20 Influential Women in a Tweet

Today is International Women’s Day! Thus the interruption of Act-Fit Fridays! We talked Group Fitness Wednesday.  If you missed it, go check it out here.  Today is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present, and future.  You can read more about it here.  Different cultures have migrated to the celebration of love & respect in general toward women while others maintain the intended focus of economic, political, & social achievement.

I chose to share some of my inspiration with you today on Rx Fitness Lady.

Em K, *This list is not all-inclusive* It’s in my ABC order..after my Mother @ #1 of Course 😉

In 140 characters or less….tweet

20 Women that Have Influenced Me

@Mother God-fearing, Nuturer, Supportive, Loving, Humble, Hard-worker, Carefree, Cheerful, Dedicated, Multi-tasker, Role-model #LoveHer

Rx Fitness Lady

@Auntie <<< This woman right here has taught me how to be a loving & devoted wife through sickness & health like no other #SALUTE

You want to keep people out of your relationship business, be a #BOSS in your industry, & diversify your portfolio? Follow @Beyoncé


One of the first women that made me love balling was @Dawn Staley #guard #originalWNBA #Olympian #FitLiving


@Gwendolyn Boyd Nat. DST President when I crossed over.  #Engineer #Minister #SocialActionLeader #DynamicSpeaker #LOOVVEEE #Oo-oop!

Gwendolyn Boyd

@Kandi Burruss  #RHOA, Paid for house cash, Tag clothing store, Producer/writer, & empire keeps growing #RoleModelMaterial #I’mAFan

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5

@Lynnette Khalfani-Cox Thx 4 starting my career off in good financial health! I still guide my life by my personal financial statement & budget!


@Marie Forleo the new Oprah #that is all! Follow her! #MarieSaidIt therefore it is


@Marqueta <<<Exposed me to the profession of pharmacy…preciate it!



I take my name seriously! I am my brand! #ME University with @Marshawn Evans I don’t hold it against her that she’s an AKA 😉


Wake up every morning to see what this business guru @Melinda Emerson has in store for me #SmallBizLady She is the best!

Small Biz Lady

@Ms. Jones The most anointed in teaching the word I’ve ever come across.  She made Sunday School my heart #Grateful

Ms Jones

@Oprah is the Queen #ThatIsAll


This woman @Pat Summit right here is a legend & has influenced so many young ladies desiring to play bball on any level #TNLadyVOLS


I learn group fitness performance tactics from the best @Rachael Cohen @Les Mills #BODYCOMBAT She is so entertaining & motivating


@Sanaa Lathan stole my heart with “Love & Basketball”… that I keep watching on #BET these days!  #GreatActress She’s here to stay

Love and Basketball

Say what you want about @Shaunie O’Neal, but she’s a #BOSS & knows how to make money through entertainment & she’s fly!

Basketball Wives

Whatever Lynette taught me was backed up and cosigned by @Susan Orman! I paid off my private student loan QUICK using her principles


UGA’s @Saudia Roundtree was a fool with it on the bball court! I couldn’t wait 2 watch her when I was growing up #Motivation Saudia

I get weekly inspiration N my inbox that is always on time & appropriate from @Valerie Burton & Yes Successful Women Think Differently #GreatBook



NOTE: It would be remiss for me not to mention that there are women in my life who influenced me for the better, by way of never wanting to adopt their characteristics and actions. Clearly, I’m not going to post a list of these ladies.  However, they affected my life just as much in shaping my persona, so I thought it should be recognized.  I thank them as well for the bad and the good that is in them.

Like my tweets? Follow me here.  Note how we start getting hood with the abbreviations when we need to get under 140 characters…gotta love twitter!



Rx Fitness Lady wants to know….

  • What woman/women (famous or unknown) has influenced you the most negatively or positively? Do you like any of the women on this list?
  • How do you aim to influence other people through your daily walk in life?
  • Blogger specific question: What female blogger do you suggest following for blogging resources?



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24 thoughts on “20 Influential Women in a Tweet

    • I will have to add Joyce Meyer on twitter! My book club read one of her books last year that was very inspiring. Thanks!

  1. Absolutely fabulous post. Thank you for sharing a little about the women that inspire you every day. My mother is my biggest inspiration as well. An amazing woman she is. I share many of the same feelings about some of these women but some were new names. So, I’m so happy to have read this because I will look up many of them. I thrive on positive, inspiring people. Great post!
    Monica J recently posted…Fashion Friday: EleVen by Venus Fall 2013 Line – Venus Williams InterviewMy Profile

    • Well Thanks Monica! I appreciate a positive woman as well. That is honestly the only stuff I pay much attention to on social networks. Following good people keep you on track to continue to do great things.

    • Thx Josie! We appreciate the compliments. These ladies aren’t all just twitter peeps I follow, I get their emails and stuff and this might not be there twitter name. Just a little FYI but I do hope you found someone new to add to your list of inspiration.

  2. Your family is just beautiful! Some of these women I know (surprisingly I know who Pat Summit is. I’m under five foot and don’t follow bball. Weird.). Some of the others I’m going to check out.

    Twitter is quite possibly the most amazing social media tool ever. I’ll need to shorten that. 🙂
    Carli recently posted…#FitnessFriday UpdateMy Profile

  3. Joi, you have influenced me more than you know. You are so strong, smart, creative, independent, loving , one of a kind first born, that had exceeded my expectation in so many ways. Thank you for everything . You are indeed a joy to our whole family, Keep up the wonderful work!!! I love with all my heart my sweet angel. Mother

    • Right back at you Mother! You are my heart and motivation for most every thing I dip my little nose in! Thx for always supporting me! I love you too!

  4. Nice list. I was just in Barnes & Nobles last night looking for a book by Michelle Hammond. No go on that. Then I peeked at a book by @Valerie Burton. I left it on the shelf, but you’d recommend her book(s)? Please let me know. I’m in dire need of a new spiritual and inspiration book. Happy Women’s Day!
    Andrea recently posted…Be the Boss – A Kids GIVEAWAYMy Profile

    • GO BACK & get it! I highly recommend. Start with Successful women think differently. I know from reading your blog, you’ll appreciate it for the gem that it is!

  5. I love twitter I have met so many wonderful women from there. I love your list Oprah has to be my number one she gets it done. As a blogger I follow so many great women but I would have to say https://twitter.com/GeechieGurlTM
    is the best. She has had so many doors slammed in her face and she will tell you about all of them but she still keeps going after what she believes in. She is so supportive and will let you know straight up when you are wrong for something.
    Kita recently posted…Convo at the Georgia Vital officeMy Profile

    • Interesting Kita, I’ve added her as well. She sounds strong and full of wisdom. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Great list of some amazing women who have learned to hone their skills and share with others. It is so important to have inspirational women in our lives who teach, train and empower us to strive to be better! The list of women who have inspired and trained me go on and on. I would do them a great injustice if I didn’t carry on the torch. Kudos to all these wonderful women in our lives who did and are still doing themselves WELL!! Thanks so much for your list Joi! And yes, I agree, you come from a great set of genes! 😉 Have a wonderful weekend my friend! 😉
    Michell recently posted…"Doing YOU WELL Wednesday" #7My Profile

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