10 Thoughts on Continuing Your Fitness Efforts While Vacationing

T.G.I.F. PFL! It’s the last post for me for the month! There has been lots going on for me seeing as how the last three weeks I’ve been on vacation from my J.O.B.!! I am getting a little nervous about going back Monday 🙁 !  We are going to talk a little vacation chat today,

10 Thoughts on Continuing Your Fitness Efforts While Vacationing

but first a few updates…

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Pinterest Interest Link Up & Birthday Blogday $100 GIVEAWAY

Hi there PFL! What a blessing to have celebrated 32 years of life with you all on F2BD #2 My Birthday post Monday!  The celebration continues because…

Rx Fitness Lady is 6 months old today! We are having a party on the blog today and all week!

Pinterest Interest

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F2BD #2 My Birthday

Welcome to the second installment of Fit 2 B Dressed: because we don’t work out just for our health, but to look good 😉 !

First, I want to send a huge THANKS to the lovely Carli and Veronica for holding down the fort last week while I enjoyed some family time!

Last week I posted my Old School Blogging: Alphabet Soup answers and quite a few of you wished me an early Happy Birthday! Thank you for that!  Today is my actual birthday, YAY! We are going to keep it light on the blog today.  I do however, want you to come back to my party Wednesday 🙂 !

Last time, you all really seemed to like the White Party for my sister’s birthday.  I am not as lively as her, but I did have a small dinner outing. Enjoy!

F2BD #2 My Birthday

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Fitness Anytime Anywhere

Hello everyone! My name is Veronica and I reside over at V Watts’ Thoughts.

V Watts Thoughts

I’m extremely honored and excited that Joi invited me to do a guest blog for y’all today.

Fridays on RxFitnessLady are usually about fitness and not wanting to stray from that topic I’d like to talk about “Fitness Anytime Anywhere”.

When I initially began my weight loss journey I was about 18 years old. Other than competitive athletics in junior high I had never purposefully exercised. Pushing 220lbs and a size 20 gave me a reason to look into working out and eating right. Continue reading

Tick Tock Goes the Clock…When Should I Workout?

Hello, everyone! I’m glad to have the opportunity to “chat” with you while Joi is off vacationing (lucky little duck! Did you see how she spent the first half of her vacation?). Have fun Joi! Today I wanted to talk to you about the best time of day to workout. Not only does this interest me from a research standpoint but I often get asked this question. There are 1,440 minutes in a day and you need at minimum 30 of them to commit to exercise. But when should those minutes be?

Tick Tock Goes the Clock…When Should I Workout

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Old School Blogging: Alphabet Soup

I am so late to this party! I could not continue to read all the posts on my friend’s blogs and not answer the roll call.  Michelle tagged me & you can read the deets about playing on her post.

A. Attached or Single? 

I’m not married.

B. Best Friend?  

Mother & Little Sister..all though my sister says Mother and I are attached at the hip 🙂

Best Friends

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A Few Fitness Photo Shoot Tips

Welcome to Act-Fit Fridays!  If you follow me on Facebook, this may not be news to you.  I had the pleasure of getting a quick fitness photo shoot in with my cousin of Matt Odom Photography a couple of weeks ago & I wanted to share a small piece of it with you!  Btw, if you missed my post Wednesday “Proven Productivity Strategies for Bloggers on Facebook“, go back and check it out.  Matthew is not a blogger but his Facebook fanpage is off the chain!

A Few Fitness Photo Shoot Tips

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Proven Productivity Strategies for Bloggers on Facebook

Happy Hump Day! Let’s start it with some Facebook talk as of today, June 12, 2013 because you know it’s always changing.   When I started blogging, Facebook was already charging for your content to reach your fans so I will not be complaining about the good ole days here.  Some chatter in one of my Facebook groups inspired this post.  It may be trivial to some but let’s go for it anyway 🙂 !


DISCLAIMER – I use my fan page and personal page together for best productivity.  I think you should too but if you don’t, some of these will be obsolete.

Proven Productivity Strategies for Bloggers on Facebook

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Rock Your Les Mills Assessment Video with 10 Simple Tips

About a month ago when some lovely local members were gearing up for Les Mills Initial Program Training, I posted Atypical Tips for Les Mills Initial Program Training.  The next step is to Rock Your Les Mills Assessment Video!  I had the opportunity to be a class participant in a BODYPUMP video this week.  That was a lot of fun for me because if you remember A Review of Les Mills BODYPUMP 85, then you know I’m a huge fan of this release.

Mrs. Kelly, a loyal PFL reader that happens to be one of the lovely ladies  that was taping this week, let me snap a few pictures of her for today’s post!

Rock Your Les Mills Assessment Video
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