9 Places for A Busy Girl to Create a Healthier Lunch World QUICKLY

Yesterday, I attended a local event in support of National Healthy Lunch Day. The goal from the American Diabetes Association was to move people toward making healthier choices for lunch.

I was happy to be amongst some of my city’s fitness professionals while supporting the national efforts of ADA and the local efforts of the Georgia Wellness and Fitness Festival.

9 Places for A Busy Girl to Create a HealthIer Lunch World QUICKLY  - Rx Fitness Lady

I am sharing a couple of the American Diabetes Association’s infographics today and dropping my 2 cents in as well!

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My Brazilian Hair Bust

I have made it perfectly clear on some of my initial posts, that I wear a sew in! After several attempts to keep a steady workout schedule while practicing good Hair care, the sew in is what won me over for appearance and maintenance purposes.  You should really give it a try if your hair is holding you back from exercise.

Women take their appearance SUPER serious (well, most women)! I had an experience that I must share for those of you who are in a similar boat as me.



For the record, I didn’t like these pictures!

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A FVSU Homecoming Recap & Education Intelligence Test

Last weekend I returned to my alma mater as usual to celebrate HOMECOMING! The campus of Fort Valley State University owns some of my fondest memories.  I built the foundation for my pharmacy career, played collegiate basketball, pledged Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and much more while being there for four years.

This past homecoming was a little special as my line sisters and I were celebrating 15 years in sisterhood.  The homecoming committee pulled out all the stops so that we could  create new memories while celebrating the past.  I made a little video to share some of those moments with you.

One of my most memorable moments on campus when I was a student at FVSU came from a Delta workshop where a Delta D.E.A.R. (Deltas age 62 and above) was facilitating.

She said she was going to tell us the difference in leaving FVSU and being  a person that went to college verses being educated. 

I think EVERYONE  can do better if you know better, so on PFL today, we’re going to make sure you can pass the test!

Who knew education was based on your intellect AND social graces 🙂 ?

“This post was brought to you by Pink Chief Boutique.”

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