Q & A: Health & Fitness – You Are Not a Victim to Your Hair

I’ve gotten some questions all over the place (Facebook mostly) that I thought I’d share with ALL of PFL! You never know when others are thinking along the same lines.

Q & A Health & Fitness - You Are Not a Victim to Your Hair - Rx Fitness Lady

I hope my blogger friends that are reading this have decided to participate in the 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party with me! You can R.S.V.P. here!  I am really excited about the participation and forthcoming posts.

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Why I Respond to Blog Comments

Happy Monday PFL! Let’s kick this week off with a little blog chat! If you are a regular blog reader, you will notice that some bloggers respond to comments and some don’t.  For some blogs, it’s impossible to respond to all the comments because there are so many.

CURRENTLY, I choose to respond to people who take the time out to leave a comment on my blog.  This is not an easy task.  Several people have shared that they appreciate my replies & I thought I’d share why I choose to engage ALL of the PFL readers.

Why I Respond To Comments On My Blog - Rx Fitness Lady

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Birthday Bucket List #24 – A New Group Fitness Instructor Schedule

Hello there my friends! Did you miss me Wednesday? :) I called myself doing a little strategic advertising for my 2nd Mini Blog Challenge Party. I know some of my blog friends only make it over here once a week, so I wanted be sure you all saw the post when you came here and when I checked in on you this week.

You're Invited To A Blog Party Again

If you haven’t RSVP’d, feel free to link up your bloglovin here & go ahead and place me in your calendar for whatever days you are going to join us! Thanks boos :)  
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10 Reasons Why You Should Try Les Mills BODYPUMP

Hey Hey! We are here with some fitness inspiration on a Wednesday. A portion of this post originally appeared on Brooklyn Active Mama as my very first guest post. I shared with you Why I Joined the Les Mills Instructor Tribe a few weeks ago. Now I am sharing a few specifics on why you should give the popular original barbell weight class BODYPUMP a shot!

10 Reasons Why You Should Try Les Mills BODYPUMP


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Old School Blogging, Do You Have a Gravatar

Old School Blogging is taking the place of Act-Fit Friday today! I gave you some Basketball Life Lessons Monday, so we should be cool :) .

Elaine and and her co-host Katie switched it up this month and asked for pictures and or words of your Fridge!  When I read Elaine’s post, I just had to draft this post because of a recent occurrence.  Therefore, I give you….

Old School Blogging, Do You Have A Gravatar - Rx Fitness Lady

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More Than A Pretty Face & U.O.E.N.O.it

I had no idea it was Sisters’ Day this past Sunday! I was on my work week and woke up to see this mention on Instagram & A Happy Sisters’ Day message.

Sisters' Day Tribute


Of course, I had to post on my own TL with a note of my own :)

Sisters' Day Instagram

I adored Hope’s post Monday – “The Strength of My Sisters” & I took the lead from her, just a few days late. Continue reading