I, Rx Fitness Lady…Blog Will & Testament

I, Rx Fitness Lady…Blog Will & Testament

No, I’m not through here! I just have a few questions!  It’s been a while since I wrote a blogging post.  Today, I am looking for insight.


All of these questions were swarming through my mind months ago when I had a blog I follow to suddenly stop posting without an explanation.  It worries me.  I pose the following questions…

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Tabitha BKA Tabata is Trending: “More is Not Better, Better is Better”

Top of the week to you PFL! I have missed this space thoroughly, but I am feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! Hopefully by now we are Facebook friends! If not, tune in to all the weight loss excitement there. I still haven’t officially posted here but it’s coming next week, I promise!

Speaking of weight loss, a hot trend is TABATA!

The Get Fit TREND in the October issue of SHAPE magazine was TABATA TIME! According to the article, recent research from Auburn University suggest one 4-minute Tabata round torches 54 calories and increases your metabolism for half an hour afterward.

Tabitha BKA Tabata is Trending “More is Not Better, Better is Better”

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Ask Away then Blog Vacay

Interrupting Act-Fit Friday  for Ask Away Friday. I commented on one of your Friday post “How can I get in on all of this fun?”.  I’m not sure if Brittnei from Homemaking With Style read it, but she shot me an email, so here we go!


The Real Housewife of Caroline County


How did you decide to become a pharmacist?

The short answer, when one of my mentors graduated from pharmacy school, my Pastor made a huge deal about it. I was in middle school, went to her reception, & eventually went to shadow her at work & found everything about it intriguing.

Later in college I volunteered at the local pharmacy for 3 months as a technician to make the final decision between pharmacy and dermatology.

Southwest Patriots Senior Biology Class


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Doctors Who Listen: A Triple Negative Ductal Carcinoma Story

Happy Hump Day PFL!  

Today I’m turning the blog over to a regular reader & commenter of PFL who happens to be my very dear friend for 14 years from FVSU and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc..  I promise you that reading this post will bless your day.  Join me in celebrating the journey of Arnethia Day as Rx Fitness Lady recognizes National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


October is very near and dear to my heart.  Reason #1 is that both of my precious girls were born in this month.  As of 10/9, they are both 10 years old until 10/27, only 11 months apart.  Needless to say they were both VERY unexpected blessings 🙂 My youngest daughter Lanaia was actually born at 26 weeks gestation at a whopping 2 lbs 5.6 ounces.  They are healthy, independent, and talented young ladies. Continue reading

F2BD #5 – Doppelganger Wedding

Top of the week to you PFL! We are getting started with the fifth installment of Fit 2 B Dressed: because we don’t work out just for our health, but to look good 😉 !

Would you believe I got married this past weekend?

F2BD #5 - Doppelganger Wedding

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Student Spotlight #1: BODYCOMBAT, You May Just Love It

Welcome to Act-Fit Friday! Remember a few weeks ago I said I was going to start highlighting members who take classes from me? Well the time is now!

The main reason for this is to show my appreciation to them as regular members, for readers to learn more about the variety of people who take group fitness classes and why, & to motivate my readers to try group fitness as a part of their workout routine.


We are getting started with one of my favorite people Fit and Fabulous 37 y/o Mrs. Lisa Howard!


Student Spotlight #1 BODYCOMBAT, You May Just Love It - Rx Fitness Lady

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What Your Man is Telling Me That You Need to Hear

More controversy on this here Hump Day!

Let me preference this post by saying “Please don’t text, email, Facebook, contact me period asking if your man has said anything to me!  I’m like a dude, respect the code man 🙂 !

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the number 1 question I get from guys since entering the fitness industry as a professional is…

What Your Man is Telling Me That You Need to Hear - Rx Fitness Lady

Lol, yeah so, couldn’t get any fellas in trouble!

I used a picture that clearly is irrelevant! S/O to my lifetime pastor & even bigger S/O to his 80+ y/o wife who is still fit, fabulous, & rocking the 6 inch stilettos every Sunday, when she’s able to come!


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See How Easily You Can Start and Maintain A Book Club

Do you love to read for pleasure but have a hard time finding time to do so?

I’ve found that the key to keeping this hobby in the forefront is membership in a book club.  Especially since I started blogging, it’s easy to get caught up in reading blogs only.  My RLR membership ensures I read at least 1 book every 6 weeks.

See How Easily You Can Start and Maintain A Book Club - Rx Fitness Lady

My mother wants to start her own book club so this post is for her.  I hope that my readers can find it useful or add to the discussion as well.

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A Review of Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Headphones #SetSoundFree

As a group fitness instructor, I love working out to music for both choreographed and boot camp style classes.  The euphoria from exerting energy through fitness is intensified by bass & lyrics!

You know I’m known to tie some music into a blog post around these parks like “Allow me to Re-Introduce Myself”.  The music track on the Rx Fitness Lady Commercial was intricate to that production!

As you can imagine, I was thrilled to participate in the #SetSoundFree discussion on helping athletes & runners experience a better workout with Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Headphones.

A Review of Jabra Sport Plus Wireless Headphones #SetSoundFree  - Rx Fitness Lady I received these headphones in the mail & have had the chance to test them out over the last few weeks.  Continue reading

A Review of Les Mills BODYPUMP 87: “I Got A Crush On You”

Do you remember your first crush? I bet you do! Does this song remind you of him? Go ahead!  Let it play while you join me for a few!


“I Got A Crush On You” was a hot track in this new BODYPUMP!  I saw so many goofy smiles when I mentioned old crushes in class!

Ok, quit daydreaming!

Today’s post is a review of the awesome program BODYPUMP that helps people all over the world to strengthen and tone the major muscle groups!


A Review of Les Mills BODYPUMP 87 “I Got A Crush On You”  - Rx Fitness Lady

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