My First Foodie Pen pal & May Wrap Up

T.G.I.F. PFL!  I’ve been making some layout changes around here.  Snoop around and let me know what you think.  I’m still working it out so all constructive criticism is welcome. If it’s too harsh, please email instead of commenting..Em..K!

I have been trying to share more on social networks! If you follow me on Facebook, you know that my God daughter had me at the late (9:30 PM) movie the other night to see Epic!               She had to tap me in the first 20 minutes a few times, ya girl was sleepy!!! Once I woke up, I really enjoyed the movie.  We hung around and took these pictures after…as if it wasn’t late enough!

Rx Fitness Lady Epic Movie Outing

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DIY Temporary Closest and GIVEAWAY WINNER

Hello there PFL and Happy Hump Day!  I owe you a DIY post from my party last week when My SITS day interrupted with it’s on party from the SITStahs. I have a DIY Temporary Closet for you.  First, there’s other party maintenance to take care of.

The winner of the $100 GIVEAWAY  from the Dear Readers of Rx Fitness Lady post explaining how to use this blog is…

Askia Jackson

Hi my Joi! I subscribe through the blog and Facebook. I am so proud of you for being the voice and helping us learn through you! Love you, Soror!!

Askia, please email me at RxFitnessLady(at)gmail(dot)come with your mailing information & Congratulations 🙂 !!!

Thank you to all of you who entered my first official giveaway.




Day 5 of the Mini Blog Challenge was a DIY project!  BTW, the party was everything and more than I expected.  Many thanks again to all of you who participated by posting or hopping. If you missed my brief Blog Party Remarks, then feel free to read them today.

If you tuned into my June promo for PFL video for the party, then you’re aware of a new feature on the blog next month.

FIT 2 B Dressed: Style Watch

It will mostly be a quick pop in once we get going & I have future plans for this feature.  We will just see how you respond to it.  Anyway, I’m kicking it off with where I store all of my latest apparel!

DIY Temporary Closet  - Make Use of An Extra Room

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Bloggy Boot Camp Review: Knowing Your End Game In Blogging

Know Your End Game in Blogging; Bloggy Boot Camp Review

Should I attend Bloggy Boot Camp? YES YOU SHOULD!!! Bloggy Booty Camp is a blog conference put on by the SITS Girls.  My SITS feature day was Friday, just in case you missed it 🙂 ! I am a super SITS fan.  I had 24 Reasons You Don’t Have Comments on Your Blog featured on their site and I’ve made several of the best blog buddies ever there.   Bloggy Boot Camp (B.K.A. BBC) in Charlotte was well worth the registration fee, the gas to drive from Macon to Charlotte, & my hotel stay.  I ordered room service for the first time yall after getting in around 10:30 last Friday night.  Yum Yum!!!

I must admit, I was very nervous about attending my first blog conference.  My nervous energy immediately flew out the window when I made my way into the room and to the first table.  Before I could sit down good, the girl sitting next to me asked me for a business card.

Then right after that, Michelle and Nellie found me at the table and both of them introduced themselves.  I was like, I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, lol.  Apparently, some people look different IRL.  That was funny to me.  We took this picture first thing in the morning!


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Blog Love & Party Remarks

Well CONGRATULATIONS to those of you who’ve completed the challenge wether it was posting or following along with me for all 7 days! It’s DAY 7 of my first blog event: the 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!  Today’s topic for bloggers participating is “List 7 Blogs to Follow & Why”.

Blog Boo Babies

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Nobody Told Me Blogging Took So Much Time

It’s DAY 6 of my first blog event: the 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!  Today’s topic for bloggers participating is “What’s the 1 Thing You Wish You Had Known before Publishing Your Blog (Optional Tutorial) or Your Favorite Social Network and Why/Tips”.   I chose the first topic. Continue reading

It’s My SITS DAY…PAR-TAY Over Here

Excuse me while I briefly interrupt this Mini Blog Challenge Party that I’m hosting!

PFL Mimi Blog Challenge

After I had already nervously scheduled this PAR-TAY (my first blog event hosting), I got a super exciting e-mail telling me I would have another PAR-TAY today.

It’s My SITS Day! Translation – All the fabulous ladies that are an active part of the SITS community will be special guest over here today! Yay & Welcome!

To top it off, I just got back from SITS Bloggy Boot Camp in Charlotte (tune in for all that jazz Monday)!

If you are a female blogger or have an interest in blogging, it is definitely the place to be! I encourage you to  visit the SITS Girls.

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PFL June Promo Video

It’s DAY 4 of my first blog event: the 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party! Today’s topic for bloggers participating is “Vlog, Video, or Podcast”.

If you’re just tuning into this PAR-TAY, ENTER MY $100 GIVEAWAY HERE!

Some of you are missing out on your entries. ALL SEPARATE COMMENTS

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Responsible Pharmacists Recycle

It’s DAY 3 of my first blog event: the 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!  Today’s topic for bloggers participating is “My Passion Is (Fill in the Blank)” or “A Virtual Vision Board“.

If you’re just tuning into this PAR-TAY, ENTER MY $100 GIVEAWAY HERE!

Many of you probably gathered that I’d talk about group fitness or maybe breakdown my vision board from the girl’s weekend!  I beat that horse on a regular around these parks! Today for the party, I’m sharing something very near and dear to me.

My childhood best friend’s mother instilled in me these recycling habits and they stuck!   Nothing irritates more than to see things being wasted. That’s exactly what we do when we don’t recycle…create waste!  I recycle all kinds of stuff and I advise you do the same if you have access to recycling pick up in your neighborhood.  All though, my best friend’s mom use to transport that stuff downtown herself!  Anywho, Today I’m talking recycling in the pharmacy.

Responsible Pharmacists Recycle

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Dear Readers of Rx Fitness Lady, & A $100 GIVEAWAY {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

It’s DAY 2 of my first blog event: the 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!  Today’s topic for bloggers participating is “Write a Letter to Your Readers: How to Use My Blog (Optional Giveaway)”.  Bloggers just joining the party, link up for the challenge here.

PFL Mimi Blog Challenge

One fabulous perk of reading blogs are all the fun giveaways!  Who doesn’t like free stuff? They are easy to enter and a fun way for bloggers to give back to their readers.  I’m excited to officially host my first one today. Continue reading

Problem Solved: ATTAIN & MAINTAIN

Welcome to my first blog event: the 7 Day Mini Blog Challenge Party!  Today’s topic for bloggers participating was “Solve a Problem for Your Readers”.


In response to the survey I posted at the first of the month and the resounding consensus on the lack of weight loss posts on PFL, I have created a PFL Campaign!  Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic weight loss pill or secret 🙁 ! However, with some sound principles, a deep commitment, and a support system, we can make it happen!

Attain & Maintain: Healthy Weight Loss Principles for Life

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