4 Year Anniversary and A Glimpse Into Year 5

Four years ago today, my first post on this blog was published where I introduced myself to the blogosphere.  I actually launched my blog 2 weeks later on December 26th but we are celebrating today, the day the actual first post was published.

This blog has been pure therapy for me on so many levels.  I’ve connected virtually with amazing people all over the world, attended conferences, and hosted a virtual Christmas party.  Most importantly, I love having creative control here and having the platform to share bits and pieces of my world in hopes of motivating other to “Live Healthy & Active. Be Prosperous.”

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10 Christmas Gift Options for Your Tribe In Your Budget

December is here and it came rather quickly!  What will come even quicker is Christmas day!  Most of us have special people we have to take care of before Christmas with tokens  of appreciation. Everyone wants to know that they are appreciated and the Christmas season is the perfect time to do something a little extra for your tribe.  No matter if it’s your; child’s teachers/aid, staff, boss, Pastor, beautician, etc., here are some winners.


“This post was brought to you by Total Health Chiropractic and Wellness Center.”

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