#MBC Par-TAY Time: Rx Fitness Lady Commercial

Greetings PFL & a Southern hospitable welcome to my home for any special visitors this week!!! I’m really excited to start this week off with our 2nd 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!
Today’s Prompt – Blog Commercial or Confessions of a Blogger!


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Old Skool Harmony: A Review of BODYCOMBAT 37

It’s Friday people! I’m super excited to kick off the 2nd 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party Monday!  I can’t wait to connect with all of you.

You're Invited To A Blog Party Again

This post is for Kim’s September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge!

Being A Wordsmith


Today’s prompt – Harmony. List 5 of your all-time favorite CDs and why you love them.  Include clips from Grooveshark and/or YouTube

I am approaching this prompt, a day early of course from an Act Fit Friday perspective!

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Birthday Bloopers – Gifts, Parties, Rites of Passage

This post is for Kim’s September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge!

Yesterday’s prompt – Commemoration: Where were you on September 11, 2001?

Remember Dori, my travel partner to the Delta Centennial Convention in D.C. this summer?

September 11, 2001 Commemoration


Well, I just happened to be traveling the campus of FVSU with my love at the time.  We lived in the same dorm next door to each other, we were line sisters, and we were pretty close way back then too.

We walked into the dorm and heard all of this madness.  She was very upset because she had a family member that lived there.

It was truly a sad day and I remember it well. My heart goes out today to all those affected by that day as we all cherish their memories on today.

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Have You Ever Thought About Killing Yourself

It is true that white men have the highest risk of attempting suicide.  Women and teens have had reported attempts as well.

No one is excluded from the possibility!

A young white man that I used to baby sit when I was a teenager, committed suicide at the age of 21 right when I came out of pharmacy school.

I had a cultural eye opener a few summers ago when 2 suicides of young black men occurred within 1 week & I experienced the community fall out surrounding those 2 incidents.

Just this summer, I had an older white female patient commit suicide.

That is a diverse pool of people!

For My Health Monday, I am bringing awareness on Rx Fitness Lady for the observance of “World Suicide Prevention Day” tomorrow, September 10th.  You can click the link to get a wealth of information or here for the prevention lifeline.

Have You Ever Thought About Killing Yourself - Rx Fitness Lady

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My Group Fitness Instructor is Better Than Yours

Have you noticed these tag lines on social networks? My hairdresser, my makeup artist, my brother, my sister, etc.  Well, I jumped right on the bandwagon!

Oh, is this your group fitness instructor 😉 ???

My Group Fitness Instructor Is Better Than Yours

But first….

This portion of the post is for Kim’s September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge!

Today’s prompt – Yield: Share 1 or 2 of your favorite recipes, DIY projects, or beauty fashion tips.

I bet Kita thought I forgot to shout out my guest post on her online magazine blog Kokoa magazine.  Last week, I had a very short, to the point post “Make Life Easier for Mothers with A DIY Baby Pharmacy”.  You may have remembered the long version here months ago.  Please go check it out.

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A Different Kind of Boot Camp: Budget IS NOT a Four Letter Word

Happy Hump Day PFL! I’m here again with Kim’s September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge!

Today’s prompt – Impingement: Which book and/or movie has affected you like no other? How? Why?

There are several books and movies that have influenced me. Since I mentioned to you in 20 Influential Women in a tweet that Lynnette Khalfani-Cox was one of the virtual mentors I followed, I chose one of her books that I read after graduating from school.

The Money Coach’s Guide to YOUR FIRST MILLION – Lynnette Khalfani

Apparently, everyday in the United Stated 25K people become millionaires! Most of them use budgets to get there!

A Different Kind of Boot Camp Budget IS NOT a Four Letter Word

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PSA – Allow Me To ReIntroduce Myself….

No my name is not HOV!!! However, I know some of you had this in your head, so for your pleasure….

Jigga fans stand up 😉 !

Oh, I am supposed to be helping Kim kick off her  September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge!

Being A Wordsmith

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