YES!!!!  For my last post during Black History Month, I wanted to share a day in the Valley through photos.  Rx Fitness Lady has a prosperity portion in the theme and the foundation for much of that prosperity for me was begun at THE Fort Valley State University.  Historically Black Colleges & Universities are still vital and necessary organizations and I wanted to show my love and respect for the institution that prepared me for pharmacy school & provided so many opportunities along the way. A lot of people will try to persuade you to get your higher level education from anything but a HBCU. I’m here to tell you that it was the best decision that I ever made & I highly recommend any interested parties to go & share in what I know will be great memories and a great education.

Reunion Banner

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Brandz A Make You Dance, If You’re Black

According to Juicy J, if there’s a single woman in the room,  “Bandz a make her Dance”!

Juicy J

Apparently, if you’re black then BRANDZ a make you dance!  According to the October issue of Chain Drug Review, strong brand loyalty is exhibited by black consumers to a number of brands especially when compared to Caucasian consumers.  As a retail pharmacist, who has been practicing for almost 7 years, I can attest to this when it comes to brand preference with Over-the-Counter medications. Today, for My Health Monday & since it’s still Black History Month, I want to try to dispel the myth about generics not working the same way as brands. Continue reading

Elliptical Entertainment

Welcome to Act-Fit Fridays where the subject is anything dealing with fitness.  Usually I focus on my favorite workouts which are group fitness classes but I want PFL to be as diverse as possible when reaching readers. Today, I’m discussing current entertainment for the Elliptical (insert whatever machine is your favorite).


I usually will only visit the machines in the gym once a week, if at all!   When I do, music just won’t do.  I listen to my music all night at work and when I’m on the Elliptical, I prefer to watch T.V.  With that said, gyms that don’t offer free WiFi deserve to go out of business!!!  Continue reading

You Should Blog About It Debut: What to do With a Hater

Do you have a hater?  Well of course you do! We all have them.  Some of us are guilty of being haters.  Since I teach a mixed martial arts inspired class, often times I’ll ask people to imagine their haters in front of them when I need them to turn up the intensity and automatically you see mean faces and harder kicks and punches.  All walks of life deal with haters from day to day.  No need to lose any sleep over it.

For any number of reasons in life, you are bound to pick up a hater.  I pick up some just because of my demeanor. You may get that as well, or maybe; you lost a lot of weight, started a business, joined the church, married a “top bachelor”, landed an amazing job, bought a nice car, beat the odds, had children before your close friend/family member, skin complexion, etc.

Definition voted best on Urban dictionary

“A person that simply cannot be happy for another person’s success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person.

Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesnt really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock someone else down a notch.”

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This is my least favorite part of the year!  Every year at the beginning of February, I start to get the sniffles, sneezes, scratchy throat, watery eyes, runny nose, etc.  The causing agent is non-other than the devil I referred to in this title, POLLEN.

Pollen is the Devil


Save Your Do with the Save Your Do Gymwrap

One of my first post was about the ongoing issue of African American women dealing with hair maintenance and exercise.  The article proved to be most helpful with all of your comments and suggestions that you all use on a daily basis.

I have been wearing the Save Your Do Gymwrap for almost a year now.  I support the purchase of the product and stand behind it 100%.  You can purchase one here.  I wanted to do a post to elaborate on what is so special about this gymwrap as opposed to the scarf, mesh cap, or other savior you might be using currently.  Below is a before and after picture of my hair from a typical day at the gym.  I will walk you through my process with pictures so you can visually see the effect of using this product.

        BEFORE WORKOUT           AND                AFTER WORKOUT

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20 Things to do for Girls Night In + 10 Questions for the Fellas

Do you have the Valentine’s Day Blues? Fret no longer! Here are some fun things you can choose from within your budget to do for a girl’s night in this weekend! This post was inspired by an event I attended last fall just for the sake of having one.

GIrls Night In

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Review of Les Mills BODYCOMBAT 54

I love group fitness!  That is not a secret.  It can work wonders in the weight loss department with all the friendly faces in the room and the motivating instructors to cheer you along.  One of my goals here at PFL is to inspire readers to stay active and get fit.  Group fitness is one of many ways to do so.  It just happens to be the way that I choose to stay in shape and it has become one of my passions as an adult.  When blogging about fitness, I would like to connect with some like-minded people be it instructors or people who take classes and hopefully tempt some newbies to try a group fitness class.  One of the new things here at PFL will be review of classes.  So after teaching this new release 6 times, here we go with my first PFL review of Les Mills BODYCOMBAT 54.

body combat 54 launch

Just in case you are unaware of what this class is, here is a typical intro you’d get from me if you came to visit.  Continue reading

DYWW #3: Back to Basics & How to Make Your iBooks Audible

February is National Library Lovers Month and Saturday, February 9, is National Libraries Day.  My passion for books comes from my weekly visits to the library as a child, courtesy of my Mother who is a 2nd grade teacher. This week I’m doing me well by getting back to the basics with my regular reading schedule.



I have been so engrossed in reading all of these fabulous blogs that I’ve slipped a bit on my regular reading.  I have enjoyed making new virtual friends.  Thank you ladies and I’ m thrilled to add you to my new BBB section on the ENT page.  Continue reading

Not Your Ordinary Condom

Ladies, this condom is for you!  It’s not your ordinary condom!!!

FC2 Female Condom



If you are like, yeah I already knew that, hurray for you!  This is My Health Monday and trust me, it is not a very well known protective agent.  I actually got asked a question about this in December and stored it away just for all of you PFL readers:)

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