Thanksgiving Gratitude – This Blog is My Baby

Dear Readers of Rx Fitness Lady,

I hope that all is well with you during the start of this holiday season.  I am really feeling thankful this year because for the first time in 8 holiday seasons I’ll be off from work for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, WHOOP! Today, I’ve been inspired to write to you with a spirit of gratefulness.

Thanksgiving Gratitude - This Blog is My Baby


This blog has been therapy for me that I didn’t even know I needed. All though I started it to position myself as more of an authority in fitness, it quickly turned into my baby. 
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Girls Get Down & Dirty TOO

It’s Act-Fit Friday, WHOOP! I am super thrilled to turn the blog over to my sister today as she shares with you a recent conquest! I’m sure Allie, Hope, Kim, Michelle, & the Mister will appreciate! Hope the rest of you enjoy baby girl!

Girls Get Down & Dirty TOO

There are cuts and bruises all over, I can’t bend my knees, there’s mud in my ears and I am feeling better than I ever have, rewarded for accomplishing my goal. It’s the end to a new beginning of a healthier life.
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“Deer in Headlights” – NST Recap from A #ViExpert

Happy Hump day PFL! Are you following me on Facebook? If so, you may have seen what I was up to this weekend.

Deer in Headlights - NST Recap from A #ViExpert


I started off this series with sharing about my own involvement in a home-based business called Visalus.

Home-based Holiday Hustles on Hump day

Well, we just had our National Convention this past weekend in Atlanta, GA so I thought I’d recap it for today.

Let’s just get right to the headlights story!
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Prolapse of the Lady Bits

It’s My Health Monday and we have a visitor.  The lovely Veronica of V Watts’ Thoughts is gracing us with a VERY interesting informative post! I’ve been missing her regular posts, but I’m proud of her excelling in her career and taking on her new job.
Veronica of V Watts' Thoughts
Hi you guys! My name is Veronica. I’ve had the wonderful privilege of guest posting for the beautiful and sweet Ms.Joi before. Her blog is a must read for me. When I scan my Bloglovin list I always check to see what new and fascinating thing Joi has written for me to dive into. She’s been so kind as to let me borrow you guys for today. I’m gonna share a rather personal post with you. So, if you are not one for TMI you might just catch up with RxFitnessLady tomorrow. Because today things are gettin’ REAL!  Continue reading

Kids in the Kitchen & Exercise Dance Party

For Act-Fit Friday today, I want to share with you an event from a couple of weekends ago.

MOYO Kids in the Kitchen & Exercise Dance Party

In the League here, I really love that each year we are assigned one MAIN responsibility.  This year, I was the chair of the MOYO party.

The Junior League of Macon, Inc., in partnership with the Motivating Youth Foundation, was responsible for coordinating two events to reward academic achievement and build self-esteem for young ladies in local elementary schools.

Naturally as the chair, I choose the theme of “Kids in the Kitchen (A National League Initiative) & Exercise Dance Party”!

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HOLIBUYS with Katherine at thirty-one

It’s Hump Day & today we are going to meet my soror and adopted sister Katherine an Independent Senior Consultant for Thirty-One Gifts (!

Katherine @ thirty-one

We started last week with this holiday series! I was first!  The winner of the giveaway from last week is Kim @ Manifest Yourself! Congratulations Kim! Email me your address @ if you want to receive your prize!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll continue to hear other ways people are busy bringing in supplemental and residual income to their homes.

Home-based Holiday Hustles on Hump day

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You’re Invited to A Holly Bloggy Christmas Party

As I mentioned last week, here at Rx Fitness Lady, we are celebrating the holiday season.

The blogging community is such an important part of my life.  It’s valued tremendously as we work diligently all year producing content for our readers.  I feel so close to my blog friends, it’s kinda scary.

Natural that we’d want to convene for the holidays!  Just so happens, we live all over the place so spending money to come together like normal local groups do for Christmas is not practical!

HOWEVER, you know I like an inexpensive bonding experience.  That is the entire reason I created the first and second Mini Blog Challenge Parties.  They promote bonding without the cost of flying to a city and paying for conference registration.

Therefore in the spirit of the Holiday season & the approaching 1-year anniversary of Rx Fitness Lady, I give you your formal invite to….

Christmas Eve’s Eve Holly Bloggy Christmas Party

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Full-time Work, Church, and Full-time Mom

What were your thoughts when reading the title? Could you identify?  This is another Student Spotlight feature!

Claudia Noriega is a busy busy lady, but she takes time out to come to BODYCOMBAT express & BODYPUMP every Wednesday morning!   She always has a solemn look on her face in the most intense parts of the workout! It tickles me to pieces.

That look is how she feels about life, get it done and keep it moving!

I asked her why she typed that phrase (the title).  She stated “that’s all I have time to do, boop, boop, and boop!

As a matter of fact, this was the last thing she typed…

I’ll finish later cause I have to go to work

When I got to class, I told her, she had already answered all the questions.  That’s the fast paced life of a single hard working mother! She was so busy, didn’t even realize she had completed the task!


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My 90-Day Challenge Goal Is…BOOM!!!

Home-based Holiday Hustles on Hump day

I’m happy to bring you this series for the holidays! Everyone is always looking for extra cash flow!!! Wednesdays during the holiday season will be dedicated to highlighting women in home-based businesses so you can get your Holiday hustle on 😉

Yours truly will kick it off!

Have you heard of the 90 Day Challenge with Visalus?

My 90-Day Challenge Goal Is... - Rx Fitness Lady

If you follow me on my personal Facebook page or noticed my new button included in each post & in the side bar, you may already know that I’m a new promoter for the Body By Vi 90 day weight loss challenge!

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Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

I hope you enjoyed the daylight savings time this weekend!

It’s November! Holiday season is about to get started! We are definitely going to be in the spirit at Rx Fitness Lady.  I have an exciting series for the season starting Wednesday.  For now, here is an excellent Holiday Party idea for you.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner - Rx Fitness Lady

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