


  • Members will do what they want to do no matter how well you cue them and some will challenge your patience.  I was taking BP 100 from another instructor the other day and out of my peripheral vision, I noticed on the 8 pulses in the chest track, the lady next to me remixed it to 16 fast pulses.  There is nothing I can do about that.  Stuff happens. Don’t get uptight about it.  Some of your participants may ask too many questions/comments, give unsolicited advice, etc.  It comes with the territory.  Smile and keep it moving.
  • A brain on BODYPUMP will screw up the choreography!   Hey, that’s ok! BODYPUMP is so fluid that it really doesn’t matter if you do a 2:2 when it’s suppose to be a 3:1.  With that said, don’t tell on yourself while teaching, just fix it and keep it moving.
  • You will grow tired of learning and relearning choreography.  If you don’t, you have got a serious hard on for BP! Along the way, you get releases like BP 100 that rejuvenate your energy levels and make you forget about the time it takes to learn choreography.  My biggest time saver is listening to the release while riding around in the car and to be honest, I review the notes while taking care of some other kind of business (you can figure that one out).
  • You may not feel like teaching some days, IMAGINE THAT! Yes, this is bound to happen.  If it hasn’t, just keep teaching.  From my experience, even on my worst days (mildly ill, frustrated, stressed, etc.), about 10 minutes into class, all is forgotten and I’m on my Les Mills high.
  • YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN MEMBER’S LIVES! At the end of the day, this is what matters!  One Tr1be!


Ok PFL, that’s all for today!  February is here.  You get another chance to start your fit and healthy 2017 off right (blogging included 😉 ) !

Yours in Healthy, Active, & Prosperous Lifestyles,

Rx Fitness Lady wants to know…

  • What have you learned from taking or teaching BODYPUMP?

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